More Game of Thrones Season 4

April is just around the corner, though Spring feels miles away and like clockwork, I’m smacking on Game of Thrones goodies. Over the last week, HBO has released two new previews for its hit series based on George Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Martin’s third book was broken into two parts for the series, therefore, this fourth season, will cover the second half of his third novel “A Storm of Swords. The third novel is pretty dense with action and transition, for all its characters, so the separation of seasons makes complete sense. No true fan of the novels would have appreciated squishing the life altering events of that novel into ten short episodes.

“If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place.” — Tyrion

“The day will come when your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth and you’ll know, the debt is paid.”— Cersei

With the new preview, we have a few more specifics and it’s easy to recognize some of the events that are in store for our characters. There was a bit of discomfort and disillusionment for some fans after Season Three ended, with the aftermath of “Red Wedding.” I was in the minority with the finale, for I felt it was exactly what the show needed and has been fairly consistent in delivering for its seasonal final episodes. The events of the “Red Wedding” left every viewer with a sense of depletion and in a state of shock, abandon and perhaps, denial (even for those that knew it was coming), then business as usual the next week. However, it’s what I would consider the calm before the storm— there has to be massive fallout from those deaths and there certainly will be higher stakes, tolls and prices.  For, the game isn’t over and there are players yet to sit at the table.  And one of the most enjoyable threads of this series is its relation and mirror to reality, for sometimes, consequences are slow, but always and most assuredly, coming.

I’ve always said that I am a purist and there is never a season that I am not elated, I read the books before premiere. This drama continues to hit the marks I valued in the novels, eventhough not always my favorite moments and scenes. In most cases, it finds a steady balance and I can do nothing but be grateful for the effort this team put into bringing this wonderful series to life.

This 15 minute look into the drama is fairly spoilery for anyone who hasn’t read the books, therefore if you haven’t and hate spoilers— well you know what to do.

The North remembers April 6, 2014.

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