The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa


Although several of our listed Oppas are happily married, our next Oppa is probably the only one that not only got married fairly young and early in his career but is also married to an actor who is considered one of the most beautiful in her generation. They are known for being an adorable couple and it’s lovely to see that coming from an acting family (his father is Yeon Kyu-jin), he learned a few things about keeping his home in tact regardless of stardom. [Which is perfect since he and Han Ga-in will be welcoming their first child in 2016! Congrats Oppa!]yjh_dcholiday2015005gain_zpsnhdauvlyyjh_dcholiday2015004gain_zps0jouvm4y

And while his wife may be better known, it’s Oppa that has made a large impression on through the growth of his craft. With each project, he impresses and created one of the most intriguingly appealing vampires around. Making his character one of the first vamps to be so well received nationally. The promise of a third season of OCN‘s Vampire Prosecutor is forever looming but thankfully, at least we know Yeon Jung-hoon is not only hoping but waiting for the opportunity to cap off Min’s story.


Name: Yeon Jung-hoon

Oppa Cred: November 6, 1978

Santa Status: Nesting

New Year Notice: Composed

Current Holiday Stock: Last seen in SBS doppleganger drama Mask, currently only available for exclusive and private cravings runs and foot massages.


Unnichan: You know what I’ve enjoyed this year? The fact that most of our oppas were not only on TV this year but that they did some pretty decent dramas too. A lot of times our Oppas end up in shows we don’t end up watching but this year, almost all my Oppas that were in dramas, I saw a peek of them and their performances. And Yeon Jung-hoon was just stellar in Mask! He was intriguing and titillating. It was wonderful! It was perhaps some of the best I’ve seen from him… but then again, I am biased.

Ekun: So I know this is about Jung-hoon being all great. But Can I make one request? VAMPIRE PROSECUTOR SEASON #3! Now that I got that out the way, while I did not see Mask, all I heard were good things about it and him. I love to see actors make you believe in what they are selling. Jung-hoon is one of the few actors who will make me belive candy is poison!yjh_dcholiday2015-3_zps1goe3mna

Unnichan: This is the number one reason you need to see Mask… That man had me questioning everything I knew was true in life! But yea, I have to agree, he’s an actor that makes things better, even dramas that were the worst things that ever happened to my drama life. And he’s steadily improved over the years. Vampire Prosecutor needs a season 3 definitely and perhaps if we beg… But aren’t they doing some other show that’s got the nerve to have “vampire” and “prosecutor” in the title?

Ekun: You mean the one with Lee Joon? That ain’t the same thing and you know it (though I will  be tuning in…love Lee Joonie)! And on to the next one!


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