Grateful Post #2: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

hny201401It’s the new year and I love it already! I’ve spent this first couple weeks vacationing then recouping from vacation and it’s all been (reel) drama filled but (real) drama free. And though I wish the entire year could be just like today, I know that won’t happen, for there are plenty ways to improve on the bliss I feel at this moment.

Last year was filled with many wonderful things, and I’m hoping this year will bring even more. That got me thinking about how thankful I am last year ended so well with promising dramas and a trend of satisfying offerings.

So when I stumbled across Drama Debussie‘s Be Honest Quiz, it reminded me, I never got around to posting the remainder of my Liebster questions, therefore I’ve combined them. What better way to start off the year, than to reflect on the reasons I started and continue blogging! Plus, you get a bit more insight to how I view and understand characters and drama.

*** There are a couple question overlaps which I will indicate respectively below.


Maybee’s Questions

  1. Name your favouriteeeest K-drama heroine and why. You can list more than one but must specify reasons.
  2. Which K-drama character/s do you identify with the most and why?
  3. What K-drama trope gets you rolling your eyes and gives you hives? (Clearly a hyperbole, but indulge me, please.)
  4. What do you look for in a fellow K-drama blogger? (hahahah. Sounds like a dating site question? Indulge me.)
  5. What’s the best thing about blogging?
  6. What’s the worst thing about blogging?
  7. What would you be reborn as? And why? (Yes, “why” is my favourite question. Why? Why? Why?)

1. For my drama challenge I wrote on my favorite female lead but she was a Taiwanese character. Therefore, I will name three Korean drama characters here. But I will preface that I abhor silly women and the character had to be one that I liked from beginning to end. My picks would be Suh Jin-young (Lee Mi-yeonCrazy for You , Kim Bong-shil (Jung Ryu-wonWhat Star Are You From?, Lee Se-ryung (Moon Chae-won) The Princess’ Man, Lee Tae-ri (Park Yeo-jinI Love Lee Tae-ri

I rarely if ever like, let alone love, Korean female leads. Therefore, this question was equal parts difficult and easy. What all these women have in common is consistency. I am greatly attracted to “the constant.” Someone who knows their own mind or at least endeavors to explore and once found, are purposed to sustain that opinion or stance. All these women exhibited that trait, without compromising themselves or their growth as characters. It’s rare to find inspiring and wonderful female leads, but these a few that I can say unequivocally that I loved from beginning to end.
hny2014-012. Hmm. This was a bit of a hard question because “identify” can mean to understand or empathize, but can also convey the idea of “most like” as in I’m most like ________ . I usually have much more in common with Korean male characters, they tend to resonate more with my thinking and interpretation of life but thankfully over that last year the characterizations of women branched out. Therefore, I’ll choose a character I’m most like, over one I most understand.

Right now, to my surprise Kdramaland has given me a character that is so close to my personality, that it’s delightful, astonishing and a bit frightful in ways. It’s surprising because I never thought it would happen and also because, like I said above, I rarely find much in common with Korean female characters. However, when Thrice Married Woman premiered, watching Oh Hyun-soo onscreen was like watching myself react to situations, for practically everything she thought and said was taken directly from my head. As the show has progressed, she is still my favorite character, and though her relationship issues are nothing that I would ever get mixed up in, for now, I like the way she is choosing to examine herself and dealing with the changes that are occurring.

hny2014-10***3. Hmm. I think any and all could get that reaction, given how it’s portrayed but the ones that make me want to shoot people (hyperbole again, you hope?), “Because they met as children, they are destined to be together.” (see below for more details)hny2014-07

4. Nothing. I don’t believe I go in search of one thing or another, however there are some bloggers you read that you just don’t like. I think this for me is when a blogger scrapes against my core beliefs as a human being. That rarely happens but that would be my biggest reason.

5. The best thing about blogging is always, the people. I’ve had such a wonderful time getting to know others from all over that love dramas and get as excited as I, about stories and characters. We don’t always agree but when that basic admiration for the medium is there it’s great getting the opportunity for discourse and rebuttal. I mean, even answering these questions… having other excellent bloggers interested in what I think— that’s the best part.
hny2014-026. The worst thing about blogging is definitely expectations. Not necessarily the expectations of readers but of myself. Whatever limitations or goals I’ve set that somehow I don’t achieve or what have you. For me, blogging isn’t a science but I’m not here to just talk about what I love and what I like but more to share what I’m exposed to and believe about that experience.  also have no desire to compete or be famed, just to share and enjoy the journey.

