Rip and Chan Take on the City: episode fourteen

The Doctor makes a bold decision but makes a revelation that makes his choice between loyalty and duty more dangerous than ever before.

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With a laugh, Pusan tells the Doctor to try to protect Soo-min. Afterward, the Doctor skids her home, dismantles her phone, and demands she get a new number. But Soo-min is only concerned for him believing him to be in danger. The Doctor warns her to stay away from him and walks away as she yells from behind that she’ll wait at their cafe the next day. At home, the Doctor retrieves a case of cocaine from beneath his bed.

Stumped, Yang discusses why Scale lied about Jo Ha-neul being the Doctor’s Son but Hyung-min believes it’s a message from the Doctor to pursue leads into Pusan. Drunk Reporter shows up and he asks her to look into Jo’s business dealings, but when she tries to wriggle in a lunch date, he turns her down flat (again). Looking over his evidence wall, he remembers DC Kang’s words about him understanding nothing, when his phone rings.

It’s the Doctor, who’s glad his message was clear and denies being Kyung-mi’s murderer. But Hyung-min’s seething at the mention of her name and vows to kill him. The Doctor is fine with that and tells him to meet him now and remember— “I don’t want to die by anyone’s hand but yours.”


Hyung-min has Yang gather the Unit without Ahn’s knowledge for his meet with the Doctor’s Son. Meanwhile, the Doctor arrives at Pusan’s with his case of goods and offers it as a gift, as Hyung-min drives up and flashes his badge. But Pusan is warned and the rumble begins, while Pusan is smuggled out a side door. The Doctor slips away as well but leaves a handkerchief clue for Hyung-min at the stairwell door.

Pusan is making his getaway, when he’s intercepted by the Doctor and he smirks, jesting he’s there to kill him, but Hyung-min rounds the corner and everyone freezes. The Doctor whispers an apology and pushes him into Hyung-min’s view then kicks the case at Pusan’s feet.


Handcuffed Hyung-min questions Pusan’s connection to the Doctor’s Son, then wipes the smile from his face when he assumes he’s Pusan. At Unit Headquarters, Ahn reports to Commissioner Ji the news of Jo’s arrest for possession. Ji makes a call, just as Min hears the news from Yang, affirming the intel came from the Doctor’s Son. Then Min gets a surprise visit from his superiors who are astonished the Unit would detain such a respected member of society, Chairman Jo of Cheonghak Foundation.

Min sends a texts and gives the Doctor an earful about his latest antics— “Does he want to start a war?” But the war has already begun and though he knows he can’t win, he has to keep moving. Next day, the Doctor has a meeting of the minds and announces they will no longer just be distributing but will move into creating their own production facility. He gives everyone their assignments and disallows any contact with Pusan, cause well, they no longer need him.


Jin-sook wants him to rethink, concerned about the impending war but the Doctor knows Pusan is a man of his word and plans to prove his judgement wrong. Soo-min retrieves her listening lipstick and confirms PJ’s death. Jin-sook claims she did it to save her, but this rattles Soo-min a bit, for it proves Hyung-min right.

Safari ends up at Jin-sook’s door hankering for a meet with the Doctor. But Jin-sook knows it’s all about survival and reminds him he can live a long life with Eun-soo and if he wants the Doctor— “Use the ground of your old friendship and ask him for forgiveness.” She asks him not to make her hate him more, then goes back to business as usual as he slinks out, tail between his legs.


Pusan soaks sweat as Hyung-min tells a compelling story of one man’s scheme (the Doctor’s Son) to rise up in the Pusan organization. Then asks pointedly, when the Chairman plans on avenging his son’s murder? But Pusan reties his tie,   just in time for Ahn to cut him loose. Hyung-min explodes and slams Ahn outside demanding to know who gave the order of release. Turns out, the warrant was rejected based on Chairman Jo’s philanthropic reputation.

Commissioner Ji gives Pusan his condolences over a meal. Pusan asks to be made aware of Safari or the Doctor’s capture, saying he’ll take care of the dirty work, as to keep their hands clean but Ji reiterates that though it’s horrible what happened to PJ, it’d be best to clear up any connections Pusan had to him. And regarding the Doctor and Safari, well, they both need to do their best in finding them, then pours him a drink. Pusan smirks, then remarks that Ji and Hyung-min are very similar.

