The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 17

We all knew it would happen but I think we wish it hadn’t happened quite the way it did. Eun-sang’s departure was inevitable but her “disappearance” didn’t actually have to occur. It’s a concept that I don’t appreciate from this writer, however, perhaps our best consolation is that through her exit our main leads will not only seek to find her, but also find a way to learn more about themselves and what they are capable of, not only individually but together.

Tan’s heartbreak this episode proves several things that were apparent from the start— for because his love was great, because he gave so much, he now feels as if he’s lost everything. But with that, I can’t help but be reminded that brokenness is a byproduct of loving therefore, sustaining love demands that brokenness be overcome and conquered.

Unnichan: Did we have to start right here? I just can’t with Min Ho. And this is my “layed up” song too!

Ekun: Girl, I cannot watch this scene again!

Unnichan: At least he isn’t in the street trying to die. I suppose he’s just going to get himself killed.

Ekun: Girl, he seems like he would try to let a car hit him doesn’t he? That smile was too big Tan ah.

Unnichan:That is true WonTan, why mess with some else’s kid? Deal with your own.

Ekun: Daddy is the Devil! If he finds her he will hurt her even more? This man is crazy.

Unnichan: I really don’t see what WonTan plans to accomplish with this silly. Poor Chan-young!

Ekun: Chan-youngie and Daddy Yoon! I love that he is so concerned about his friend. Don’t let Bo-na find out.

Unnichan: You can text but you can’t call you’re friends? Pfft. Bo-na your logic is hilarious all day everyday.

Ekun: Bo-na is crazy that’s why. Chan-young is an amazing ride or die.

Unnichan: These boys making demands… Young-do clearing the room. It’s a mess.

Ekun: Why they both rolling in here slamming doors! Myung-soo ah! They shouldn’t fight.

Unnichan: First of all I don’t know why Young-do thinks Dukes would do anything different. If he loved her, Dukes would probably send her on a fish boat to Zimbabwe.

Ekun: Look at Young-do, he really should take an investigators’ test.

Unnichan:Hyo-shin ah! KEKEKEKE. Young-do I’m serious! Please be a Prosecutor Dude!

Ekun: Momma Rae got a fresh dye job, I love it!

Unnichan: These women! What the heck?! Momma Rae changed her hair color?

Ekun: Momma Hyo what are you up to? You are creepy.

Unnichan: Couple nameplates. Oh Yoon and Hyung.

Ekun: Everyone got new hair do’s! I love them together.

Unnichan: Tan, you need Young-do. He’d get to the bottom of things quick! Mmk, you have Hyo-shin, that works.

Ekun: Tan and the CCTV… Young-do would have figured this out sooner Tan ah.

Unnichan: Thank you Eun-sang.

Ekun: Awww, that was precious. She knew he would try to find her or be stalking her at some point.

Unnichan: I love this Young-do! What on earth manuscript are you writing?

Ekun: Young-do! What! Why is it in English!? That is why Daddy said grades don’t reflect IQ… You can be anything you want to be Young-do ah. *Wink blows a kiss*

Unnichan: *snatch* Don’t make me do that again Dongkun! I promise Myung-soo knows everything. Whenever these kids grow up they’re going to be like those fools over in The Incarnation of Money.

Ekun: If you do not stop trying to steal my kisses to Young-do *Gumiho Eyes*!!! Tan, you always collecting videos… is it really to find her?

Unnichan: Tan, look I love that you are looking for Eun-sang, I do, but I remember vividly what WonTan said. I hope you have a plan instead of following your bleeding heart. ‘Cause that gets people in trouble all day erryday.

Ekun: I know right?! Daddy doesn’t make empty threats…

Unnichan: Young-do is hopeless. Hahahahha! These two need their own show, I promise.

Ekun: He really is, and they do! I thought we resolved this and you were just going to be her friend.

Unnichan: Love is Tan’s pain.

Ekun: No! Don’t you dare! Stop it! *Covers ears*

Unnichan: Kekekeke. I won’t sing. Promise. I’ll just chuckle.

Ekun: He got her bank account information? What the happy heck?

Unnichan: Look these fools are dangerous. I hope to never meet men like them. I need to breath and they are suffocating.

Ekun: If there is a Young-do out there, my # is 434……

Unnichan: DA BEACH!!! My most favorite place on the planet. Then my bed, of course.