7. I’d be reborn as myself. I don’t have any great aspirations or desires that I can’t accomplish as plain old Unnichan. Sure, there are things I’d wished I’d never done, but there are more things I’d wish to do again or take the chance to do, as myself. I love myself too much to want a trade.

Kaa’s Questions

  1.  Is there a clear difference between your career and your blog today (in the way you write and / or understand dramas, for example)?
  2. Do you write under your real name or a nickname behind? If it’s a nickname, which is it?
  3. In what character would you like drama you cosplayer / disguise if there was an agreement on the dramas of the same scale as Japan Expo?
  4.  In your opinion, what makes a drama / series is good (not) or bad (e)?
  5. How do you judge how is approached the South Korean (or Japanese, your choice) pop-culture in the French media?

1. Yes and No. My life/career involves tons of writing, always has but not in that fun blogger sense. But I’ve found a way to incorporate what I know in my private life/career into my blogging life which is lovely.

2. Unnichan is a name a friend gave me years ago. It just stuck.

hny2014-063. I’ve never done cosplay and have never found it too intriguing. It doesn’t appeal to me at all personally, but recently, I began to think of it as a masquerade kind of thing which it seems people have tons of fun doing. And I enjoy seeing the costumes, if they’re done well. As for me, I don’t think I’ll ever be into doing any of that kind of thing. However, life is long and if I remain intrigued, who knows? There’s a first time for almost everything.

4. Wow! This is a heavy question. Can I be honest? Like I wouldn’t right? I think that good and bad when it comes to almost anything is relative. Because are we talking about substance or likability? We don’t all like something because it’s good or bad but because there’s something about that drama, film, story that speaks to us, entertains us, fulfills a need. This changes as we grow and learn, as we’re exposed to more, even less. However, if we’re honest, there are some things that are “good” whether we like them or not and if this is what you ask, I would say, for any medium, good is predicated on caliber. I’d love to sound eloquent and educated but truly that’s it. Whether it’s writing, acting, direction, editing, music— the list goes on. On rare occasions we’ll see mediocre acting or scripts  brought to life by exceptional scores and direction but it’s rare. There has to be a balance. Where something lacks, the other compensates and so on, so forth. As for bad, well it’s inverted a bit I think.

5. I’m not in France, but I think this question can pertain to any country in which you live, therefore, as for as I know, there is a little more exposure Korean pop-culture now, than there was five years ago. I think that with everything, there’s so much ignorance about other peoples around the world that it’s a catch 22 to the amount of cultural realization one may want their origin country to have. However, like with everything, with more people recognizing the boon in Korea, there are those that seek to understand and appreciate and those that do the opposite. I personally, prefer those that remain indifferent. And that goes doubly for the media. As a blogger, perhaps  I should appreciate the “media’s” influence on culture but in many ways, I feel it inhibits growth rather than spurs it. Individuals must experience for themselves and only use media as the tool and medium it was created to be, not a short cut to knowledge or understanding.

—> I hope I understood this question correctly. If not Kaa, please correct me, so I can edit my answer. Thanks!

The Be Honest! Drama Quiz

1. How many dramas have you dropped?
Since I began drama watching, I’ve dropped countless dramas. I don’t find satisfaction in continuing a drama where I hate the leads, hate the story or only find myself complaining. There are too many dramas out there that I never got the chance to see to stick around with a drama that irritates me. However, drama drops aren’t always about dislike, sometimes it’s just a case of drama overload and one or two happen to fall through the cracks for a period of time.
(ex: The last drama I dropped because I hated the characters: I Need Romance 2 )

2. What drama do you tell people you like but are actually lukewarm about or hate?
I truly don’t believe there is such a drama. For I’m pretty forthcoming about what I like or dislike, if asked. However, I rarely offer up my negative opinions without a pointed question. I try to keep quiet about those dramas I’m confused people love but then again, sometimes I can’t help myself and have to share anyway (*cough*Lie to Me***cough*cough*gag* City Hunter).

hny2014-03—->Drama endings depend on the person and what they wanted from the drama most often than whether the ending worked in the narrative. Therefore these next questions pertain to what “I” believe did/didn’t work for me personally.

