More Diwale

Diwale premieres for the masses in just a few hours and I, for one, am ready to see what my all time favorite pair has in store for me… (I mean, us all). The Red Chilles Production is an action packed story about love, family, and revenge. And you know how I love me some revenge!

For the past couple months there have been trailer and teaser drops all over the place but my favorite was the music teaser “Janam, Janam” performed by Arijit Singh.

To be honest, this MV resonated and gave me that classic SRK-Kajol squee-y feeling much more than the film’s first musical release “Gerua” (which I’ll be sharing later, of course). Both songs and “videos” are certainly beautiful in different, distinct ways but perhaps, I am drawn to this song and video because it depicts something more than the rosy bud of romanticized love and ventures to reflect the desire that lingering hope burgeons. Who knows?

If you like what you hear— add, buy and/or listen here!

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