First Look: KICK

We all choose what we want to watch based on a myriad of criterion. Some based on rational understanding and stances, while others steeped in the shallow crevices of human proclivities. But for me personally, I rarely choose a story without caring about the story, the main cast or its director… However, now, I can never say never!

Until a few hours ago, I didn’t care one iota about Salman Khan‘s new superhero flick Kick. Not just because Salman isn’t my favorite Khan but mainly because I didn’t care enough to find anything out about his new film. But when I happened upon his trailer launch, held over the weekend and accidentally sat through the entire thing, my eyes clapped upon two of the best actors in the fraternity, Randeep Hooda (Monsoon Wedding, Highway) and Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Black Friday, Gangs of Wasseypur) this film became the best thing Khan has done in ages!

I guess one can’t really blame the Khan clan for shrugging on the superhero cape, for the idea has gotten tons of play over the years from all types of angles; trilogy, gaming and mythology. However, from the trailer, author/scriptwriter Chetan Bhagan has created more of a Dhoom vibe which is much more reminiscent of Western heroes like Batman or Spiderman. The film is full on action which can be expected with a taste of Khan’s comedic staple and snappy dialogue. Jacqueline Fernandez (Aladin, Race 2) also joins the cast as Khan’s “Devil” love interest.

Kick enters theaters July 25.

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