Opening Numbers: Ugly Duckling Series

If you follow me anywhere else in the socialsphere (here, here, here or here) there’s no way you’ve missed that I have totally been bitten by this adorable Thai rom-com The Ugly Duckling Series. It’s an adaption of four YA novels by Jamsai, centered around four college girls who can be considered “ugly.” The first installment, Perfect Match (my initial impressions are still listed in my Lakorn Lookbook—>), is currently airing and I have no doubts it will remain my favorite of the four, however, the other parts sound fairly interesting as well. And if they are as warm-hearted and endearing… well, I’ll just have to gobble them up too!

What I actually appreciate about this series is that it isn’t necessarily about ugly girls finding love but about young women growing up and learning to value themselves and other people and what makes us all special. I haven’t read the novels but if Perfect Match is any indication of the message or theme of the stories, you have narratives about young people trying to figure themselves out in imperfect ways, accepting life and its trials without too much overwrought drama. It’s that bubblegum popping sticky kind of romance that doesn’t have to last forever but is so juicy and sweet while it lasts.

GMM TV also has a playlist all things UDS, from behind the scenes to personal interviews, special events or current previews and English subbed episodes.

Perfect Match 

Brief Synopsis: Junior is beautiful, rich and happy, until she tries to slim her chubby cheeks with plastic surgery and has an allergic reaction. With her “unsightly” face, no one wants to be around or seen with her, so she decides to retreat to the countryside to focus on her studies, treatment and recovery… Then she meets Suea (tiger).

Cast: Push Puttichai, Mook Worranit

Airdate: Sundays 8p (GMMTV), 9p (LINETV), 10p (Bang Channel)

Episodes: 9+ Special

Pity (“Pretty”) Girl

Brief Synopsis: After a freak accident, Alise becomes a little slow to life and learning, but especially love. So when Ashton offers to be her personal post-it note she gladly accepts. But soon another guy appears, who seems to know all about her, shows up and she’s the last to realize, she’s just landed the starring role in her very own college love triangle. 

Cast: Nicky Nachat Jantapan, Neen Suwanamas, Mouse Natcha Jantapan 

Airdate: Sundays 8p (GMMTV), 9p (LINETV), 10p (Bang Channel)

Episodes: 5


Brief Synopsis: Dumped by her boyfriend, Maewnam holes up in her house out of shame, until her dad gives her an ultimatum to go back to school. But she’s so embarrassed, she walks around with her head in a box to give herself personal space to grieve. Then two bad boys enter her life and turn her box world inside out.

Cast: Jirakit Thawornwong, Mild Wiraporn, Victor Zheng

Airdate: Sundays 8p (GMMTV), 9p (LINETV), 10p (Bang Channel)

Episodes: 7 

Boy’s Paradise

Brief Synopsis: Happily living alone in her family’s pension, Mami vows to die before dating a man, after her mother catches on to her secret girl crush. So her mother rents out the house to three guys in hopes to bring her daughter around. But when Mami gets pulled into someone else’s romance problems, she begs her new roommate C.U., to be her fake boyfriend.

Cast: Sean Jindachote, Esther Supreeleela

Airdate: Sundays 8p (GMMTV), 9p (LINETV), 10p (Bang Channel)

Episodes: 9+ Series End Special

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