Even More Ek Villain

There have been plenty of Ek Villain goodies streaming out over the last month and with its premiere exactly one month out (YAY!), and the official trailer dropping earlier today— this is the prime opportunity for an update.

This latest from director Mohit Suri (Aashqui 2, Kalyug) portrays a story of falling love and exacting revenge, starring Riteish Deshukh, Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor, a concept that is by no means new, however, like with every story, direction and depiction are key. 

In my initial post, I debated the use of the word “ek” and how to apply it to this film and from what I see from the newest trailer, this story toys with the idea that in everyone’s love, there’s an enemy. Hence, we may have more than “one” or singular villain in the mix. The poster above does a great job of creating that sentiment, for it displays the continuity of the implication that Deshmukh and Malhotra are equals. But honestly, the more I think about it, it’s very likely that the ultimate villain in love and its story, isn’t a being or entity but a state.

I wanted to believe that the trailer for this film was going to be slick and sexy, reflecting a film that would be much of the same… but it’s actually neither. Normally, that would be a major bummer but this film still appears to be right up my alley, for instead, it promises something raw, bittersweet and tragic. (YUM YUM YUM!)

One reason I was fairly certain I’d get a more sexy vibe from this film is because there’s no denying Malhotra is an incredibly sexy man, and he and Kapoor make the most effortlessly smoking pair I’ve come across is quite awhile; yet, somehow, he’s managed to turn that up a notch by giving off this overpowering and intense portrayal of a man in love.  And thankfully, Ankit Tiwari‘s track “Galliyan” makes up for the lack of visual sexiness with something that lasts much longer with what I’m certain is my favorite track.

Ek Villian approaches June 27th.

[all stills courtesy of GlamSham]

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