The Distractors’ Cut: Bad Guys 1-2

Every year there are a hand full of dramas that are highly anticipated but even less that live up to that fervor. However, OCN is certainly making their mark for creating high caliber crime dramas with provocative characters with just enough darkness and intensity.

Bad.Guys02.E01 on Make A Gif

SynopsisTo combat rising violent crimes, the Police Chief asks Detective Oh Goo-tak to form a team consisting of criminals. Detective Oh Goo-tak is currently suspended from the police force for using excessive force. Detective Oh Goo-tak gathers team members: Park Woong-cheol  who is a gangster, Lee Jung-mun who is the youngest serial killer with extraordinary intelligence and Jung Tae-soo  who is a contract killer. Also, Police Inspector Yoo Mi-young joins the team. She tries to have the guys work as a team by dealing with them rationally and sometimes emotionally.

Unnichan: Finally Bad Guys has premiered and it’s amazing! And I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for this drama since Park Hae-jin was cast and haven’t looked back for one second.bg_03

 Ekun: Any chance I have to be a fan girl over Park Hae-jin Oppa I am going to take it.. Sorry about Doctor Stranger though, it was just beyond my comprehension of WTH… But Bad Guys has got me wide open! Plus, have you seen Jo Dong-hyuk? What has he been doing since Age of Feeling!?!?!?! Good Night!

 Unnichan: Uh, of course I’ve seen Jo Dong-hyuk! And I certainly know what I wish he’d been doing … but clearly he’s been slimming down for this role. That man looks spectacular!Bad.Guys01.E01 on Make A Gif

 Ekun: *Insert sexy picture here* That is totally an understatement, but there are not enough words in the world!

 Unnichan: You’re right. So we won’t even try. I’ll just blow kisses instead.

 Ekun: Okay, seriously, got our drama discussing caps on *cap on*. Bad Guys aka Mad Dogs is pretty gangsta, dark, and gruesome in some scenes. But I honestly would not have it any other way. What do you think?
Bad.Guys04.E01 on Make A Gif

 Unnichan: I’m hesitant on “gruesome” (but I don’t seem to identify
well with that word) but “brutal” certainly works. However, this drama has a way of making its violence not only understandable but relatable and at times, necessary. Being we have 3 convicted felons and one rebel (rogue?) cop, I suppose that’s the way it would be. For our mad dogs are led by Oh Goo-tak (played by the always phenomenal Kim Sang-joong), a man who’s daughter was murdered. I know we talk about children and their parents all the time— but I do believe it’s the second time this year we’ve seen a father kneeling over his little girl’s lifeless body. The only thing that made Goo-tak’s story worse is she’d been laying exposed in the rain for hours when he shows up on the scene.bg_07bg_02bg_08

: Not to mention the story starts with another murder for a cop… who happens to be the Commissioner of Police (Kang Shin-il) son. He brings Goo-tak back into service to find the killer… alive. I think a lot of shows have been playing with the concept that a monster has to find a monster. I believe it to be true, but not always. But in this case I am so glad we are!

Unnichan: It was horrible and brilliant that we have that moment of connecting with Nam Gun-wook, only to watch him die minutes later. It prompts Commissioner Nam to pull Oh out of his stupor and I’m glad for that as well. However, now, he’s chosen this hodge podge of “killers” to help him take down the most elusive criminals. We’ve got Dong-hyuk Oppa who plays Jung Tae-soo, a professional killer (or hired gun) who turns himself in randomly one day, along with gangster Park Woong-chul (Ma Dong-suk) and….bg_18

Ekun: Park Hae-jin as the ever impressive brains and “serial killer” Lee Jung-mun. So you got brawn, skill, and brains to go after the trash in the streets that even cops are afraid to face. They are all given the chance to reduce their jail sentence by five years if they catch the “rain” slasher– a killer who only strikes when it rains. I know this is a mess, but I am trying to be inside the house when it rains… this killer is busy.

 Unnichan: Heh. Look I’m gladbg_01 that you mentioned the “rain” because I don’t think I will ever see it the same way again. But I guess we should also mention Yoo Mi-young who is the female counterpart of this shindig and I suppose the “straight man?” For she’s the one that tries to toe the line and remind all of our boys that they should be doing the same. Yet, is it just me that kind of hopes she has a demon lurking in her lapel as well?

 Ekun: I need her to be bout it or bow out. She is a bit annoying— why are you always reminding these men that they are criminals? They know that! They did not just pop from the womb 2 seconds ago. And I really was not in the mood for her being all in Goo-tak’s face about what he is up to. He said don’t ask no questions… What part of that didn’t she understand? I got it.. Unnichan, you?


 Unnichan: I did. Plus I’m not one to ask tons of questions aloud. And I’m not sure why she does. In the first couple episodes, it seems like she’s trying to figure him out, yet I do believe she needs to show him a little more respect, even if she doesn’t feel he deserves it. At least until he proves that he’s the deadbeat she seems to think he is. I don’t feel like she gives him his credit, though given the type of personality she has, she’s read up on him and knows his collars, so what gives? I think we know there’s a lot all these characters are going to learn and from the way each episode highlights a character, so will we, but I’m not sure I have the patience to watch her get her mind right. However, she isn’t wrong in giving him a few side eyes, ‘cause he certainly plucked these specific three men from prison for a reason that she nor we know. And that in and of itself is questionable.

 Ekun: That is a given… but sometimes, it is far better to watch and observe than open your mouth and piss people off.Bad.Guys03.E01 on Make A Gif

 Unnichan: You know I agree girl. So how’d you like how Jung-mun showed up on the scene? I just knew he’d be the one to break free! I actually loved the scene because what this episode did well was showcase the guys’ fighting style and while Tae-soo is sleak and deliberate and Woong-chul a bulldozer, Jung-mun is the one that exerts the least amount of energy to get his result.

