The Distractors’ Cut: Kill Me, Heal Me 7-10

Unnichan: It’s been nearly three weeks since we’ve spoken about this drama and I think it’s safe to say that I absolutely love this show! I liked it from day one but I’m so caught up at the moment that I might claim a spot in my 2015 Top 5 by the time it is over. I mean, even Ji Sung had me questioning myself during episodes 7-8.

Ekun: I can’t even sum up how head over heels I am in love with this show! And I totally understand being caught up with Ji Sung during episode 7-8… I threw popcorn at the screen because I was angry at his appeal. Then I reflected, and apologized to my TV, popcorn, and self for wasting popcorn on such a moment, instead of just simply being thankful I have eyes.

Unnichan: You never know how valuable eyes are… until you know. But I have to say, that I know that Ji Sung is a hot guy, but those episodes were… I’m convinced Bo-young came for a conjugal set visit. There’s no other explanation. Kill Me Heal Me07_76163

Ekun: Aside from those episodes, I can finally make my PSA in regards to Oh Ri-on: “It is official, we are D-O-N-E!” This concludes the announcement, thanks for tuning in.

Unnichan: Ri-on, Ri-on, well, he gave me a little bit of hope when he was speaking with his publicist/agent and told the story that he started the research to find out more about himself, but then he pulls the Oppa card in episode 10, with a veiled threat to my “as long as you’re alive” boo, Se-gi, and he has been moved to the indifferent pile.

Ekun: There is no indifference from me– It is straight up disdainful looking, middle finger flinging, shade throwing, “hellz naw!” from me. If I really believed he was just being a concerned oppa, I would have no qualms about him snatching Ri-jin and bouncing. But like Se-gi mentioned, him shading “Oppa” over feelings of a man in love is disgusting.

Unnichan: I can’t put that much energy into Ri-on, not now, not yet, when my Se-gi is hurting… But, be sure that we all know his antics are distasteful. Even that flashback of Ri-on and Ri-jin in high school or the reason he gave for “the boy being afraid of basements,” made me roll my eyes. I can’t say that he is wrong for having romantic feelings but I do believe he’s incorrect for harboring them. When he learned they weren’t twins and he was developing likies for Ri-jin, he should have gone to his parents and told them he knew their secret. And if he couldn’t do that, [because he knows far more than we do about their circumstances], then he should have worked hard to move on. Because every episode I’m furrowing my brows at what exactly he wants from Ri-jin or hopes to achieve with his new kinda brotherly love.

Ekun: I. Ain’t. For. It! I don’t care what he is up to in the grand scheme of things– he is wrong and we are done. *Spit in his face… wishing it was laced with acid*

Unnichan: I get it, I do, but I am always interested in such characters because it makes no sense to continue on this path when it reaps nothing but heartache. Ri-jin will never view him as anything other than Oppa, regardless of their bloodlines. And it seems somewhere he’s hoping for something different, like he’s holding out for her to recognize his feelings but it’s so irrational, I can’t help but wonder.

Ekun: In other matters, we meet Ahn Yo-sub, Ahn Yo-na, and Nana pops up once again– though still not seen. And they all made their appearances (Perry, Yo-sub, Nana, and Yo-na) in one night! Excluding Se-gi, he was waiting to show up in episode 10 and destroy lives in more that one way. Though, I would like to take him to work with me. Can we have a “Take Se-gi to Work” day? Work might not get done, but Se-gi will keep you entertained.

Unnichan: Se-gi at the office would be hilarious. But before we get to all that, let’s talk about Ahn Yo-na. I need to voice how much that girl is a complete riot! Ri-jin by herself is the best, but once Yo-na enters the scene (after Ri-on, posing as Omega’s fan, recites some plot from his latest book and Do-hyun passes out), these two are at each other’s throats. Mostly because she brings out that defensive “I know you diin’t” eonni side of Ri-jin.

Ekun: Let me first say, Yo-na is insane! It is the best thing– her always trying to live her life and rile up Ri-jin at the same time. Her running to see her “J. I. Oppa” while in an ahjussi’s body is priceless! I really love her, though she is the thorn in Do Hyun’s side. Ri-jin is the best when it comes to so many things, and wrangling in Yo-na is just icing on her talented cake.

Unnichan: I can’t get enough of her truly. Which is something else I give Ji Sung props for— making me love each personality. Not just because they are comical but because there’s something tangible and relatable about them. I honestly want to sit down and have a conversation with each one.

Ekun:  Ji Sung is killing it when it comes to all these different personas. It hard to portray one character that is believable, but him pulling off all these characters is true talent.