3. Which drama had the worst ending?
There are more endings that are anticlimactic or dissatisfying than bad, I’d say but the one that still seems to irritate me, has to be Witch Amusement, starring Han Ga-in and Jae Hee. However, one could postulate that bad dramas can only produce horrible endings.

Which drama had the best ending?
My favorite ending,  is still the best ending I’ve seen and that has to be Mawang (The Devil). To me, that ending worked best for the story that was being told along with the characters and their development. It was absolutely perfect.

4. What heroine/female lead do you find annoying?
I think for me it’s a tie between the haughty know-it-all supposedly independent female or the apparently cute and plucky heroine who just comes across as an assuming, pushy, opportunistic liar. I think this was definitely my biggest issue with dramas like My Girl and A Gentlemen’s Dignity.

5. What drama did you like in the beginning but ended up absolutely despising by the end? Isn’t that most dramas? However, the most recent drama that I watched from beginning to end where this is the case, had to be Wild Romance. That drama was fun and interesting until it made all its female characters crazy.

hny2014-08****6. What drama trope/cliché are you sick of?
The childhood romance has to be the one for me. I actually like when people have a connection when they are young but when it’s played up to be this monumental fated love story based on two seconds of a childhood crush, it’s maddening. For oft times, though as children their moments together were priceless and perhaps life-altering, once they reconnect as adults, the pairing makes no sense at all. There are times when it’s done well (Will It Snow for Christmas, The Horse Doctor) and in those instances it’s beautiful and heartfelt but in most cases, dramas ask viewers to buy that two individuals are meant to be solely because they were trapped in a freezer for 30 minutes together when they were five. No matter how much time or growth has occurred between or for either of them, solely because they happened to meet or cause well, drama said so.hny2014-09

7. What hero/male lead do you hate?
Oddly, a couple weeks ago, I may not have been able to answer this question because until recently, I hadn’t met a male lead I actually hated (on his own or solely based on characterization) but all that changed just a week ago, therefore I can proudly say, I hate a male lead that ignores truth. That is determined to purposefully misunderstand, remain stubborn and prideful, ruthless, heartless and assuming, for no reason at all. Most dramas have the prickly male lead that has hints of the qualifiers above but usually he has on issue and isn’t actually blind to reality. The man I’m referring to sees the blue sky, recognizes its blueness in every way, but trusts nothing and settles on the sky being purple instead.

8. Which actor/actress do you enjoy looking at more than watching them act?
Can’t we all agree that’s Song Seung-hun? For it’s not an actor’s looks that get me to watch a drama or film, therefore, he’s probably the only “actor” I can refer to. I actually don’t really watch his dramas but occasionally he’s actually in a drama I want to see, that wouldn’t be that bad if not for him. However, one thing I find to be true more than not, isn’t necessarily that I enjoy “looking” at a person while they act, as in eyecandy, for that’s what magazine spreads are for but moreso that I happen to like an entertainers public persona and therefore tend to give their projects a watch courtesy.


9. How do you feel about idol casting?
I’m not one to degrade idol casting but I believe in Korea it’s excessive and insulting— not only to viewers but to other talented young people that act exclusively. Idols deserve the chance to crossover, however, not at the expense of sound provocative television. There have been idols that have done an excellent job transitioning and have made a great name for themselves now as actors, however, why is it now a trend for green actor-idols to have leading roles in their first or second project? Should they be given starring roles when their experiences and craft is weak or non-existent? The answer is clear but the line much more defined when these type of opportunities would rarely be given to someone without the “idol” stamp. It’s disheartening whenever audiences gravitate to poor dramas based on their love for an idol but I do believe that most viewers want “actors,” not individuals play acting at “being” an actor.


That’s it from me! I hope this year has begun well but most of all I hope 2014 is not only promising but rewarding. There are a plethora of dramas premiering and slated to begin and much like last year, I believe most will be likable, while the gems will be few but hey, isn’t it better to have hundreds of things you like, with only one to love?





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