Even More Krrish 3


And the countdown begins people! With the date change (now November 1) came the format change (from 3D to 2D) and now, Krrish 3 is but hours away and as usual, there are images and teasers galore along with behind the scenes photos and press cuts. Hrithik Roshan has been everywhere for the last few weeks sitting down with just about everyone discussing this film, his goals, his health and this projects’ impact on his career. Yesterday, Times Now released their most recent interview with the entire cast and director Rakesh Roshan recorded less than a week ago, where they discuss their excitement, costumes and desire for authentic Indian superheroes. Check out this segment and a few more cast and couple interviews with the actors of Krrish 3 to satiate your anticipation before you head out for the premiere.

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Krrish 3 is an inherently special film, for it’s a science based, superhero adventure straight from the mind of its creator. There’s no original work to draw from or writer/director to consult with. Truthfully, that is what makes the journey of this project so intriguing and heartfelt. Unlike America or Japan, India has no built in comic/ manga culture or fandom to be the guide for Krrish‘s trajectory or cushion for the budget through popularity or demand. And that within itself makes me tip my hat to the Roshans’ passion for this one project alone, which has consumed their lives over the last three years.

What I actually enjoyed about this interview was there is no doubt, this cast shared and embarked on an intense, memorable journey. The three years they spent working side by side burgeoned a respect, bond and genuine camaraderie, for the inside jokes and nonsensical giggles over set stories were endless.

Kangana Ranaut is an actress I’ve loved from the moment I saw her performance in her debut film, Gangster(2006) seven years ago. Since then, she’s seen several ups  and downs in her career but continues to express a personality that is so sincere with an attitude about her industry I can’t help but refer to as “audacious solemnity.” I’m always floored by her candor but somehow very comforted and proud as a woman, by her confidence. Click here or here see her in-depth interview on Krrish.






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