The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

Let’s be honest, this Oppa is one of the best looking around and he has steadily made a name for himself at home (the States) and Korea. But one of the major things that draws me to Mr. Henney is that he’s an Oppa that carries himself much like someone you’d call your buddy, mate or friend. No, he isn’t necessarily the boy-next-door but for someone reason, he still comes across as that high school baller he once was. Not the jock, but the kid who’d tell jokes during history class or you’d chat briefly with in the cafeteria.  

daniel_dcholiday2015-08The guy everyone knew was hot (including him), yet, that wasn’t the only thing that made him worth the double take. He’s the Oppa who’s cool, charming and kind, making him all the more captivating.  

Name: Daniel Henney

Oppa Cred:  November 28, 1979

Santa Status: Nebulous

New Year Status: Grinding

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen shooting a spread for Cosmo and wrapping filming for the US TV premiere of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders set to air March 16, 2016; currently available for moonlit walks with his dog Mango and impromptu lunches with his equally adorable parents. Ekun: Oh Daniel… What is there to say about you? I have watched so many shows and  just to catch a glimpse of you. My favorite is Seducing Mr. Perfect. The chain, your collarbone, your face. The cameraman knew what he was doing. Set. up. SET! UP!

Unnichan: THE HENNEY! Take it to the head! I’m not a drinker but getting a sip of Henney here and there is good for the soul. I actually liked Seducing Mr. Perfect too. I also think it was the chain. Anyway, it’s been a bit since I’ve actually seen him “acting” but he is doing that Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders soon. His best work (imho) was his cameo in Hawaii 5-0 though— Hands down! 

Ekun: Hahahahha! I didn’t see it girl, but I will take your word for it.

Unnichan: Look, he was a thug… and I believed him. That’s all you need to know.

Drama Debussie: I have a confession: I’ve watched Henney in multiple shows with the sound turned off. Just the picture, and I’ve walked away satisfied. He’s one of those situations where someone is so fine that it cancels out everything else. You know, like, good acting.

Ekun: Daniel is another one that is not as strong on the acting front. I don’t know if it is the language in K-dramas or what. All I do know, is that I always wish him well in his endeavors. I am crossing my fingers this new Criminal Minds is a good one. There are quite a few favorites of mine on that show… might have to turn on an episode or two.

Unnichan: Yea, at first I thought it mind be the language thing too but I just think with more experience in acting as a whole he can make it work. And I’m turning on Beyond Borders for the caliber but I’m sure if I can do Criminal Minds. They do too much for me sometimes. Though I did love Criminal Behavior. We’ll have to see but I hope it lasts Oppa!

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