Ekun: Yay! She is having a good time with Mom on the beach! Uh! Why are people so dern nosy?

Unnichan: You know that’s in my top 5 pet peeves. I can’t stand nosiness!

Ekun: Oh momma, I know life is hard enough and then you live in a place where being different is a weakness. *Sigh*

Unnichan: I can’t begin to imagine.

Ekun: Eun-sang, don’t cry girl. Things will work out. There are too many stalkers looking for you.

Unnichan: How many photos do you have Tan?!

Ekun: Tan, you are kind of relentless, ne? I kind of wish Young-do found her first… Because he’s so good at it and all.

Unnichan: Is this girl going to school? Is it the weekend? Why does she have all this time on her hands?

Ekun: She is not enrolled in a school, that is why that Ahjumma was in her business, remember?

Unnichan: Show is this a music video of memories episode?

Ekun: Yes girl. Doom Dada! He found her!

Unnichan: Is he going to go over to her? I don’t know if he should. I’m scared. This is like the kitchen scene.

Ekun: He probably won’t because he remembers daddy’s threat.

Unnichan: Girl, if he starts pulling a MISA Moo-hyuk, I don’t know what I’ll do! At least he knows she’s alive— she’s fine. Just keep tabs and live life Tanah… at least for now.

Ekun: She is wearing their coupling shoes… Take solace in that Tan ah.

Unnichan: Ugh! He’s back in his bed of sadness girl!

Ekun: Young-do’s eyes are too bright!

Unnichan: See! Young-do is using the police! He knows his future calling too.

Ekun: Well at least he met her face to face first. I guess he has nothing to lose by doing so. Love the hug, Young-do.

Unnichan: It is awesome she showed up. Aw Young-do. I don’t love hugs but meaningful ones always hit the spot.

Ekun: Oh, they taking a stroll on the beach?

Unnichan: At least she listens to you Young-do. I’m surprised you didn’t call her on that.

Ekun: I know, it was shocking. I want to runaway with you Young-do!!!

Unnichan: Oooh he’s offering to run away with her? Aigoo. I’d never do that but so tell him, I wanted to.

Ekun: NO!!! Not Daddy Dukes! This girl really might disappear.

Unnichan: OH NO! Dukes knows!

Ekun: What?! Daddy Dukes scares me to death. More than WonTan!

Unnichan: Dukes trying to teach more life lessons?! This enrages me cause it feels like a pat on the back!

Ekun: Uh oh… things are about to go down at Zeus Hotel?

Unnichan: Dukes you can’t scream at the dinner table. Take that mess somewhere else. Uh oh, the investigation is getting deep though.

Ekun: Naw, Daddy need Momma Rae’s money because of this tax evasion….

Unnichan: WHAT! Rae just broke things off?! Color me excited but shook.

Ekun: Is she going over to Yoon’s arms?! Did she learn a lesson from Tan ah?

Unnichan: What is this Dukes, he patting him three times today? Are we in the Twilight Zone?

Ekun: Rachel kiss my foot!

Unnichan: You should have treated him better. What the heck is wrong with you people?

Ekun: Tan ah? Why you back at the apartment?!

Unnichan: The dreamcatcher! Don’t lose hope Tan. Oh no, he took it down! Maybe he’ll pretend. Errr you coming back to Meguk? NOOOOO!

Ekun: You giving up everything for her and now Hyung needs to fix it? I hope Hyung fixes it and still keeps Tan around.

Unnichan: Hyung and I are tentative after his last stunt. I love him but it ain’t unconditional.

Ekun: I know, but I want to believe in him one more time Unnichan. Is that crazy?

Unnichan: Not crazy but not healthy either. Ooh this all white. Does she think it’s a dream? Naw she’s got to know this is real.

Ekun: Tan across the street looking creepy in that all white! And it is not even winter white and it is raining!

Unnichan: You’ve always said “A wet Lee Min-ho, is the best Lee Min-ho.”

Ekun: Tan, I need you to stop making promises that you can’t keep. You guys can never go back, ever boo.

Unnichan: Shouldn’t he have told her he loved her? I mean if this is the end and all.

Ekun: You gave her a different kind of trouble Tan. It is not what you think… Damn this song! I am weary Unni!

Unnichan: What the heck! Tan did you walk the entire way?

Ekun: Girl, he look like a 50 cent crack ho!

Unnichan: 50? That’s generous.

