First Look: Vikings Season Two

I still haven’t finished the first season of The History Channel‘s Canadian-Irish original series Vikings but it made such a huge impression on me last Spring(show premiered in March 2013), that there’s no way, I’d pass up pimping out the first stills and previews for its second season.

My biggest draw to this period drama was personal bias,  Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, not to mention it’s topic and time period. But once I viewed the first episode, the world created was so palpable and rich with dreams, hope and promise that I fell in love, making Byrne’s casting a thrill and a bonus.

Vikings , set at the rise of the Viking age, is a series created by writer Michael Hirst’s (Elizabeth, The Tudors) mix of the factual and the fictional— loosely basing its timeline and adventures on  the exploits and conquests of the known 10th and 13th century history and written work of the Volga Vikings and the raid of Lindisfarne, along with the Norse penned oral  fictional tales Ragnars saga Loðbrókar and Ragnarssona þáttr and others

The major players of the first season, like Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick Gustaf Skarsgård and Clive Standen, will be back to lie, kill, defend and protect their new land and world but there will also be a couple new faces. This season the Vikings cast will welcome new additions  Alexander Ludwig (The Hunger Games, Lone Survivor) playing brainy warrior Bjorn,  Ragnar’s son, as well as Linus Roache (Law & Order, Before the Rains, The Wings of the Dove) portraying  ambitious King of Wessex, Ecbert.

I know nothing of Ludwig but he definitely looks the part, while Roache puts goosebumps on my skin just imagining the fiery exchanges between he and the rest of Vikings’ galvanic players. Plus, the stills depict some new developments that threaten to change Ragnar’s family, his loyalties, and above all— his goals. And adding that to the teaser will manage to keep my exhilarated meter set on high until the action begins.

Check out the official synopsis and video recaps of season one before the premiere. However if you have missed and are interested in the story of Ragnar and his crew the entire first season is available online or purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

Vikings invades again Thursday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. on History.


2 Replies to “First Look: Vikings Season Two”

  1. I totally hated Alexander Ludwig in Hunger Games. Perhaps I will like him if I decide to take a look at this season. The trailer already has me inclined to take a look. Thanks Unnichan!

    1. Anytime Dongkun!!
      I feel the itch to speak more about this drama cause it’s absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to see what’s in store this next season. This battle is going to be epic and Floki’s death (or should I say murder) may go a long way in revealing Rollo’s investment in his “side” as well as Ragnar’s understanding and acceptance of his choice.

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