First Look: Singham Returns

Sequels are all the rage and at this point in Hindi cinema, Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar are reigning kings. For it seems they flip flop yearly releases and since Singh is Bling, from Kumar’s camp won’t hit theaters until this time next year, the field is open for Devgn’s next Singham film.
The first film opened this month three years ago (July 2011) and its sequel is slated for an equally smoldering summer box office splash this August. Just an hour ago Singham star, Devgn dropped a tweet with a first of five separate looks at the posters for the continuation to Bajirao Singham’s story as upright and honorable inspector.

In a little over a month, Inspector Singham will return with a new mission and a new leading lady in Kareena Kapoor-Khan. This will be Kapoor-Khan and Devgn’s third pairing since their sizzling portrayal as the leads in the Shakespeare adaption Omkara.

Each poster is sleek, sexy and serviceable but the last one has to be my personal preferred for it takes the original emblem and adds the metallic and blood red given a colder feel from the initial poster in 2011. Gives the  indication that our lion has evolved.

Singham Returns opens August 15th.


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