Ekun: … With a nice white coat.

Unnichan: Ok, maybe the coat elevates things a couple cents.

Ekun: Oh my, he mad now… Momma? My daddy told me to leave pissed men alone, you should too.

Unnichan: Why Daddy creeping up the stairs? Boo.

Ekun: Daddy sucks! He trying to act like he cares.

Unnichan: Tan ah… you bleeding? You know I hate when people trash their rooms, but in this case, you don’t plan to stay so it’s different.

Ekun: He can’t express his anger in another way so I am not mad at him either.

Unnichan: He’s a zombie girl. Is it possible to be at negative place in class rank?

Ekun: Girl my eyes went straight to Young-do and this bright sweater *Wink blows kiss*

Unnichan: She deosn’t care about that kiss Hyo-shin. Mian. How you know her business Shinah? I don’t like this.

Ekun: Hyo-shin? I am giggling but sorry at the same time.

Unnichan: Aigoo. Hyo-shin.

Ekun: Oh no, Hyo-shin this could never have worked you know that right?

Unnichan: You know he doesn’t. Wait… Now the dream store is closing? WHAT THE HECK SHOW!

Ekun: LOL! Talk about symbolism.

Unnichan: I like this girl Hyung. She’s straightforward.

Ekun: Tan snatching!

Unnichan: Did you pull a B&E (breaking and entering)? I can’t. Oh he driving illegally, too?

Ekun: That is my song playing in the café at your blind date Won.

Unnichan: Hyung this is what you get dude. You had it too good.

Ekun: Tan? I am not even mad at you.

Unnichan: WonTan wants me to cuss in here today.

Ekun: Daddy WonTan needs to die!

Unnichan: Rachel, you ill? GOOD! How’d I know he’d be there?

Ekun: Hyo-shin you sick too? I don’t like how they are trying to couple them up.

Unnichan: Ha-neul you aren’t allowed to smile. You remember that, ne?

Ekun: Unless you are shirtless *Wink*

Unnichan: Rachel you don’t even know your own self… It’s sad.

Ekun: Her hair looks better this episode.

Unnichan: Girls are music. Death metal? I love it!

Ekun: They are too much! I love it!

Unnichan: Uh oh nobody’s listening to WonTan and is looking at Tan’s bruises? Pfft.

Ekun: Because no one gives a rat’s A** what WonTan got to say. Tan is gossip for the front pages.

Unnichan: Young-do gonna save him? I need a Young-do. I mean— I don’t but I do.

Ekun: Why is this BOF? Young-do is a good friend that’s why. They got to throw blows to get it all out.

Unnichan: Lol. Cause boys are the same no matter what drama. They need to blow it out and laugh and drink. Then cry cause life sucks.

Ekun: Young-do giving stalking tips? What the heck Tan? She is not a Ipod to be given away!

Unnichan: Girl I know, that was my reaction at first but I had to pull myself back and think about what he meant, not what he said. Oh this is Min-ho’s song. It’s all weepy and sad.

Ekun: It sounds like Min Ho. The tonality of his voice is just not right. I don’t know but I wasn’t feeling it. Perhaps he meant something different but still I say “No.” I just can’t Tan ah. Noona can’t right now. Girl, for this to be the break up episode I was able to get through it fairly well. We had some boo momo’s, some sweet momo’s, and always hilarious momo’s with Myung-soo and the gang. Overall, I am pleased with the progression except for Rachel and Hyo-shin. *Spit on the idea of them together*

Unnichan: I have to agree that this episode wasn’t as heart-wrenching and angsty as it could have been. As for Hyo-shin and Rachel, in a perfect world, they work and in this imperfect drama they do as well— in every which way (personality, prospects, social standing). Where the problem lies is actually wanting anything as sublime as young hottie Han-eul’s oppressed Hyo-shin to end with this horrible wench of a witch. Rachel is so dislikeable that it’s hard to see her as the broken, isolated and insecure teenager she actually is. She’s a snob, an elitist and downright spiteful, for no real reason at all. Hyo-shin is none of those things and imagining him having to deal with her exhausts me.  However, I see the upside of their relationship as him being someone who calls her on her crap, makes her heart beat fast and creates in her a willingness to soften, fall in love and eventually change for the better. And we already know that when she’s determined she’s all in and that’s his benefit in the long run, for he needs someone who won’t give up on him.

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