The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 9

Kicks, confessions and kisses litter this episode and well, who doesn’t enjoy any of those individually or collectively — given the right circumstances? This drama definitely seems to be on an up turn and though it’s not quite there yet, I can’t say I don’t appreciate how honest our characters have been with one another.  And it doesn’t matter how long it’s taken them to get there, for it’s just refreshing we have a group of high schoolers that think and speak and move. At times it’s rash and inappropriate but thankfully, they seem to be learning some valuable lessons and aren’t as jaded and closed off as they should be nor as much as they’d like most to believe.

Unnichan: So I have to admit, I’m a little more hopeful this week. I think we are in for some interesting episodes. This week will mark the middle of the series and I think that we will have at least 3 or 4 decent episodes ahead.

Ekun: So about this kiss…. It seems a bit long, ne? Young Do *excited to see him scream*!

Unnichan: That’s what people want girl! Long crazy almost tongue Lee Min-ho kisses. And let’s just face it, ANYTHING is better than the monstrosity in Flower Boy. Shin-hye has some making up to do. And by that, I mean MAKING OUT. Come to think of it, how dare she get two of the best Kdrama kissers around and squander half of ‘em away?! What a waste! Now I’m mad.

Ekun: Look, she did upset me with Jang Geun Suk in You’re Beautiful! He is like the kissing guru and why do I not remember that kiss?

Unnichan:  Wait, that makes three!

Ekun and Unnichan: PARK! SHIN! HYE!!

Ekun: Tan got me scared up in here Unni!

Unnichan: Ahahaha! Love is doing a lot of things already this episode. It’s taking moments, making demands, threatening lives, scaring folks… Poor Young-do waiting on the line… but she dropped the phone, boo. Ooops.

Ekun: I would drop a phone too! Girl she just jerked her arm away from Young-do, that ain’t a good look…

Unnichan: That mess is never ok girl, not for Young-do. But I like that her jerking away wasn’t just instinctive, it was intentional. Eun-sang is still my kind of girl.

Ekun: Myung-soo ah!

Unnichan:  I love me some Myung-soo. I think he’s great. Telling it like it is and stuff. Calling Young-do on his bull. Kisses.

Ekun: Awww, Bo-na. I like you more and more girl!

Unnichan:Yea Bo-na is crazy but cool. I told you it was just cause she loves Chan-young too much.

Ekun: Tan ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, these two are going at it like crazy fools!

Unnichan: I love this riff. The kick of death is amazing! But I told you these two needed to go at it. They need this rough and tumble— Fo’ real. I like the way it was shot too. It felt real. Like school. Ugh. Rachel I really am not in the mood. If you had any sense you’d go buy a snack and wait in the library for this mess to end.

Ekun: I love how Eun-sang asked Rachel to let go and talk…. I would have just kicked ass and ask questions later (if I was Eun-sang that is).

Unnichan: High School me probably would’ve reacted like Eun-sang, fighting was the last resort. Always hated the concept of “cat fights” but seriously, I’m truly beginning to think that Kdrama writers didn’t go to Kindergarten. “Use your words” or “inside voices” are completely foreign concepts.

Ekun: High School me would have grabbed her hair, slammed her on the ground, and cursed her out without asking questions. I was a bit of a mess, a B**** in my own right. Obsolete looks better with short hair, seriously.

Unnichan: Aw lil Myung-soo trying to hold Tan back…Um yea girl. She should have it pulled back like this all the time.

Ekun: Young-do! Lawyers? Really LOL!

Unnichan: Uh oh. CCTV! Young-do just won’t leave things where they need to be. In the street.

Ekun: Obsolete, are you even an educator?

Unnichan: No girl. No. She’s a business woman. Honestly Young-do why don’t you just tell Tan you’ve missed him and call it a day?

Ekun: Young-do why are we always picking at scars! I can’t do this with you, but I love you!

Unnichan: Look I’m just glad he has another scar. I like him better with scars. Keekkeke.

heirs09-11Ekun: Myung-soo is soo cute and worried.

Unnichan: I know right. But what is this he’s wearing? Shoot, the girls trying get buck too?

Ekun: I was thinking that too but I let it go, it looks a hot mess. Lord if the girls start throwing bows…

Unnichan: That’s right, Chan-young. Keep your head down.

Ekun: Chan-young is the best… He always has pearls of wisdom to drop.

Unnichan: I’m glad that Chan-young tells it like it is and sees things beyond himself and his situation but sheesh this High School is the pits!

Ekun: Tan ah! Look at your face….