Soo-min walks in on a drunk Hyung-min who scolds her for changing her number without his knowledge and making him worry. For if anything happens to her, Kyung-mi would never forgive him. Then informs the Doctor’s Son contacted him and used him to catch Pusan.


Eun-soo proposes they chuck it all and escape to Japan, but Safari’s in an introspective mood and shares that he betrayed the badge for money. Believing that when you realize what you thought was true isn’t, you have to seek to achieve the best on your own. Then he locates the Doctor’s orphanage and gleefully retrieves a copy of a photo of Shi-hyun and Kyung-mi together.

Later, Commissioner Ji wonders if Prez. Jung is the Doctor’s Son and believes it’s time to put their counter attack in motion. Pros. Buddy has tracked down Ahn’s girlfriend, who Hyung-min recognizes as Kyung-mi’s Joo-young and assumes she’s one of the Doctor’s girls.

Hyung-min and Drunk (now sober) Reporter  collude over news about Jo Ha-neul. All of his assets have been transferred to his not so grieving wife, which Reporter finds suspicious. Hyung-min entrusts her to find out more, while she makes plans for the two to attend a late night movie.

Daddy Ji is waiting when he returns to his office wondering why Hyung-min won’t come home. But Hyung-min doesn’t consider it a home, being devoid of warmth and all but Daddy doesn’t see much difference between their house and a dead girl’s. Daddy tells him to get his butt in gear and get over her.

Hyung-min concludes he’s always known about Pusan and is protecting him but Daddy insists he doesn’t take his job lightly and assesses that Hyung-min doesn’t either. And tells him to stop the investigation so no else gets hurt— “That’s the best way to protect yourself as well.” Then gives his blessing for his new relationship with Congressman Cha’s lass.

That night, both boys stand up the women that like them but while Hyung-min calls from ten feet away, the Doctor just peers in the cafe window. Soo-min chokes down her disappointment with liquor and gives bff Joo-young a call, then cries on her shoulder about missing and loving someone, scared she’ll never see the Doctor again.

The Doctor and Soo let Meth escape who hails a cab, and contacts Safari, who knows it’s a trap. Driving, the Doctor snatches the phone and Safari suggests their only option is to work together. And to foster goodwill he tells him Pusan killed Kyung-mi, then wonders why it’s so important. The Doctor lies about their connection, while Safari chuckles looking down at evidence to the contrary. He tells the Doctor, Pusan wanted to kill him (the Doctor) and Kyung-mi to teach the police a lesson.


They meet at his mother’s (burial) lake and Safari whines about old times and how good Shi-hyun is for visiting annually. He admits, Jung Mi Hee was a good woman which gets a side eye from the Doctor who then asks, why he killed her by giving her drugs? But Safari huffs surprisedly he’s never dealt directly with addicts and confesses, it was the Doctor’s mother that distributed his goods. This sends the Doctor spinning in disbelief until he remembers being the middle-man delivering Safari’s packages to his mother, then spying her filling the individual pouches.

He calls Min out to confirm his account again and Min sticks to his side but when he gets up to leave, Min expresses he’s worried about him now that Pusan is out— “If it’s too hard, you can just come back to the police.” The Doctor grabs him up and screams wondering why he’s doing this to him. A befuddled Min, tries to calm him down and refers to him as Shi-hyun but the Doctor shuts him up —- “Don’t call me that. I’m the Doctor’s Son. It’s over.”

Ripgal: I’ve been quite vocal about my dissatisfaction about how Soo-min and Shi-hyun’s feelings for each other have been dealt with, and no surprise, I’m still not on their ship after this episode. My main problem lies with Soo-min’s character construct and how she’s been dealing with this sudden influx of emotions and feelings garnered from her crush on Shi-hyun. And the thing is, it’s not her fault at all. Perhaps I’m more for the kind of relationship where feelings are clearly mutual with a strong bond of understanding. And Soo-min and Shi-hyun both lack that, no matter how similar they are when it comes to life-experiences. They just don’t know each other, and I just cannot connect.

