Six Flying Dragons: Lee Bang-ji episode 24

As you may know, I’m watching SBS sageuk Six Flying Dragons and have the privilege of chatting about it weekly for Dramafever (<— check side panel for more info). Well I just came across these shots for tomorrow’s episode and I just had to share!

For one, I’m in love with this drama, in that good, solid, rich way— that makes me happy I still watch dramas. It’s one of those sageuks that makes you wonder why more drama lovers, don’t adore historical dramas. And with such a large cast, it’s hard to love just one character, or portrayal, because honestly they are truly all that wonderful to watch. However, Byun Yo-han’s performance as Ddang Sae, turned Lee Bang-ji, has my eyes trained on him episode after epsiode; even when I’m irritated to pieces by him.

  These shots are of Ddang Sae training and honing skills, while an unnoticed(?) audience looks on in awe… Well all save Mu Hyul who just looks peeved Ddang Sae is virtually flawless as a swordsman. It’s pretty cute that he’s always so put out by him all the time. ‘Cause if Ddang Sae were open to it, I’m positive Mu Hyul would so be down for an official swordsmen bromance.    
  Aw. Look at Gap Boon’s face! [That’s me, every week, girl! EVERY! WEEK!] Romance takes a fifth seat in this story as a whole but if I was rooting for any pair right now, it’d be Gap Boon and Ddang Sae. Personally, she’s my favorite female character and though initially, I was thinking she and Mu Hyul might be cute (he seemed to like her when he first saw her) but really, who wouldn’t want their favs together? I have no hopes in that area given Lee Bang-ji’s occupation but if it happens, just know, this eonni will be very, very, happy!  
   [courtesy of SBS Six Flying Dragons page]

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