More Haider

This is the week for releases for just yesterday, there was comedic hero Inspector Singham and today, we have tragic anti-hero Haider, for Vishal Bharadwaj‘s reimagining of “Hamlet” released its first posters’ peek.  A couple months ago there were buzz-cut images of a solitary Shahid Kapoor as our first glimpse of him in character, while news of Tabu filming her debut singing spot has been trickling in since the beginning of the month. Filming wrapped completely only days ago, therefore it’s exciting the production has hit the ground running with releases and promotions. On Wednesday, stars Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor will follow Parineeti and Aditya‘s July 7th lead and  “take over YouTube” with an all-day exclusive look at the official trailer along with opportunity to interact with the team that made this movie happen.

These posters are poetic and dramatic and I’m in love with them. There’s bloodlust, darkness and isolation, with a shrill chill in the air— all beatific images of the tortured and raging Hamlet.

Haider premieres in Oct 2nd.

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