Rec of the Week: House of Cards

How will Unnichan be spending her Valentine’s Day? Oh, just marathoning megahit series House of Cards—- cause only minutes ago, the second season premiered in its entirety on Netflix!!!

Last year, may not have been an exciting year by way of Asian dramas but here in the West, I was pretty surprised by the amount of shows I added to my list and subsequently loved. But it’s not just the big networks or even hot cable locations that were successful with fingerlickingly addictive storylines, for Netflix joined the likes of Hulu and Amazon launching a couple of their own in-house series.

“There is no solace above or below, only us small, solitary, striving, battling one another. I pray to myself for myself.” — Francis Underwood

And it was the Kevin Spacey starrer House of Cards, that lit the site up like wildfire, with his dazzling performance as Francis “Frank” Underwood, the focal character of the American remake of the 90’s BBC drama adapted from Michael Dobbs  political novel by the same name.

House of Cards is narrated by its protagonist, Frank Underwood, the United States House Majority Whip, as he swindles, manipulates and eventually kills to exact revenge on his enemies once he’s passed over for Secretary of State.

Robin Wright (The Princess Bride) and Kate Mara (American Horror Story: Murder House) play the women in Frank’s life, his wife a successful non-profit entrepreneur and a young ambitious reporter respectively. Other cast members include Corey Stoll, Michael Kelly, Ben Daniels, Sakina Jaffrey, Kristen Connolly, Sebastian Arcelus, Boris McGiver, Constance Zimmer, Mahershala Ali, Michel Gill, Sandrine Holt and Dan Ziskie.

Though this drama doesn’t have the high body count of series like Game of Thrones or Sons of Anarchy there is definitely enough corruption and manipulation to cause for cast members’ demise and downfall. Therefore, there will be at least two new faces during this time around to enter Frank’s world— Molly Parker and Sam Page.

The first season consisted of thirteen episodes and premiered at once on February 1, 2013. Today, the second season will do the exact same— the entire season, thirteen episodes, ready for fan bingeing. And though I plan to gobble this season up in one sitting, I at least have the solace that a third season (announced February 4) will be on my plate by next year.

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