Unnichan: That’s understandable. Their connection works on the surface and if it had been played appropriately, really could’ve worked in this drama. I was looking forward to the tortured moments and the intense understanding but we’ve gotten none of that. Soo-min’s attachment has been abrupt at best and the Doctor? He definitely likes her and perhaps feels the same. At least, from where I see the drama going. Their intensity is different and his willingness is nil. I definitely believe there’s no way anyone should be sold on them as a couple at this point. But I think they still have potential. It just hasn’t been nearly enough time for me to accept there’s a modicum of substantial feelings beyond “like.” Drama continues to throw them together but I’m not anywhere near believing what I see from either of them.

Ripgal: And though Nam Gyu Ri is trying her best, I just can’t get past those circle lenses. Girl needs to drop them in order for me to properly judge her acting.

Unnichan: Ha. I don’t think I can go that far. It’s horrible that women change themselves cosmetically as to not be judged physically and the complete opposite occurs. I kind of hate it for women really. I get very distracted by faces, therefore that’s usually the issue for me. Whenever I see someone that has clearly rearranged or changed something I’m done for. Man or woman but the latter is most often— sadly. And here Nam Gyu-ri is too thin. Complete skin and bones.

Ripgal: On the other hand, I’m more and more drawn to Hyung-min and Reporter Girl. In fact my fondness for these 2 characters have increased in recent episodes, and are coming on par even with my love for Shi-hyun.

Unnichan: That just sounds blasphemous to me. And I’m rarely attached to couples so, naw. Some of my biggest issue with this drama has been the writing of romance. The couples that should work, don’t and feelings of attachment are never fleshed out well enough for me to understand the actions of the characters. However, I admit, I rarely understand women and that’s the same here. I get the main men, and the way they deal with most things, even if I don’t readily agree.

Ripgal: I initially thought girl was meant to be just a love interest, but I was wrong, and I’m happy writer’s giving her a purpose to serve, to assist Hyung-min all she can. Though I’m still in a muddle as to the relevance of her information (I assume more related to Busan?), it actually relieves me to see Hyung-min get help from someone who genuinely cares.

Unnichan: See I don’t think she genuinely cares. Not about his “cause” or anything, if she did she’d be less obvious and much more considerate of his feelings and loyalty to Kyung-mi. She’s doing her job and I never doubted that was her purpose or narrative excuse. I’ve never liked the way the drama has inserted romance but the females have been in the drama for more than just eye-candy or lust objects, though they serve that purpose as well. I can’t say it’s done a great job with it, but it tries and at times, that’s all we can really hope or ask for.

Ripgal: Not that his team members are useless, but you know they’re all in one way or another, not as transparent as he thinks, and I can only see things go down for him when everything is out in the clear. Who can Hyung-min trust? Not even Daddy or Min.

Unnichan: I actually think he can trust Daddy, at least over Min. Over the last few episodes, my inclination has taken more shape, that Hyung-min’s issue with his father makes him much more villainous than he is in reality. We’ve always known that Hyung-min kinda sucks at personal relationships but I’d hoped he was getting better given what has transpired over the course of this drama.

Ripgal: What did you think about his rejection of Reporter Girl’s date request? I didn’t think he’d have time for someone new, but do you think something’s up (i.e. that he does have interest in her) but he’d purposely avoided her because of his dad?

Unnichan: I don’t care about the rejection ’cause I knew the moment Dad mentioned her, that would be more incentive to stay away. I’m also not sure he wasn’t going to pass anyway. However, I do believe he does enjoy her company. She’s fun to be around even if she’s pushy and obvious. I think he considers her harmless fun but his disdain of Dad override several things in his life and he needs to confront that. Also you could think of it this way, that he’s not interested enough to continue to see her knowing now that there are rumors they’re together.

Ripgal: Hyung-min is smart alright, even I failed to get the hint, that the Doctor could have purposely left a trail for Hyung-min – to capture Busan. Writer sure loves to do post episode explanations, no wonder we’re always caught off guard as to his/her next move and course of action for her characters.

