Game of Thrones Season 4 Airs Tomorrow!


Uh, so Sunday nights are about to get more dangerous and the sadist in me can’t wait!!! Game of Thrones: Season 4 airs in under 24 hrs. and though the wait has been long, it’s always worth it. Soon, we’ll be trekking through Westeros with the Stark kids (there’s one at every corner remember?), thumbing our nose at Margery, praying Stannis will finally listen to Davos before he’s turned by the Red Witch or counting the days till Joffrey commits another heinous crime.

But while we wait, we can set the mood.

The New York Philharmonic performed the introduction score to the show and there’s no doubt there is something special about live music and performed by such skilled musicians, life sprung it to the chords, for their performance exudes more intensity, mystery and foreboding, than I’ve experienced in the three years I’ve watched the show.

I thought about how much I appreciate experiencing the story before I see it onscreen, being privy to the entire picture and narrative. Since, George RR Martin‘s third book was split in two, there’s still tons of material left to cover. Therefore, you can pick up the audiobook of Storm of Swords (here) and follow in the action or skip ahead and see what this season has in store.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights @ 9pm on HBO starting April 6th.

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