The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

Manly. Dreamy (jin). Gravitas. Those are the first things that come to mind when I think about this oppa. For he has a way of embodying all of these, regardless of his role. And he’s played it all, from mystic to king, adulterer to recluse. I always find interesting to know what actors think about their craft, how/why they chose it, etc.

But for Oppa, his family is still number one. During his I Have a Lover press conference, he revealed he does his best, simply because his children believe he is the best. Which makes him work to prove them right. And though that may seem cute, I find it to be the epitome of those three words above.


Name: Ji Jin-hee

Oppa Cred: June 24, 1971

Santa Status: Natural

New Year Notice: Striking

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen in Blood, available Sat-Sun in I Have a Lover

Ekun: My life completely changed when I saw him in The Man Who Can’t Marry. I totally would have married him! Ji Jin Hee is also a jewel that can get lost in the shuffle. He has total star power, but is often out of sight out of mind for me. But when I do see him… *BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK*!

Unnichan: Ji Jin-hee is an actor that you can’t help but love, however, it was definitely Blood that showed me this man is everything and more. That show wasn’t for me, but Oppa tried every week to convince me it was! He was in his own one man tragedy and that show was stinking bomb! Right now, he’s got me all caught up in my feelings on I Have A Lover. It’s going to take awhile for me to recover after this one with him.

Ekun: That is on my to do list over Christmas; while this weekend I was able to catch him the sweet Snow Lotus Flower. It was the best 2 hours of my week thus far! Thank you for that Oppa.

Unnichan: Aw, look at Oppa!! He’s warming hearts and bursting them, all at once. Wonder what he’ll do next? Sigh. I know I said I may not recover quickly from IHAL (trust me, I won’t) but more Oppa is never a bad thing in my book. Oh, but Oppa? Don’t tire yourself out, we’ll wait patiently! I hope…

[Blood shots: kdramastuff]

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