Unnichan: Well, I always think “why?” especially when it comes to the Doctor and this drama. I was just glad that Hyung-min is doing more of that too. That he’s willing to consider that the Doctor isn’t just some hooligan running a muck.

Ripgal: Absolutely loved the conversation between Shi-hyun and Hyung-min. It showed how much of trust or gut belief that Shi-hyun had in Hyung-min, that he would do the right thing? It also showed how exhausted Shi-hyun was in trying to settle things with Busan. He knew there was no way back for them. Either he dies fighting, or dies trying to fight back (with Hyung-min’s help).

Unnichan: Oh I loved it too. It was a very honest conversation that I hope Hyung-min takes more pains to revisit in subsequent episodes. Also, I believe we’ve always known that the Doctor knows much more about Hyung-min than vice versa. He’s always known who he was and what kind of man he is and it’s about time that he worked around Min to get some result.

Ripgal: I’m sure Hyung-min had a one-track mind to capture the Doctor at that point in time, and I don’t blame him for that. I think one good thing about our characters in this drama, they’re quite consistent with their endeavours and goals and never forget what their ultimate purposes are. If I were in Hyung-min’s position I would have reacted the exact same way, though I might have ended up even madder and crazier.

Unnichan: I’m not enough like Hyung-min to completely understand his outburst, but I get it. I also get that he’s irritated that the Doctor used him to get what he wanted. For as far as Hyung-min is concerned he just assisted in clearing the way for a new kingpin and that has to chafe.

Ripgal: One of the strongest pervading elements in this drama – when things you’ve accustomed to believing come crashing down on you all of a sudden, the surreal state of disbelief, can’t escape that. Can totally understand why Hyung-min couldn’t buy, or didn’t want to buy whatever Shi-hyun said.

Unnichan: I don’t think it’s about “buying” what the Doctor had to say but more so, assess the evidence. It’s not always about what we think, though I think first impressions are very important. What matters is to clear out emotional attachment and examine the truth that is given, not the truth we’d want or hope to believe. Don’t draw or jump to conclusions based solely on what you see but rational possibility. I think Hyung-min is finally getting there. Though I know it hurts to even try.

Ripgal: But bad idea Hyung-min, I wish you knew your department had more moles than expected. Anything you report, goes to Min, and that is never a good idea.

Unnichan: I agree that Hyung-min isn’t aware of the mole-dom going on. Though I do think he’s pretty careful. He trusts the Unit and I understand that, there’s no reason for him not to trust most of the guys. But I’m not sure that Min is the biggest problem. I wish he was but somehow I don’t believe that.

Ripgal: This episode certified that Shi-hyun’s really a one-man show LOL he’s really putting his all, his life into this mission. Does anyone care that he’s heading into the tiger’s den alone?! I’m somehow glad he informed a cop because it may be the only slim way out for him. Not counting on Hyung-min to save his ass, but at least Shi-hyun’s got backup? The fight scene was insanely cool, the way Jung Kyung Ho did that flick stunt with his coat? Smexxxyy! I can have more of these, I so don’t mind! But I wish Hyung-min could have arrived earlier and fought off the bad guys along with him. I love it when my men combine sexay together hehe.

Unnichan: Ha! It was cute, but it did feel too staged. I liked it but I think the editing could’ve been better. Yea. I can see them fighting together. I thought we were going to get that this episode but I guess we’ll have to wait.

Ripgal: Did Shi-hyun predict all of that? Busan’s capture? I’m sure he had a plan, but I didn’t expect it to happen so fast.

Unnichan: I didn’t expect it to happen at all really. Not Pusan. Not ever. But I loved it. And yes, it was definitely a plan. It’s that multitude of ideas he has that I love. That’s why I’m rarely surprised by him. He always tries to pick the most audacious option. It’s just the outcome that is surprising at times.

Ripgal: Min’s such a bastard, I wish he’d be a lil bit more compassionate or genuine with Shi-hyun. But all that I’d taken away from this man in recent episodes, a selfish bastard who doesn’t give a real damn concern or thought for Shi-hyun’s well-being or even over what he’s going through to complete his mission.