Unnichan: Tan, I ain’t a nurse. And you’re right, a middle school education won’t help much in life.

Ekun: Well, Tan. You did start the fight by kicking someone in the chest. Let the record show this is the 2nd time he has used his body instead of his words.

Unnichan: Duly noted but I kind of loved that look of surprise on Young-do’s face. Dude, CCTV is the enemy. Why should she listen to you though, Tan? Think about it.

Ekun: They really are. Tan what you talking about?

Unnichan: Hyung! That look is priceless. And this hand movement. Hyung can be so comical sometimes. His rudeness makes me laugh.

Ekun: Hyung is Back!!!!

Unnichan: I mean it’s a total mess but Hyung is right. It’s just booboo to the point of oblivion booboo-ness. Who does Tan have to lean on? That’s why he’s grabbed ahold of Eun-sang so hard. It’s so pitiful.

Ekun: I hate that Hyung is right, it is something that Tan wants to prevent but unless he rolls or dies it will always be lingering in the balance.

Unnichan: Oh no! She already ran into him Tan-ah.

Ekun: Too Late Tan, she is there already.

Unnichan: Why does Hyung seem so scary? He’s big and brusque, his voice rumbles. Just think about being a teenager bumping into Won in a dark cellar.

Ekun: Hyung is even nice to this girl! WTH!

Unnichan: Hyung’s chuckling inside. I can tell.

Ekun: He taking that wine over to his boo house? I like to drink too Won…

Unnichan: Errr. Hyung doesn’t need to know about your lush ways.

Ekun: I am in no way a lush, I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have consumed alcohol this year.

heirs09-18Unnichan: Quantity vs. frequency… Mmk, I hear you. Ooh, I like this mint Hyun-joo. But should she feel jealous right here? I don’t know how I feel about that.

Ekun:  Most girls are like that… They are silly over dudes they like. Even when they can’t admit it. Rachel! Imma pop her in the eye.

Unnichan: I try to ignore Rachel at all costs but it seems Hyung is logging a few things away. That’s right Tan, get heirs09-20rid of Momma and her nagging. ‘Cause I’m not sure if she really cares about you or your commodity status.

Ekun: Momma makes me sick to my stomach. I am never in the mood to deal with her–ever!

Unnichan: I want Young-do to have a song too. Is this it? Oh, I guess not. It’s lasted too long.

Ekun: Young-do! Why are you always at this corner store? Why ain’t you ever at your residence eating? I know you have food at the house– I got snacks! *Eyes lit up*

heirs09-23Unnichan: Accha, she didn’t show up at all? All three of you concerned? I’m not sure if I should say “Aw” or “Boo.”

Ekun: Lord Gatsby!  I am over that book forever thanks to Suspicious Housemaid!

Unnichan: Heh. Look, The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite novels but that fool over in Housekeeper has sullied its premise. But Song Jong-ho is excellent as a maniac. Daaaang Tan!!! Do you though.

Ekun: LOL! Tan got SHHHH to do… He said— ‘Forget that essay.’

Unnichan: Poor Mom. I guess she doesn’t usually have these issues.

Ekun: Yea, it seems to be a bit of a mess. I hate that things are that way for them.

Unnichan: See Tan, I need you not to be yelling at people all the time. But Chan-young knows her well, ne?

Ekun: Tan, to cultivate a bromance you need to turn down the decibels when talking to Chan-young.

Unnichan: This coat looks like an ahjumma fish market jacket.

Ekun: Tan’s jacket? It looks like a typical parka to me, Heh.

Unnichan: Wrist grabs are tiring. Thank goodness he held her hand. ‘Cause, I wasn’t in the mood.

Ekun: Wrist grabs are arm rape to me. Unni, I am really thinking he is the dream catcher.

Unnichan: I told you he was, girl. That’s why Eun-sang needs him. And, I like Eun-sang more and more. What she’s saying makes sense to me. Not that I don’t think she needs to change, just that she’s not wrong. Or silly. Not about this anyway.

Ekun: Girl, did she just break Tan’s heart? But I agree with what she said to him. It is for everyone’s protection. This is one of those things that just have to play out to really know what’s what. As in ummm… real life.

Unnichan: Young-do you doing investigative work? Super sleuthing? I’m scared.

Ekun: Young-do is scary as heck with his stalker ways.

Unnichan: Oh. Ok Hyo-shin.

Ekun: Hyo-shin ah!

Unnichan: Daddy Yoon! Oh no, Hyun-joo, what the devil? This is just too much. No wonder all these characters look and feel so suffocated. They can’t even live their own stinking lives!

