Mam Gaem Daeng 2

If I wasn’t so very taken with Matt and Krit’s performances as our main couple, I’d be gushing about this drama’s depiction of friendship. These four have spent the last couple years together bonding and have created their own tight knit group full of love and mutual respect. They are absolutely adorable together and are definitely in their own world when they get together. Therefore, once it was decided that Pat needed a decoy wife, there was no question that he’d look to one of his closest buddies to play the part and Ana was the best candidate (for more reasons than one). And though, Pat and Ana may be pretending to be married, their “marriage” involves all four as much as the two.  Ana agreed to help Pat not only for the money but to give her friends hope in love and Art is right there for a bout of encouragement and a push in the right direction for all his pals.

Their individual investment isn’t the equal but their objective and motivation is the same— freedom, happiness and success.

Big brother Nadol spies Art and May and several empty wine bottles in the kitchen. After he scolds the married couple for drinking the night away, Ana throws up on him and blames morning sickness.

Soon after, the crew gallivant around London taking pics to sell Pat and Ana’s love story but Ana tires of this quickly, so she and Art make the executive decision to change the female lead to May.

Meanwhile, Mean Girl #1(Neena) chats with her sister Praewa about her impending engagement to Pat, then gushes when she finds out that Nadol has arrived in London. But, when she lets herself into Pat’s place and finds Nadol sleeping, she scares him awake and ends up on the floor.

She tries to snuggle up to him but he keeps her at arms length and spills that he’s there for his nephew and that Pat and Ana are married. The Mean Girls are shocked and  immediately believe some lies are being told, for those two would never be in a relationship, let alone have sex. But Neena suggests Pat wants out of the engagement, Kade offers Ana as a gold digger.

Nadol wants a sightseeing tour to stretch his photography muscle but Neena uses it as an excuse for a personal London photoshoot.  Nadol catches the gang snapping pics in the park and questions their motives but moves on to the next locale once Neena arrives, who pulls Ana aside tells her she has a bone to pick later.

Back home, Nadol confronts Pat in his room, skimming over his strategically places couple photos, not buying it for a second. He pointedly asks for Pat to come clean, but he sticks to his story, so Nadol determines to keep an eye on them.

Before Ana leaves, May thanks and encourages her, knowing this ruse is all for her. Back at Pat’s, Ana sneaks her things inside as Nadol sleeps in the next room but when the two retreat upstairs Art notices his door is ajar. Ana crashes on the bed but when Pat flops down beside, she decides they need some house rules:  (1) the bed is hers, (2) the bathroom is forbidden without five minutes notice, (3) no changing in the room and no throwing his clothes around,  and lastly, (4) she can add or subtract terms however and whenever she likes.

Art sneaks into Nadol’s room and watches him sleep sprawled out on his bed mumbling how he’s his type and he’d love to pounce on him(eat him up). But when he takes it upon himself to pulls up his blankets, Nadol opens his eyes and kicks him to the floor. Hearing this, Ana and Pat get a good laugh until Nadol appears and asks for a town tour. Art scurries out of the invite but when Ana tries to do the same, Nadol scolds her again for overtly rejecting him.

Outside, Ana and Pat argue about going when the Mean Girls show up with a slap for Ana over faking her pregnancy. Neena lays into her for hurting her sister, then hauls off for another slap, which Ana returns in kind. When Pat tries to intercept, Kade drags him aside, while Ana apologizes for any hurt feelings but doesn’t feel she has to explain herself to her. The slapping match continues until Instigator Kade suggests choking and when Neena complies,  Nadol steps in to save his unborn nephew.

Nadol tends to Ana’s cheek as she grimaces over the pain. He notes a numb cheek is nothing compared to childbirth and apologizes for Pat who’s never been good at defending himself, then chuckles at her adorable squeals when he presses the cold pack a little harder. Their eyes meet as they smile at one another a little too long and Nadol pops up giving her care instructions so it won’t scar. But when she thanks him for protecting her, he clarifies it was for the baby.

The Mean Girls try to put their heads together to suss out the truth concerning Pat and Ana and corner May who confirms, their story, when Art comes in and kicks them out. Later, instigator Kade suggests they throw Ana down the stairs to cause her to miscarry.

