Another Game of Thrones Season 4


Over the past couple weeks, there’s been a lot of reminiscing going on the GoT site. Whether it’s this battle or that battle, the Comic Com memoriam. Or the infamously devastating Red Wedding.

Sunday began the 7-day countdown before the premiere of GoT: S4 and now with a familiar face on the cover of next week’s TV Guide, I was reminded of an interview with GoT creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss that caught my eye.

And I wouldn’t dare forget the latest official previews.

“Who is Jon Snow’s mother?” That was the question that piqued my interest, not only because it was asked but because their guess was right! I think it’s wonderful that it was this answer that catapulted the collaboration of these three men for such a wonderful medieval fantasy drama.
I have to admit that I stopped thinking about Jon’s mother (parentage) by the end of book one and decided not to try and figure it out but rather wait and be surprised by the reveal. However now, my brain has started churning and I’ve settled on my initial deduction…. what about you? Who do you think Jon Snow’s mother is?

***check here for all GoT info.

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