Grateful Post #1: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

thankful-quote01Every year I try to compile a Top 5 list of the things I’m most grateful for and those things I’m most relieved about in dramaland and well, this year, it was much easier than expected, which is just something else to be grateful for!

Hope you enjoy and for those of you celebrating this day all along with me …. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

. Dramafever releases dramas I actually want and haven’t already seen.

I’ve been a member of Dramafever since its inception but unfortunately, until the middle of last year, my membership was pretty much… just a courtesy. For the majority of the shows they had were either dramas I’d already seen or could get access to quicker and in better quality through torrents.
But thankfully, this year, all that has changed for as I was scrolling through my downloads (yes, I still download), and there were no Kdramas to be found. This small thing not only saves me time, it saves my computer’s energy and requires less patience.
And though I doubt there will ever corm a day when I cease all torrents use (I’m controlling that way) I can’t help but be grateful, I can sit in front of my television without booting up.

4.  Smiles and suspenders.jisspdrsshksmile

Who knew suspenders could be this sexy! Or a smile this infectious! Is there anything more to say? Thought so…

3. Two heroines I adore in one show!am94-2

I haven’t said anything about Answer Me 1994 mostly because there is so much being said, teams being formed, ships being formed and demolished and put together again. But for me, the best thing about thisdrama is the characters— specifically Sung Na-jung and Jo Yoon-jin. I couldn’t love these women any more if I tried but moreover, the novelty is to find two amazing, strong, lovable, sincere females in one spot at the same time. And shoot, who knows, when it’s all said and done, there might be three!am94-1

2. Heirs is almost over.

Look kids, I’m enjoying Heirs. I don’t love it, I’m not ever sure I like it but I’m committed to it and that’s the important thing. But boy was I elated when I realized there’s only TWO MORE WEEKS LEFT! I admit it’s gotten better as it’s tortoised along but it’s a drama I won’t be sad to bid “Sayonara.”heirsposter

1. It’s been a delightful drama year.

Being an avid drama watcher gets hard sometimes because though I’m pretty easy to please, there have been years where the lulls in drama delight have been fairly high. Sometimes you can have two dramas out of the hundred you’ve viewed that kept you attention for its entire run, where others there’s over half. I won’t say this year has shot up to the mid-fifties but what I’ve come to learn about dramas is my enjoyment isn’t always predicated on good writing or acting, the stars or the premise. Sometimes it’s all about my mood, my attitude when going in and also knowing when to let a drama go that stings or rubs me wrong. This isn’t the first year I’ve had this attitude or taken this approach but for me, it’s the first year that not only did I enjoy more dramas, I watched more dramas and felt less drama fatigue.


And something that goes without making any bullet points is how extremely grateful I am for all my blogger friends, drama pals and readers this year! I got an award (Thanks misscupcakees!) and got to know so many more wonderful and dedicated people all around the Kdrama community. It’s been an amazing year and I could never get around to expresses how much I appreciate each and every one of you!

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