Unnichan: Exactly. I know we can’t expect any awards being dished out (cause networks can’t be trusted) but he gets a standing ovation from me. Se-gi is still the strongest of the clan but from Yo-sub to Perry to Do-hyun and Yo-na, I see the effort of Ji Sung the actor distinguishing these personalities, while displaying them as layers of one person. We certainly see that in Do-hyun as he begins to let down some walls and become comfortable, not only with Ri-jin but also with himself. I know that extending this opportunity to her (to be his personal therapist) wasn’t necessarily for him to make progress but it’s incredible what a delightful affect her presence has on him.

Ekun: I love it all! I eat it up! From Do-hyun kissing her (Ri-jin), her trying to tell him not to mix up his feeling for her (when she the one mixed up), and Do- hyun telling that whore Chae-yeon to kick rocks!

Unnichan: Oh that transference scene was priceless. The way Do-hyun was looking at her, even made me uncomfortable. But we all know what’s going on there. And it’s fricking adorable.

Ekun: Aigoo, but that was easily unraveled when Se-gi goes to Chae-yeon under the guise of Do-hyun to prove a point.

Unnichan: Look, Chae-yeon is the worst! I can’t even begin to articulate my rage when she, rolls up and disrupts Do-hyun’s matseon, then tries to be salty with Ki-joon for calling her out about it, saunters up to Do-hyun’s doorstep talking all types of nonsense then, when she sees Ri-jin is working with Do-hyun at the office, reneges on her postponed engagement plans! *throws hands up*

Ekun: Oh girl! The blind date ruining event was just the biggest piece of garbage I had ever seen!

Unnichan: The woman is infuriating for being so very selfish. If drama ever wanted me to believe she cared about Do-hyun, they ruined it with that doorstep moment.

Ekun: Sooooo, honestly Chae-yeon, what do you want from Do-hyun? Because it is apparent to me that you have strong (if not love) feelings for Ki-joon Oppa, and I believe you two can really make it. It leaves me to believe you only want Do-hyun following up under you like a puppy, because it strokes your ego… and we all know how Ekun feels about that: I. Ain’t. For. It wench! She really makes women look bad for so many reasons its not even funny.

Unnichan: Initially, I kept coming back to the fact she was groomed to be Ki-joon’s wife, therefore it’s possible, at some point, a sliver of emotion for Do-hyun crept in. But there’s no way the impression she gave on the stoop that night is valid, because she’s been sleeping with Ki-joon all this time. And she’s never truly made an effort to keep things brewing but chill with either or both men. Do-hyun was gone for 15 years and the most we know she’s always been friendly and basked in his attention toward her (and I hate those type of girls, by the way). Ultimately, now, Se-gi has shown up and thrown his sexy eyes her way and who knows what mess he made that night, beyond that shatter glass. Oh and is it just me, but wouldn’t she be a much more understandable character if her meltdown happened after Se-gi pretended to like her? Show truly wants us to hate this girl.

Ekun: So I guess at this point, Do-hyun is locked up in himself because he now knows the truth about the incident long ago, ne?

Unnichan: I don’t know if he knows or if still he’s struggling against the memories. But I don’t think so. One thing is for certain, Se-gi knows and he’s always known and that is something more frightening than anything in my book.What we learned from him this week was heartbreaking from all sides— family and his feelings for Ri-jin. Because if what Ri-on says is true, he believes any future with her should be unattainable. It kills man… For real.

Ekun: I ain’t EVER trusting the words out of Ri-on’s mouth for anything! But simply because of Se-gi’s reaction, something has to be preventing them other than the obvious. But that also leaves the question: If you are a son of the same family, aren’t you an automatic out too Ri-on? You are really a “Cha”, so that makes me even more upset with him. And the realization that he must never plan to do anything with Ri-jin, but play as a *censored* blocker!

Unnichan: Yes, Ri-on is an automatic X but Se-gi doesn’t know that. That is the main point, which is probably another reason Ri-on’s never come clean to Mom and Dad about what he knows.

Ekun: And I need to know who the heck Ri-jin is, why are her memories locked up, and what is she to Do-hyun?

Unnichan: And I too am very intrigued by who Ri-jin is and what the devil these fools did to she and Do-hyun. In his memories, he asks her to stay, but I wasn’t too sure that was just a memories or a toggle between the present and the past, a reflection of his feelings. Overall, there is a lot of mystery shrouding the entire incident and the abuse Do-hyun endured as a child. It was so disappointing to find out that Momma is an witness and Halmoni an enabler, but I wasn’t surprised by either. Both women have chips toward one another and this reveal explains at least one.