Ekun: Daddy Yoon! Are you staying out of trouble these days?

Unnichan: Momma Rae isn’t around is she? Yoon family cook time! Looks like Chan-young likes to drink too.

Ekun: Who doesn’t like to have a glass of wine every now and again. A glass a day is good for your health.

Unnichan: Who? Me. Yuck! Um, these oppas are disgusting. Are they the same ones from before? Maybe all perverts just look alike.

Ekun: Why is everyone lying to get her number!? These dudes are younger than the oppas from the bike shop.

Unnichan: Yea, I think those are school uniforms. Hehehe. BAM! The kick of death!!! I love it!

Ekun: Young-do! Loved his kick. This was a time when using your words did not work so you had to show you “don’t play them games”.

Unnichan: Pfft. And was it me, but I think he was actually genuinely happy to see that other dude… Aw. Look at that pouty lip. He’s so sad. Err. Wow. The confessions come quick from these cats for real!!! I love it. And he makes deductions on his own too? Though he is asking questions, at least his questions have answers within its structure.

Ekun: Young-do is going to be the death of me… My eyes hurt right now, not because I am tired, or straining to see. Just because he hurts to look at.

Unnichan: Mom is freaking BOMB! Such a stark difference between she and Momma Tan. This is that poor is right, rich is wrong stuff I don’t like. A few things about this episode smack Taiwanese drama.

Ekun: You know I can’t stand when Taiwan does that in their dramas. It’s downright  ludicrous and flawed. But Mom is kind of great. And Momma Tan don’t love Tan… she loves what he can bring her in life. Why does no one care for this kid? That is why he is starved.

Unnichan: Is that Shin-hye (singing)? She and Min-ho should do a duet.

Ekun: Look, Lee Min Ho can’t sing. Remember the BOF special edition? It was rough Unnichan…

Unnichan: Heh. Actually, I don’t … but he released an album this year. I was scared, then I heard it was decent.

Ekun: My statement stands…. This is so sad Unni, I need a drink.

Unnichan: Mmhmm. Wait one second, Hyo-shin Momma…

Ekun: This woman needs to take a break, how you telling me about my schedule?

Unnichan: What are you explaining to me Rachel? I don’t care.

Ekun: Rachel needs to take a breath when she talks. Goodness gracious!

Unnichan: Oh, so there is someone… I knew there had to be at least one.

Ekun: One what? A girl who likes Young-do? This heifer thinks but she doesn’t know. I really think he would eat her alive.

heirs09-39Unnichan: AHAHAHA! He might. So no one knows you Momma Tan? Not even your face? Interesting. This turn is very interesting.

Ekun: Well, I am glad she is well hidden.

Unnichan: Momma Tan!! The devil? See you should have thought this through. OMG! She’s too much.

Ekun: She looks out of place at this table and talking silly? I can’t.

Unnichan: I think I may like this outfit Obsolete.

Ekun: This is a cute outfit, I just need her to get rid of this dern ponytail.

Unnichan: Heh. Yea, but I don’t think that’s going anywhere. They do need to figure out a way to style it better, without huge bows and tacky trinkets. Kang. Ye. Seol. That’s her name.

Ekun: She got a crush on that Young Do! This is laughable for some reason.

Unnichan: It’s funny (interesting) because she’s invisible and her crush will always be unrequited. But I told you there must be one. Lol. Tan is like, ‘That sounds like my mom…’ You can see the wheels. Hilarious.

Ekun: Girl he knows his mother, she is always living her life to upstage fools. Rachel’s mouth dropped to the ground at the thought that Eun-sang might be richer than her. Heh.

heirs09-43Unnichan: Aw, Myung-soo is playing matchmaker-referee. It’s adorbs. But this outfit is not. Honestly, the Heirs stylist might need to be shot.  ‘Cause if I notice, it’s pretty bad. Um, Myung-soo, I love you… But locking two teenagers in a warehouse sounds like kidnapping. No wait, it’s just kidnapping.

Ekun: I am glad Bo-na is speaking truth about the demise of Tan and Young-do being locked up together. Someone has to die…

Unnichan: Heh. Ya’ll gonna fight again?! Young-do!

Ekun: *censored* Why can’t you two just do this cleaning and roll?! Are you going to start fighting again?!

Unnichan: Well, keep it 100, Tan. Warn him, then crush him. Noona won’t mind.

Ekun: Young-do it disappoints me that you are always starting stuff and then get mad when Tan makes a comment about you. It gives the impression “you can dish it, but can’t take it”. Major turn off Young-do ah….