Unnichan: Haha. So he’s the heartless one? Lol. I think he does care for Shi-hyun but then again, he’s always been using him for his own agenda, so perhaps he’s just a pawn. What we see is a pattern, a parallel between his relationships with the people around him, mainly his undercovers. Because he does treat them like a job. I think the closest we’ve ever come to seeing him understand and care is with Shi-hyun and even there he’s failed. I don’t like the man and yes he is very unfeeling and nonchalant but I’m not certain he’s a bad as I’d like for him to be. I’ve never trusted him, but I’ve also never entirely doubted his feelings for our boys. It’s just he never makes me even want to care.

Ripgal: I’m in the dark just as much as Shi-hyun I don’t even know what Min wants from him?! Of course we’d be foolish to believe something like that would be good enough to bring Busan down. But at least Shi-hyun tried, and what did he get in return? A word of comfort or praise for his effort? No, discouragement and chastising. Yeah, Min’s good at that.

Unnichan: Lol. I was hoping that’s why the Doctor did it. For me, this was the best way to get a better view of Min’s motives. I wasn’t at all surprised by his reaction and loved the Doctor’s counter. I feel this was a good thing. It’s got nothing to do with him “trying” because the Doctor has a larger plan at work. In most cases, the Doctor isn’t about crushing a person, though I’d love that, he’s about buying time. He needs the chance to maneuver and Pusan’s absence gave him that. By the end of their convo, Min got that too.

Unnichan: Like I said, it’s this pattern with Min for me. That he chooses men that are wiser, savvier but also on that brink. He uses this to his advantage but at a point, doesn’t quite think on their level and therefore, their communication breaks down. Then add, Min is never upfront, which I also understand, but creates more problems. It’s here that I am more understanding of Safari’s words about Min creating or cultivating the monster within him. I think Min does that on purpose, he just doesn’t know what to do when the monster gets too big to feed. The only thing that has saved Min and the Doctor this long has been Shi-hyun.

Ripgal: But I’m glad Shi-hyun got over everything and picked himself up soon enough. His plan to take over drug production and distribution’s interesting because I’m not sure how it’s workable to his undercover as an undercover cop. Why couldn’t he have thought of this earlier? Because Busan held too strong of a reign before?

Unnichan: For me, this goes back to Pusan’s statement, “You got the order wrong.” I’m not saying that I would have stepped to Pusan first, without eliminating the middle but in Pusan’s shoes, I get the point. He would’ve respected him more, had he made that choice instead of being sneaky. The Doctor has just taken Pusan words and applied them. The way he was doing things before was in line with his lawful duties and in a way, playing things safe but now, he’s over that and I don’t blame him. He’s upped his game because he has to, and because he’s ready to finish it. Come what may.

Ripgal: In some ways I feel Hyung-min is just as alone as Shi-hyun in their endeavours to reach their goals. There isn’t a single sole Hyung-min can trust in the police department huh? Min hides info from him, his team-mates all the same, even his own father for goodness sakes. If there’s anyone he should and can trust, Shi-hyun’s the man. lol

Ripgal: I think drama does paint quite a realistic picture about power and influence though. Look at Busan and Hyung-min’s father, Min..etc. I think they themselves are under such immense pressure and influence that they cannot run away, from being corrupt or dirty.

Unnichan: We all live and maneuver in the grey. But in their jobs what’s important is the outcome and rising from the dust less muddy than the criminals. I agree that what we continue to see is the stronghold money, influence and reputation has over the ways the Law is applied. If you have the aforementioned, the Law is applied in a way that benefits and assumes innocence, where the opposite is true if you are devoid. It’s that pressure that I feel we see from Min and Ji and not total corruption. In their own ways, I believe they both try to combat this. It’s just not how our generation believes things should work, so it ruffles our morals a bit.

Ripgal: It’s just that it’s a bit sad to see Hyung-min being kept in the dark, thinking that he’s all stumped because other reasons and not people who are actually the closest to him. It’s always the betrayal of the closest that hurts the most, and I can so imagine the crumbling of his world the minute he finds out these people had something to do with Kyung-mi’s death.

