Even More Game of Thrones Season 4, Again

Not only posters dropped this week but also a collection of  GoT:S4 short teasers featuring Tyrion, the Stark children, and Daenerys, with an inside peek on location in Iceland were released.The production team definitely knows how to throw just enough meat our way and I’m inhaling each bite.

The most rewarding peek has to be the Stark kids because there is so much growth from all still living. And though they are separated, they are basically winging all the edges of Westeros, which I find rather interesting.


I don’t foresee any family reunions this season but I know we can count on some great strides for them all, for each journey of the Games‘ major players hints toward a sense of purpose and destiny, that eventually, not even silly Sansa Stark can deny.

Yes, that’s right, Tyrion will be imprisoned and isolated, once again this season. YIKES!

The cast and crew have traveled to several locales over the years, but my personal favorite has always been Iceland. It’s a personal bias of mine but the country is just plain gorgeous in the summer and I can’t wait to see how the show captures its lush and beautiful terrain.quote02

And perhaps Daenerys will learn there’s more to being the mother of dragons than cool fire tricks… One can only hope.

Return to Westeros April 6th on HBO at 9pm.

***check here for all GoT info.


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