The Distractors’ Holiday Cut: Countdown with Oppa

I can’t believe we are winding down another year! It’s been a decent drama year for me personally, but not much to write about (or rather, nothing that was more than gushing or ranting). However, with the new year blinking faintly in the distance, who better to spend the next couple weeks with than an Oppa? Now I know, for many of you, that means, Lee Jong-suk or Kim Soo-hyun but sorry, for E-kun and I, those kids don’t make the cut.

Instead, our list consists of men that don’t always get the “oppa” tag because unfortunately, as they get older, fans seem to get younger. But luckily for us, they are still around being amazing, so old biddies like us, can get in a few “OPPA!” squeals here and there.



Name: Namgoong Min

Oppa Cred: Born  March 12, 1978

Santa Status: Naughty

New Year Notice: Puckered for his next role as romantic lead in Chosun TV‘s One and Only

Current/Holiday Stock: Last seen in Sensory Couple; currently available Wed-Th in Remember

ngm_dcholiday2015-02_zpsot5vmum4Unnichan: I am so glad we’re kicking off our countdown list with Namgoong Min! 2015 has been a good year for him in many ways but I still remember the first time I saw him (and acknowledged his existence). That was back when he played the second lead opposite Gong Yoo in One Fine Day [which had a horrible ending by the way kids… DON’T EVER WATCH IT! Not even for hot, brown, muscly Gong Yoo].ngm_dcholiday2015-04_zpsldes9rbm

Ekun: I think the first time I saw him for real for real was…. I don’t know. All I know is there is no villain who had me calling out, “OPPA PLEASE!!” more than Namgoong Min this year. MAD (flaming) that I am having to turn on Remember because I saw an Instagram picture of him on set! The inconvenience I have to go through to see him!

ngm_dcholiday2015-05_zpsskgaeeboUnnichan: Heh! I am definitely watching Remember. I’m even willing to live on the pray that Park Min-young has truly improved and trust I won’t regret it. Oddly, I’ve seen almost all of Namgoong Min’s dramas but it wasn’t until Birth of the Rich that I really loved his performance and wanted more of him. Sensory Couple blew him off the charts for so many others and that truly makes me happy. Hopefully, it will erase that monstrosity that was Secret Hotel!

Ekun: OK! So it seems my pattern was to start his dramas and never finish them until Sensory Couple! Sorry Oppa! I am certain you were great, it is just everything else made me want to not finish your shows. Glad he made the list… Only 19 more to go!ngm_dcholiday2015-06_zpsdccnniyl

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