Unnichan: Absolutely. But it depends on who those people are. Hyung-min is interesting to me because he seems very aware and yet we know he isn’t. He has faith in the justice system and the people that man it. He pretends that he knows it’s all built on corruption and hypocrisy but his actions and responses tell us something altogether different. I wish he’d protect himself more. Not necessarily become more jaded but like we said earlier realize that it’s human beings on both sides of the spectrum and there’s not a human being alive that deserves total disdain or complete (blind) trust.

Ripgal: But I did enjoy Busan and Hyung-min’s father’s exchange, the scene was thoroughly reflective of how powerful a person can be with influence and wealth. Whatever it is, it also showed that Hyung-min’s father still cared for his son, and will go to lengths to ensure his safety, whatever the means are.

Unnichan: Hmm. You interpreted that scene to be about Hyung-min’s protection? I didn’t. I thought it was going to be, but the conversation shifted very quickly and all I heard was Daddy Ji being Commissioner, not just a father. What I appreciated about the scene was the exposition. We’ve known for a while now that the problem between Hyung-min and his father has a lot to do with the fact they are so similar and Pusan gave voice to that observation (the writer telling us we’re right). This scene helped me to confirm that Daddy is more than meets the eye and the problem stems from what side of the team he and his son are on, not necessarily that they don’t have the same goals.

Ripgal: Safari, you really cannot let go of Jin-sook eh? So bittersweet his affection for Jin-sook, be it love or long-held obsession. Even Eun Soo doesn’t understand (right, girl has crush on Safari, and I kind of get it because me too! XD).

Unnichan: This was the first time that Jin-sook did somehing right. I loved it. He was so confident he had her and she played along for awhile then BAM shot to heart! He deserves it but most of all I was surprised that this growth came at all. I never thought we’d get it from her. I don’t believe it will last, but I’m so exhausted, I’ll take it.

Ripgal: I wonder if Safari’s hatred or grudge towards Shi-hyun has something to do with Jin-sook, in that he knows/has always known he can never be close to her as much as Shi-hyun and that Shi-hyun will always be the one for her instead of him.

Unnichan: I’ve always believed that. He’s jealous and that jealousy has turned into bitter spitefulness. I still maintain there could be more to their story but I lost respect for him long ago in this area because he’s always looked at Shi-Hyun as a rival. Even as a child and that just ain’t cool.

Ripgal: When he left her room, with that longing disappointment, I couldn’t help but feel a lump in my stomach. The yearning that will never be reciprocated. Yes, this man is selfish and greedy, and will go far to protect himself, but his pining for Jin-sook shows how much of human there is in him. The boat has sailed Safari, maybe you should reconsider your options.

Unnichan: I think we all got that pang because Choi Ahjussi sells Safari Moon. But did I care? Mostly no, but the scene felt so final, that you couldn’t help but feel it in the air. Like I said, he deserves it and his arrogance was getting the best of him. Love for human beings is always conditional no matter how much we try to pretend it isn’t and this is a great example. Jin-sook extended chance after chance because she’s a fool for not seeing Safari for the person he is, rather than who she hoped he was (or used to be). She wanted to continue loving that bumbling Samchun from the old neighborhood, and she thought the only way to do that was remain blind to the lying scheming snake he’s become. And though I’m not completely sure he was ever really that guy, for me it’s an interesting thing because I think she like most believe the two are mutually exclusive and they aren’t. She can love the man from her memory and sever ties with the man in her den. Those good times don’t evaporate.

Ripgal: Ain’t it interesting how Shi-hyun and Hyung-min’s father has a grip on Prosecutor Ahn? So amusing to watch lol

Unnichan: My only question is always how did Ahn get his license? I guess it works that he’s so willing to please and so easily duped because people like him make. When you have someone like Hyung-min who though a little self-righteous, truly wants justice and willing to do anything to get, I suppose you need someone like Ahn who will just do whatever someone bigger and better tells him to, regardless of the Law.

Ripgal: Soo-min has fallen deep, very deep. I still don’t buy her longing and desperate yearning for Shi-hyun (it just doesn’t feel very convincing to me) but I kind of understand why writer would want to develop their relationship that way. If there’s anything that writer’s good at, it’s making relationships more complicated for his/her characters.

