Six Flying Dragons episode 23: Where the Boys Are 

With the shift from last week and the arrival of (forever-a-thorn-in-your-side) Ha Ryoon, now Sambong is more focused than ever, to move forward with the first steps of revolution. And what is that you ask? Land. 
For Sambong, the best way to give and have the people take responsibility for their nation is by having a piece of it. Changing the land system from nobles lording and lavishing, to equal ownership and rights for citizens. Basically, allowing the people to have titlement to the land they harvest and live. Makes sense right?

And fortunately former teacher, scholar and old Sambong chum, Jo Joon or Woojae, if we’re using aliases, has been chronicling the people and their provinces for years but when his research is stolen and on its way into the wrong hands, Bang-won, Ddang Sae and Mu Hyul track them down and intercept it. 

But not before, Boon Yi offers to go and all the boys clamor to “protect” her. Heh. 
  There was an adorable beat between our warriors right before the irons clank that gives me sparks of hope for a bromance. Or at least, if we continue to have sarcastic banter between the two, I’ll remain a happy camper. 

Honestly, Bang-won needs an arrow in his hands every episode. It’s his mind we all love and appreciate most, but knowing he’s useful in other areas too, makes him more  attractive and certainly more Yi-like. 

I like that he continues to be a character that simmers on dubious behavior (because that darkness is something we’re all waiting to watch fully develop). For in order to retrieve Woojae’s works he didn’t have to “kill” the unarmed man with the box on his back, but he does. And while, I don’t have a huge problem with this choice, I believe it’s these choices that continue to add up to where we all know he ends up. 

Even with his pretty decent bow skills, he’s still captured by the Hwasan Assassain Chicks as Boon Yi looks on, hidden behind a rock. For a second, I was hoping this was all a part of a greater plan (And who knows? It might be.), but even so, I couldn’t help but wish Boon Yi had some fighting cred as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love her for all she is and contributes and wouldn’t want to change that, I just had a little moment. 
Either way, I was wondering when Ha-ryoon and Bang-won would meet and well, it’s coming kids. Their future alliance is unsettling in many ways but after the events of this episode, we may have Ha-kyung to thank for their unforgettable history together. 
 [courtesy of SBS Six Flying Dragons page]

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