The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

These next two oppas are guilty pleasures for us all. For there’s no denying facts and the number one is most definitely that Oppa is a specimen that deserves attention solely for the way he looks. Of course, Oppa could be nice, kind and diwale (big-hearted) all the way, but unfortunately our eyes only care about the candy!

And I say, if it’s sweet, it certainly deserves a taste.


Name: Oh Ji-ho

Oppa Cred: April 14, 1976

Santa Status: Nectarious

New Year Status:  Tawny

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen in the second season for  OCN thriller, Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong, currently available for personal fittings and modeling services for his new fashion designer wife.

Unnichan: Ok, I’ll be the first to say, I don’t really know why I love this Oppa so much. I mean, sure, he’s attractive, but he isn’t the best actor and usually, that’s what I care about more than anything else… But it was his role in Couple or Trouble that won me over. Chun Chul-soo will forever be one of the best guys on the planet! Thank you Hong sisters! It may not be considered one of their best dramas but it is by far one of my all time favorites. And honestly, the guy’s perfect in comedy.

Ekun: Sorry Oppa, but this gal only comes for the pretty! Though, at least I did not watch all of Plan B(i) for a glimpse of Oh Ji-ho once again.

Unnichan: Excuse me?! You trying to throw shade? Look, his character was intriguing and sadly the best thing about that crap Plan B(i)!

Ekun: No shade thrown. It was comical every time you turned it on with hope. In any event, I have to say I prefer him in comedy as well. Out of Queen of Housewives and Chuno… wait–he had the long flowing locks in Chuno. Dang nabit! Can’t choose*fist shake*!

Unnichan: Comedy is his forte for sure, but I’ve enjoyed him both of his sageuks too. Maids was good, despite the ending (hate you Korea!) and Chuno… well the locks and the OST will forever have me caught up.

Ekun: Anyway, Ji-ho Oppa is a hot guy. I am certain there are so many other things about him that make him fascinating and intriguing, but my brain won’t look past the pretty. Sorry and Thank you (most hated words in every drama has entered my vernacular).

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