Unnichan: I’m just glad I’m not the only one at a loss. It’s been like this from the beginning but it’s getting worse with every episode. I just hope it turns around at some point. I want to believe the Doctor has loved and been loved before he dies. I don’t find their relationship complicated yet. It’s just there, doing nothing. I like the way it started but where it’s gone has done nothing for me. And I’m not sure I should be blaming writer for this. I’m going to go with director on this one. For I see Nam Gyu-ri and Jung Kyung-ho trying to make this happen and the course should work, it’s the director that must feel like me, that a romance isn’t worth it in this story cause those scenes that should tug at my hurt and create yearning flat at my feet each and every episode.

Ripgal: Meth Kim, such a lucky bastard. The fact that he’s able to cheat death so many times, is just beyond me. Why can’t he just go away?! I went all 80$U_)#)@(+#_@( when Shi-hyun begged for Soo to let him go, but fortunately it turned out to be a ploy…phew.

Unnichan: I realized over the last couple episodes why Meth should stick around and it was this episode that I felt bad he was left flapping in the wind. He’s made some intuitive statements recently that I greatly appreciated. Safari has been a bit off his game so it’s sad but good that he has some people around him that aren’t thick all the time.

Ripgal: My favourite drama scenes, always those involving Safari and Shi-hyun, and their tele-conversations! I wonder why Shi-hyun had to go through Meth Kim to meet Safari though. Doesn’t he have Safari’s number? Or don’t they keep numbers in their phones? So the only number Shi-hyun has, Soo-min’s? (aahh downer!)

Unnichan: Haha! This wasn’t about talking to Safari. He didn’t need Meth for that, he needed him to find Safari, that’s why he tells Meth to go back where he came from. As for his number, if he wanted to call him, he would. He only spoke to him because Safari sniffed him out.

Ripgal: But that scene was fantastic, Kyung-mi’s relationship with Shi-hyun outed by Safari indirectly without Shi-hyun’s knowing. I wonder what’d probed Safari to investigate Shi-hyun further though. Do you think he’s suspecting Shi-hyun’s identity (undercover)?

Unnichan: In my mind, that’s always a possibility but mostly he needs something to use to play mind games and he got it. It’s horrible that the Doctor fell for his crap. Why do people just listen to this man, like he doesn’t lie? Ok, maybe he doesn’t lie but he never tells the truth either! It’s incredible that it’s just “Oh ok Samchun, whatever you say. I absolutely believe you. I asked twice so it must be fact.”

Ripgal: And what about Safari’s revelation that Busan had actually ordered to have Kyung-mi killed? I’m pretty on the fence about that one because writer isn’t one to give direct and clear answers, and hola the mastermind was revealed just like that? Nope, I’m not buying that yet… I still believe there’s a bigger and darker force behind. Or at least someone else other than Busan also had a say in it.

Unnichan: I don’t believe him. First because his words and our facts don’t match. The sniper never tried to kill the Doctor. Safari insinuated that was Pusan’s goal. From the Doctor’s perspective he’d believe that aspect of the story because he didn’t see what we saw. He probably thinks he’s got away, not that he was scared away.

Ripgal: I think it would be magnificent if drama takes a turn for the bold, turn Shi-hyun into a monster just like Safari. It’s about time Shi-hyun found out about Min’s lies and his pretenses all this while. The man may have meant good, for the mission and all, but all those years of woven and seamless lies, you can’t expect Shi-hyun to accept or understand. It was utterly agonizing, to see the man break down and erupt like a volcano. Perhaps this was needed and necessary. The man has already reached his boiling point and breaking point, he has to let it out.

Unnichan: Now that we’re here, I don’t want that for him. I don’t mind Min thinking he’s gone though. The Doctor needs to find his own way. Find out the entire truth, whatever that may be, for himself, for his sanity. So he can know one way or another if he’s been used, if it was all in vain or some wild hoax (in terms of his mother). I’ve always wanted the Doctor to live for himself, to make choices based on what he wants, not some need for intangible fruitless revenge. And if then he decides that the Doctor’s Son is who he wants to live and dies as, then he better be the best damn gangster there is!

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