The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

We’re back! And the countdown continues, with an oppa that has worked with some of the best and most delightful actresses around and seems to not only spark a synergy with them all on-screen, but also appears to genuinely get along with them all as well. Of course, that could be because he has a lot of women in his family or perhaps, it’s just because he just so stinking cute! However, don’t let his current adorable ways fool you, because this guy can be just as debonair and sexy as the best of them.

If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing this oppa’s serious or sexy side, you should definitely check out his OCN crime drama TEN (or you know, basically anything he’s done before last year 😉 .


Name: Joo Sang-wook

Oppa Cred: July 18, 1978

Santa Status: Nutty

New Year Notice: Rocking

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen in Masked Prosecutor, available Mon-Tues in Glamorous Temptation

Unnichan: I think that Joo Sang-wook is one of those actors that could so get lost in the crowd if you didn’t know just how great he is. I mean everyone has their big break and Giant was definitely his, though I will breathe my dying breath loathing his character.

Ekun: HAHAHAHA! I know how much you hated him. I, still to this day, felt he was misunderstood in Giant. Sang-wook is freakin’ amazing! It is hard to go back and forth between melo and rom-com–he makes it look easy like Sunday morning! Birth of a Beauty was so great! I laughed out loud just thinking about it!

Unnichan: I was really loving his foray into complete and total bonkers rom-com. Don’t think I would have liked Sly and Single much at all without his insanity. But it was definitely Birth of a Beauty that did it for me last year. It was certainly a breath of fresh air from him. Not to mention his random stints on variety shows like Running Man, showing off his adorkable side. Just love him all around!

Ekun: Running Man had me in tears with him… Tears! Love him, won’t change. Next?JSWIROCK


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