Game of Thrones Season 4 TONIGHT!


Some beautiful art pages have been littering the Game of Thrones Facebook and this one of Ross reminded me of my favorite monologue from Season 3 (“Chaos”). Little Finger is a rather transparent character whether it’s his motives or intentions, but one thing he does well is play the game. His conversations with Varys are always enlightening and cheeky. But this is one, coupled with one of the most surprisingly horrifying deaths of the season, makes his words a bitter reality and one that I will never forget.

Enjoy this excellent fan video and the other art pieces after the jump….

**favorites in the cover image above (^)


The 30-minute countdown begins now, so I just wanted stop by and sure make everyone is prepared. Pop your popcorn, put the kids to bed and shrug e on some long sleeves… Winter is Coming.





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