More Ek Villain

If I’d known we’d be getting a poster and a video teaser this week I’d have waited to post once, but the Ek Villain team decided to treat us twice this week and well, I can’t say I’m complaining.

Ek Villain  literally translates as “one villain” but “ek” can also be translated as the singular article “a”  or “the,” and in this case, the latter is being used, making the English translation “The Villain.”  However, choosing the article “the” over “a” creates a more ambiguous title rather than specific, for the meaning can signify a character in nature or isolate and elevate an individual as “only.” Given the preview below, I’m prone to gravitate to the former, believing the title suggests a motivation by several key players in the narrative over the “one” that the title nebulously suggests.

From what I see here, there’s nothing new about the story: Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Boy loses girl. Boy avenges girl.

Pretty cut and dry stuff… until Riteish Deshmukh enters the frame.

That’s when everything shifts and the film looks like something that I must see. I also have the feeling that this film has the potential to create a balance of power between the villains in its story. Where though Deshmukh is by far the more seasoned actor, he and Malhotra will go toe to toe and that is something I appreciate. For in most “revenge” sagas, there’s rarely a sense of an even scale. The lines are usually boldly drawn, with a choice A or B, where the good guys will win against all odds, either by sheer ability and savvy or because their opponents are idiots. Here though, it appears to be an underdog good-guy-gone-bad by lost love scenario, which leaves me cautiously optimistic for a red-herring or two.

Look out for Ek Villian June 27th.


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