First Look: Game of Thrones Season 4

RobbDany2It’s that time of year again folks and it’s crazy how quickly time passes. Honestly, it’s a testament to how much fun I had drama watching in 2013 that I didn’t miss my beloved Game of Thrones very much at all. I believe I can thank the season 3 finale for that mostly, though unlike some, I was rather pleased with it.
But now it’s time to enter the new season carrying with us the pain from the past without its stunting sting.

As always the initial trailer tells us all we need to know without revealing much of what we want revealed but it does show that some characters I believed should and would be dead, gone or buried will be around longer than they were in the novels and while in some cases this raises a brow,  for most it’s comforting they live to die another day (or preferably season). However, I don’t think I mind too much, either way, as long as my favorites (*cough* Jaime) continue to be amazing with their character growth of awesomeness.

I’ve actually been sitting on this preview for a full week in the hopes I could drop in the full list of casting news as well but there have only been a few names to trickle out, and though they all bring a broad grin to my face, I’ll hold off on that for a wee bit longer. So instead, I’ve dropped in a clip of the cast members speaking about what’s in store for their characters from their perspective in season 4.

Game of Thrones premieres April 2.


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