Meanwhile,  Nadol wants a proper tour and asks Ana for details about the buildings he’s photographing, then sends Pat out for some lunch. But once alone, he’s caught off guard for a second by Ana’s beauty and admits to himself she’s pretty. He grills her about her life and she admits she does school and works, but when she’s less forthcoming about her romantic attachment to Pat, he presses and she blurts she “because I love him,” which seems to unsettle Nadol.

Pat returns and Nadol continues his interrogation but when they get all their answers wrong or opposite, he fumes for them to tell the truth, until Ana bursts into tears and Pat demands Nadol stop badgering he and his wife. Later, with Ana still “crying,” Nadol coaxes her to eat but only hands her water and fruit while he stuffs his face with chips and cake, citing, it’s for the baby, with a wink.

Art finds May crocheting a scarf for Pat deducing it’s a love gesture but she wonders if it will clue him in to her feelings, to which Art has no doubt.

Back at home, Ana bursts when she and Pat are alone in the room, fed up with Nadol but Pat affirms once they return to Thailand, they can go their separate ways. He’ll just come up with a cover story like she died or ran off with another man. The two start to bicker and tease one another, as Nadol listens outside worried their “love” is too much for the baby, when he gets a phone call from his giddy mother.

Mom is busy making plans for the upcoming engagement but shares she had a dream Pat tried to finagle his way out and she fainted. She coos to Nadol that a dream means nothing, cause she has her trusted son to make sure everything runs smoothly and charges him to watch over Pat until it’s time to return. After his talk with Mom, Nadol’s head drops, for now he has to find a way to break up the love birds.

Ramblings, Reactions and Remarks

Right now, all I really care about is Ana and Nadol, for we can already see the seeds of interest are planted in Nadol’s garden. Ana, I believe will be the harder sell because she’s playing a game(role) and only desires for Pat and May to get a chance at love and currently Nadol is just an annoying gnat buzzing around her jelly.  As for Pat and May, I’m not sold on them as a couple and May’s love sickness is rather grating. However, I’m sure my irritation is birthed from my personal loathe of one-sided love.

The character that had me questioning most this episode, had to be Mean Girl, Instigator Kade, for her investment in separating Pat and Ana seems more than friendly alliance. That girl definitely has her own agenda. And coming up with the miscarriage scheme? Absolutely despicable. She’s not “clingy” Neena’s friend, but uses her to make herself look and feel better. She’s definitely the smarter of the two and pretends to be her sidekick in order to watch and laugh as Neena makes a fool of herself. Neena’s short fuse is perfect for Kade’s suggestive ammo, as she plants and plots. Neena is no innocent but half the schemes she finds herself tangled in originate from the ever “supportive” Kade.

This show continues to be cooky, which makes it all sorts of cute as we watch Pat and Ana lie time and again, as Nadol furrows his eyebrows. I love that Nadol immediately believed these two because he knows his brother isn’t the type to spin yarns (read: simple). Which is also an indicator that Nadol and Pat are very similar—- Nadol is just a little wiser, stronger and more self-sufficient.

Ana absolutely cracks me up and uses Nadol’s chivalry to her advantage, which I absolutely love. It’s pretty two-fold because I’m fascinated with how readily he takes to having a niece/nephew and protecting its mother, also how he beseeches Pat to look after her. He’s a man that values family and propriety and I’m digging that. Ana taking that in stride works from her perspective and for now, I don’t mind it, for it makes for some delightful banter and bashfulness from both sides. Like when he scolds her for not using contraceptives— though he came across as a condescending chauvinist, initially he seemed very concerned about her. Not as his brother’s wife but as a woman, studying on her own in a foreign land.

He definitely spoke from an older brother’s perspective, concerned that she doesn’t think before she acts, therefore finding herself in a predicament she now can’t get out of. Ana is by far an excellent match for him, especially by reminding him it takes two. She doesn’t allow him to bark and dictate for very long and calls him out when he’s being overly presumptuous. But likewise, he surprises her by being wise and thoughtful, though very hot and cold.

Now we have Mom’s silly brand of emotional blackmail to add to the mix, which has me wondering, what will Nadol do to make her happy?

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