First Look: Khoobsurat

And what summer would be complete without a family friendly rom-com that is both delightful and heartfelt? The new Sonam Kapoor starrer, Khoobsurat [translated: Beautiful] is readying for its premiere in just under a month and decided to make our week khoobbsurat as well, with a trailer launch, its final posters and a its look at the cast.

The film is a Kapoor home production, co-produced with Disney, a remake of the 1980 film, by the same name, and is touted as a family affair; about a fun loving young girl who travels to stay with extended family friends and infects them with… well happiness.

Ambiguous posters for the film have been trickling out all week, culminating with a final of the two leads revealing their gorgeous faces and adorable compatibility. This is Pakistani actor, Fawad Afzal Khan‘s first foray into the Bolly scene and it’s a cute way to enter without excessive pressure and a perfect piggy-back his heightened exposure after his recent Pakistani serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

While the original film had Rekha as just a rambunctious village girl bellowing in to another family bringing sunshine and light, then gaining a husband in the process, with the help of Disney magic, Kapoor portrays the long lost and once removed modern princess that is set to be engaged to the very royal and stuffy Khan. The kind of typical fish out of water, opposites attract romance that we all know and love.

Khoobsurat opens September 19th.

[stills courtesy of BOI and Instagram]

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