Ekun: You are right about that. I was completely stunned to discover Mom was a spectator in regards to some form of abuse when it came to little Do-hyun. She acts as if he is her entire world; and naturally that is due to the guilt she feels and not necessarily love. The biggie is still how Ri-jin plays into this. I am honestly surprised that Mom nor Halmoni seem to know who she is, but that could be for so many different reasons.

Unnichan: I agree. But I don’t believe Ri-jin is a factor for them (yet) because, whatever they did, they think they covered up and Do-hyun made it easy for them by “forgetting” about it. Halmoni certainly knows more than Momma and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a lead that will trail directly to Ri-jin and her parents, but again, she’s too stuck on herself and her grief to care, I’m sure.

Ekun: On a lighter note, how much are you loving the “thing” going on between Ri-jin and Do-hyun? On a scale of 1-10, I am at a 15!

Kill Me Heal Me08_04551Unnichan: ♫That thing, that thing, that thiiiing…

Ekun: Unnichan you singing? *sets up stage and passes the mic*

Unnichan: Do-hyun has me feeling like singing these days! He has grown so much in the last few episodes, especially in the way I identify with him. He is embracing and revealing aspects of himself that are the cutest and ahem /whispers* sexiest things EVA! And this jealousy he has going on works for me all day, erryday!

Ekun: Usually, jealousy is a sure fire way to turn me off– instantly. But with Do-hyun, and even Se-gi, I find it adorable! Perhaps because in my mind, I process it as coming from the same person (though Se-gi would beg to differ). All the things you love about the other personas are all aspects of Do-hyun that make you love him even more!

Unnichan: The jealousy that we see is more adorable and acceptable, because it isn’t vindictive, angry, possessive or off-putting. It’s just a natural emotion from a person who has deep feelings for another. Both guys just simply want to be the only one on her mind. Neither Se-gi or Do-hyun are trying to force Ri-jin to do anything (not really). Se-gi has been privileged to information we don’t know from the start, so his approach and decisiveness is a reflection of his forceful doer personality. He wants her to make a choice and that choice to be him, but all in all, he’s trying in his best way to be persuasive. It’s cute because he’s not fully developed in that area and comes across odd, because viewing it from Ri-jin’s perspective, it’s completely sudden and coming from left field. Whereas with Do-hyun we get the full development process of watching a man experience real love for the first time. And it’s just downright precious.

Ekun: I love that Ri-jin! She is like the first female character of 2015 that I completely embrace (please do not screw me over show)! She is not only smart
and able to think for herself– she is hilarious, warm, and loving. Is this what a girl crush feels like?

Unnichan: Isn’t it refreshing to have a girl character crush?

Ekun: What in the world are we going to do when stuff blows up, and it is even slightly possible these two should not be together?

Unnichan: I can’t speak about the “what ifs”. My brain won’t allow me to go there and my heart refuses. I just want to bask in the greatness of loving her with both guys and not caring which one wins her heart. Ok, I jest, I know who that is and should be… But whatevs. However, logically, I also know that with this option hanging over them, that leaves valid (credible) space for that ridiculous plot device— noble idiocy. And I can see either of our characters pulling that somewhere down the line.

Ekun: *Shuts eyes tight* NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Lawrd PLEASE NO!!! *throws ashes on forehead- rips clothes*

Unnichan: *dabs forehead with wet rag* Dongkun, we have to stay calm. But it is something we need to be prepared to for, eventhough drama has been fairly steady so far. This last twist of finding out that Mom and Halmoni are keeping some secret concerning Dad and Do-hyun has opened the story to tackling the real reason behind the personality split, which is quite intriguing. Now that Se-gi is out and about he’s taking down a few people in hopes of destroying Do-hyun but I’m thinking it’s going to have the opposite effect.

Ekun: Se-gi came out with a vengeance to Mom, Halmoni, and Daddy laying in the bed! Am I the only one startled that he might actually pull a plug while in the room with his father?

Unnichan: Perhaps, because I know he won’t. No matter how much he may really want to. Se-gi is angry but he isn’t a monster and he isn’t in complete control of his own actions, therefore, he will walk away or someone else will make him. Of that I’m pretty confident. However, Dad may really deserve the pull.

Ekun: Though that may be entirely true, it is not worth committing a crime. I love Do-hyun (and all the others) too much for that.

Unnichan: It may be what Se-gi is aiming for but I don’t think he will succeed. Not yet. We need Daddy to wake up and explain a few things.

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