 Ekun: That’s right, he is the one who ran while being escorted to meet the others… I love him. And a little part of me is very curious if he actually killed those people like they said he did. Somehow, I was not convinced by the story (the girl he went to visit when he broke free) she was spewing. I think my shred of optimism is all in his basket he didn’t do it.bg_12

 Unnichan: Well Yang Yoo-jin (Hwang Seung-eun) was his ex-girlfriend, yet, she seemed scared to death of him. I mean out of her mind scared. I do want to believe there is more to the story though. I loved that she seemed frightened and angry and disgusted with him all at the same time, while his eyes were cold and distant but searching. It sold the moment for me. And with those flashbacks… were they memories? The ones of his parents should have been his (they’re in a pool of blood, he has a rock in his hand) but him in the dark room with a sinister smile and blood on his hands, I’m thinking we’re to believe they were hers. Ultimately we’re dealing with the three sides of a story(his, hers and the truth), a story he doesn’t remember at all. And she isn’t buying his amnesia, which I also loved. If she’s playing him, that would be stellar but I just think it’s how she views him.bg_13

 Ekun: It was good, all good. But the lack of evidence, the fact that he is insanely smart, and his foggy memory all seem too good to be true for me to say yea or nay. I am just not sold on either side, but I want him not be a killer.

 Unnichan: I’d like for none of them to be killers but seriously if it wasn’t for Jung-mun’s extreme intelligence, the amnesia and the fact that there are double digit murders, I’d be more prone to believe he was innocent. If it was just his parents, I’d believe perhaps there was something amiss, a setup, scapegoat situation or even a self-defence matter (which still hasn’t been ruled out) but he’s connected to 15 murders over a short span of time. It’s true nothing was left by way of inculpatory or exculpatory evidence, but, there had to be something that focused the authorities in his direction, not to mention a witness. I’m not ready to believe he’s innocent (a word I don’t identify well with either, lol) but it doesn’t mean he’s as guilty as the courts says. However, if this is a setup, then it’s fricking brilliant and there must be some stone-cold masterminds ruling the roost or some piss poor policing going on. All in all, I’m willing to see this thing through, because I do there’s plenty he nor we know; mainly what really happened and why.bg_21

 Ekun: What about Tae-soo? A hired hitman who seems to have seen the errors in his ways from his last assassin job.

Unnichan: To be honest, Tae-soo’s story piqued my interest more than anyone else in the first episode. Now I could blame that on my complete and total captivation with Dong-hyuk Oppa *wink (in Oppa’s direction)*, but I humbly believe there is more to it. For someone who has lived a certain type of life (regardless of initiation or reasons) to then suddenly switch that up, and turn themselves in, felt like he must have a conscience, be tired of “the life”or have another underlying reason. And I was set on it being a sense of some type of honor or a woman.

 Ekun: It is interesting that he just decides to turn himself in with no “real” cause. It is not my top interest (because I am obsessed with Jung-mun’s innocence) but everything that has played out in these last episodes, I can’t help but get more drawn in.bg_05

 Unnichan: Well we do find out through this first “real” case that Tae-soo is connected to a woman. A woman, Park Sun-jung (Min Jin-ah), who seems to have saved his life and was involved in the “rain attacks.” She lived in the same building and becomes the killer’s last attempted victim. The thing that has questions whirling around for everyone (except maybe Goo-tak) is why Tae-soo cares so much. But I’m pretty certain, he was contracted to kill her husband and then due to some twist of fate, she becomes his savior.

 Ekun: I know right? It’s like he does this horrible thing to this woman, by killing her husband, ruining her life, but she in turn saves him. I am certain she has no idea that he killed her husband– but what if she did, and saved him anyway? And who is the man he asked to look after her while he was locked up in prison? Why does he believe that Tae-soo is incapable of taking care of her? I guess I had more questions than I thought…bg_19bg_20

 Unnichan: Ha! I knew it! Look, I’m pretty sure there’s something with ‘Pusan’ and Tae-soo, in that he had the power to have Tae-soo killed and if not for Sun-jung, he’d have succeeded. But in turn, once he fails, Tae-soo can use that leverage to make sure she’s in good standing. The problem is that doesn’t seem to be the case because Tae-soo was shocked to see her living the way she is? I mean, that apartment building is pretty shanty… At least for a single mother and her child.

 Ekun: Was he stunned to see her living like that or just to see her at all? And to know that she was involved with some crazy “rain” killer… Ugh!bg_16

Unnichan: I definitely think it was both. Also that rain slasher business is a mess. I mean he did it only to one up some other mass murderer?! Really! And what was the deal with the blood vials? (*creepy*) However, one thing that got me about the trackdown was— one, Woong-chul figured it out but no one believed him and two, Mr. Locksmith wasn’t responsible for all the murders.

 Ekun: He did! He did figure it out! But I wonder if Goo-tak knew about it, and had to let it play out… He does a lot of that “let it ride” business. I am not really mad at him, but it only takes once for the variables to not add up and cause disaster. Woong-Chul is just a straight up thug, but smarter than the average bear. He may not be Jung-mun, but it is hard to get over on him. And his tracker skills are pretty savvy.bg_15bg_17

 Unnichan: I hadn’t thought about Goo-tak in the equation but being he did have a plan from the beginning, I can certainly agree. It does put him in a different light, what he was willing to do this episode using Sun-jung and manipulating Tae-soo. Not sure how I really feel about it— if I care or feel it’s underhanded. I guess time will tell. So any other thoughts on these introductory episodes?

Ekun: I do not think so, I can say that with every episode I am more and more invested in the writing, plot, and the characters. Is it a mess that I am already wishing, hoping, and praying for a season 2?bg_11

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