Unnichan: Girl yea. He’s always throwing his weight around, which proves that he can’t hack it. That’s why I love Myung-soo for just calling him out and treating him like the emotionally stunted child he is. Not that I care that Tan deals with him differently. I think they all need to do what they need to do. It just makes me happy that Young-do has someone in his life that truly sees and understands him.

Ekun: Momma, I do not care about your so called “hopes and dreams” of being a mother. If that is what you really wanted, you would have gotten married and did things the right way. You get a — “Slut, bye” from me.

Unnichan: Why your kid gotta school you Momma!!! This woman is insufferable! I mean was the moment great in a way? Yes—- for Eun-sang but overall? No. Because the truth will come out at some point. And it’ll be even worse for everyone.

Ekun: Exactly. And the fact that she cannot figure this out is what is the most upsetting aspect about her. She refuses to use her head.

Unnichan: Gosh I just can’t feel bad for this woman. If Mom was having with moment with Eun-sang my heart would move but for Momma Tan, I get the reality but I couldn’t care less.

Ekun: I don’t feel bad for Momma Tan one bit. I refuse to believe she loves her child. The show is trying to prove it to me, but her overall actions out weigh these little “woe is me, I can’t show my face to the world” moments.

Unnichan: I think she’s always been a silly woman.  I know we don’t know the whole story but it seems, she thought, let me sleep with the rich guy and bear his seed, then  have all his riches. She didn’t care to think about what that really means for her game plan if things go wrong. Then, nothing worked out the way she hoped. She’s not the legitimate wife and may never be. Even, if one day things change, socially, she will always be an outcast. And on top of that, look at what she’s done to her son! What gets me is that she’s sharing this little sob moment with him like she’s the one who deserves the pity. Like he doesn’t have his own issues; issues that stem from her. It’s a selfishness that is beyond comprehension for me. Young-do! How’d I know it was you! You suck man! He is just determined!!!

Ekun: I knew Young-do was going to show his A** up at the house! Now we are really in a cluster *censored*!

Unnichan: YOUNG DO! Ain’t nobody kneeling down up in here today! This is not a fushion sageuk!

Ekun: What?! Young-do! Lord know’s I love you (perhaps a little too much) but kneeling? Really? If we ain’t praying or hurt there will be no kneeling.

Unnichan: Lol, I know that’s right! Wait, is Eun-sang home yet? She’s gonna get caught, right? ‘Cause that’s both of them will catch Hell if Young-do sees her there. Ugh! There she is! Yep, this is what you call Daebak, Young-do. Crap!

Ekun: Jackpot, ne? F! F! F! F-ety! F! F! I love Young Do F!…. F!

Ramblings, Reactions and Remarks

Unnichan: Young -do sucks but I do love him. He’s so wrong all the time. He’s always picking at scabs instead of just saying what he really wants to say. That’s why I couldn’t help but be a little shocked that he was so vulnerable in front of Eun-sang, for one of his biggest issues is showing weakness. That’s why he can’t just apologize to Tan and bounce. It’s one of those things that perhaps they can never be “friends” again but they don’t have to be enemies. Co-existence can occur, especially in their situations. But for Young-do and his life, it’s parallel to Hyung; Tan needs to not exist at all or that leaves room to choose and if he’s not chosen, then he’s lost. And if he loses, then it’s more reason for his father to consider him a Loser. But then on the other hand, we know he really cares for Tan, if he didn’t he wouldn’t try so hard to be so vindictive.

Ekun: ‘Suck’ is such a strong word Unnichan when it comes to Young-do; I prefer “misunderstood” (not that you misunderstand him but most people will). Young-do really is too much and I was very shocked when he exposed himself to Eun-sang; but I think he understands it is the only way to get remotely close to her. I think it also is no skin off his teeth because she does not live in their “world”. If she messes up or gets out of pocket, she can easily be cast out (if there was a place to cast her) and it’s a done deal. Young-do and Tan make life hard to breathe and live. I am not optimistic they will become bromancers by the end of the show, but I hope they will be able to peacefully co- exist. I mean, the writer has given us every angle too feel bad for Tan, nobody- not even his family, wants him to just “be”. It is extremely painful just to think about, let alone live it. I also think it is another reason for people to be on the ‘Tan & Eun-sang’ bandwagon (as if we needed another reason to be on it). I have to admit that Eun-sang is hanging in there as far as me liking her as a leading lady. We are at the halfway mark and I can still see her face without aiming at it with a knife!heirs09-06(2)



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