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dhoom3logo02What sets Hindi films or Bollywood apart from any other film industry is practically every one of their films are lavish, color soaked musicals. Therefore, music is a huge aspect of each venture and though I’ve come to separate the ingenuity of song and dance from the story, there’s no doubt Bolly is better if the music is good.

With the D:3 days from theaters, I had to check out the music for this film for this franchise broke music  sales and popularity records for Bolly actions and created it’s own theme with it’s title track, “Dhoom Machle.”  The track was introduced in the first installment but Dhoom 2: Back in Action elevated those basics and surpassed expectations with it’s release over six years ago. Therefore this film has pretty big, expensive shoes to fill but hopefully that trend continues here.

Dhoom:3 has released eight tracks for this film with a revamp of “Dhoom Machale”“Dhoom Machale Dhoom” and several instrumentals from some of Bolly most famous voices. I love that the producers decided to continue use with its vocalists from previous films, because it drives home that follow through of trilogy.

Below I’ve compiled the entire album links to all three films. And for those desiring a purchase or full track listings of both films, check out iTunes (123)— Enjoy!

Dhoom:3 Original Soundtrack 

“Malang” Siddharth Mahadevan , Shilpa Rao

“Kamli” Sunudhi Chauhan

“Tu Hi Junoon” Mohit Chauhan

“Dhoom Machale Dhoom” Aditi Singh Sharma

Bande Hain Hum Uske” Shivam Mahadevan, Anish Sharma

“Dhoom:3 Tap” (Instrumental) Pritam

“Dhoom:3 Overture” Naya

“Dhoom Machale Dhoom” (Arabic) Naya

Listen to full playlist.

The title track definitely gets some new shine which I actually like. It’s loud and bombastic and foot stomping, the only issue I would point to is how it actually fits into the feel and tone of this film. For this franchise has a way of creating antagonists with fairly compelling backstory and this character comes across as lonely and melancholic but shrouded in vengeance that he expresses through his magical talents (and criminal activities). Therefore, I definitely expected sounds like “Bande Hain Hum Uske” and “Tu Hi Junoon” for one is isolated and eery, while the other mysterious and tantalizing.

Surprisingly, I rather appreciate all the tracks on this album, but my favorites have to be “Malang” and “Kamli. Tough, they both got me dancing immediately, “Malang” as the opening track sleighs everything thereafter for it’s hands down the best track on the entire album, with the “Dhoom Machale” skat and vocal clarity of Rao. And the fact it’s reminiscent of stellar albums like Tamal, Hum Dil Chuke Sanam, and Bunty aur Babli doesn’t hurt at all. Sunudhi Chauhan laid “Crazy Kiya Re” from Dhoom 2: Back in Action and voices “Kamli” here. Her voice is raspy and rich with a twinge of darkness making tracks from less popular films like Koi Aap Sa, I See You or Aaja Nachle ones everyone should have in their playlist.

And just cause I love them—- here are some tracks from the first two films, how do think they compare?

“Dhoom Again” was inspired instrumentally but lyrically it was pretty ballsy given it’s entirely in English.

“Crazy Kiya Re” will always be my favorite Dhoom track because everything worked for me in this song, from the vocals and instruments to tone and visuals. I mostly loved that this was the first time Aishwarya Rai sold me a modern sequence for her strong suit is by far classical or bhangra dance moves. Plus, it has one of those beats that takes a long while to stop ringing in your head— but you love every second of it.

Don’t forget to celebrate Dhoom Day this Friday December 20th!

*click hyperlinks in text for Eng subbed videos

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