The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

Our next Oppa is a Canadian crooner, with a voice soothing to the soul. And though the same could be said about his Clazziqui band mate Haru, this list isn’t about her…  It’s his electropop group and their classic track “She Is” from My Lovely Samsoon, that catapulted the group into complete and total mania status. But when left to his own devices, Oppa produces easy listening tracks, perfect for lifting your spirits and getting you in the mood to fall in love.

If you think you’ve never heard his voice, you are most certainly mistaken, for he’s collaborated with a wide range of artists from m-flo to Epik High to Loveholics and has steady OST bank— his most recent being Our Season” from Bubblegum. One of the best things about Oppa is that his music is reflection of his chill personality. He still remains that warm and jazzy, approachable entertainer, who is not only knowledgeable music but carefree and down to earth.

Now with two released solo albums My Vintage Romance (which is still on my steady play rotation <— click pic) and Just Like Me… Oppa you ready to drop a third? We are!


Name: Alex Chu

Oppa Cred: September 2, 1979

Santa Status: Noting

New Year Status: Percolating

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen in his cameo spot for tvN‘s Bubblegum, but he is available 24-7 for your listening pleasure (check links above).

Ekun: Butter melting on a hot cinnabon cinnamon roll… That is the feeling I get every time I hear Alex sing. My Vintage Romance is still one of my favorite albums of all time. And I am not even fluent in Korean! It just goes to show how music is universal–and Alex has a voice that can bring tears to the eyes without fully understanding.

Drama Debussie: On more than occasion I’ve listened to his voice and thought, “What is this moisture coming out of my eyes?!” It’s like everytime he shows up anywhere you just think, “Aw, it’s about to get romantic up in here.”

Unnichan: There truly is just something about that voice of his. It’s for sunny or rainy days, can keep you warm in the evening snow… He’s just that good. After his stint as the perfect husband in We Got Married, he started acting too, which I wasn’t too sure about in Pasta, but this last cameo in Bubblegum was perfect! I loved him.

Ekun: I loved him so much in his 15 minutes of Bubblegum I don’t know what to do with myself! I almost wanted him over Lee Dong Wook! I look forward to seeing more of him in shows and hearing more of him on my Ipod… whilst eating a cinnabon!

Unnichan: Where are you getting all these cinnabons?!

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