The Distractors’ Cut: Heirs 4

1-heirs04-coverI’ve never wanted a cast to return to Korea so badly, and though the pace picks up a bit, there’s not much change in the snooze department. However, with a cameo from Suju‘s Kim Heechul and the promise of new conundrums and romantic entanglements make this episode worth the tread.

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Ekun: Uh oh. I forgot what happened but here we are. He calling another woman’s name and running over to her. He mad about her trying to disappear.

Unnichan: I know this show is kind of out of sight out of mind. But I love that he did that. What Tan?! That was a mess. And you yelling…

Ekun: Girl, he always trying to be buck about her and what she is up to.


Unnichan: I guess. I’d laugh in his face. I don’t do yelling. Yea, Eun-sang, I wouldn’t be down with his attention with the fiance right there. We not cool like that. Um… and what is this “love is my pain” playing? I can’t get down with that either. Love hurts sure but I ain’t seeking that aspect of love, sach!


Ekun: Rachel looks pitiful and a mess! Look at her, what is she doing?

Unnichan: She should be taking her tail to the terminal ‘cause we don’t play about that stuff… But whatevs. Maybe she was 3 hours early. And watch Rachel still hate her. BB’s  sœur! But that face ! Lee Min-ho and the hurt expressions are going to kill me, Show.


Ekun: That ho just took her documents! Rachel?! You are ridiculous!

Unnichan: See, there she is! Ugh! She’s just as crazy as Bo-na!

heirs4-5 heirs4-6

Ekun: So Young-do did show up at the airport. He a mess, he know he wanted to get her.

Unnichan: Girl, we knew he would! What are these pants though?

Ekun: Oh no, Young-do are we going to see a lot more about you this episode? You need a snack? A hug? You could be precious, ne?


Unnichan:  I’m down with that. Wait, if Rachel is Beelzebub’s sœur (sister) does that make Young-do Lucifer? And, of course Young-do listens to rock music. Lol.

Ekun: Who doesn’t listen to rock music? It’s good most of the time. Bwahahaha, he could be. But then again, it could be his facade.

Unnichan: It’s the cliche of his attitude. He’s an evil mess so he listens to metal. Of course we all listen to rock. It’s what makes the world go ‘round. Where would I be without “Dream On” or Gun ‘n Roses? Am I the only one that thinks these two are a match made somewhere on the Devil’s playground?

heirs4-10 heirs4-11

Ekun: I just detest Rachel so much that I can’t have with any of the boys unless he is a true villain. After last episode, I am not quite sure Young-do is. So mom has moved out of their house… Tan you have all those people over because you lonely, ne?

Unnichan: Momma is quick, she knew Eun-sang was planning something. Tan has his peeps over cause he misses Eun-sang. Plus, I’m sure it’s business as usual. Isn’t that what he’s usually up to?

Ekun: Ha Neul!!!! Your mom seems cray cray.


Unnichan: Ok, “no skin.” I get it Mom. But do you have to be all prison warden about? reminds me of Locked Up Abroad: Japan— “Dame, dame, dame!” But I agree. She needs to stay clothed. Just for her safety. Hyo-shin seems too interested in Noona.

Ekun: Look at him and his loving a Noona already. Girl I love it! But this is the girl that is… nevermind, let’s just watch. There it is! Won’s calling!

  heirs4-12 heirs4-13

Unnichan: Yay! Hyung is calling girls! But it looks like he’s trying to buy her. Not in the mood for that. You know he did something wrong.

Ekun: Why you not taking his call girl?! Is he trying to put a ring on it?!

Unnichan: Mom spent bill money?! Oh Mom.

Ekun: That is what parents do, so I heard. But it is best to have plans and whatnot.

heirs4-17 heirs4-18

Unnichan: No, Eun-sang you shouldn’t call her names but then again, Eun-suk is a bit…

Ekun: Yea, but I get it. I don’t think I ever called my sister one. It’s just something about a sisterly bond that makes you not want to say that about them.

Unnichan: Ob-so-lete! Why!!! I love Mom. I think I really do. Is the funny picking up? ‘Cause I’m ready for that. But I ain’t in the mood for these (Tan/Eun-sang) two living together.


Ekun: Why does she always look like she is struggling?

Unnichan: I need Obsolete to get it together. But Momma Tan needs to calm down too. Momma Tan, family registries are nothing to joke about! But I don’t like blackmail either so…


Ekun: Momma Tan, if you were cunning enough to sleep with someone else’s man, you need to have more brains than what you are displaying. I feel a bit disappointed in you.

Unnichan: That’s why she got slapped girl. Ha. Hyung! You are hilarious. That mixed of nonplussed exasperation as these two harpies cracks me up. I still see a connection between he and Mom, though. But that’s just me. I know.

Ekun: Seriously Unni…


Unnichan: Ara. Ara. Mom I ain’t doing work too. Hyung what is this? You helping out strangers? Jin-hyukssi looks great though.

Ekun: He does look kind of bomb. I LOVE to hear him talk. I kinda miss Gumiho Daddy (Gu Family Book) for that purpose.

Unnichan: Oh no! Daddy is calling the Prodigal back! Daddy is priceless. He says very contradictory things. That’s parents for you though.

Ekun: You knew he would. Why do old men love to play with the young people lives like that? Though, I do like the reasoning for calling him back home.


Unnichan: Mom and Hyung… Why not? Maybe they need to be friends. Maybe that’s what I see. Oh Hyung, you and Mom make me chuckle.

Ekun: She is Tan’s Momma, that is unacceptable. It is like Deborah Cox and R.L.’s “We Can’t Be Friends,” but not because of love.

heirs4-18 heirs4-17

Unnichan: Ah, how can Tan make the beach look so lonely? But I guess, everywhere is isolation for lonely people. And that’s a picture of Hyung in the same position right? So he does understand Tan’s predicament… And what’d you say? Deborah? R. L.? That’s my song, girl! I need to turn that on real quick. Wait a sec.

Ekun: Unni! You can’t be listening to slow jams, we’re trying to get through Heirs! Anyway, I think it’s like being in a crowd and feeling lonely. I have experienced that before. Momma needs to stop asking Hyung anything.

Unnichan: Ok. Ok. Suman. And you’re right, I don’t like seeing them together ’cause I get confused. Lol. Oh, you didn’t have to stop talking Eun-sang, Momma doesn’t understand that sign language. Believe me.

heirs4-25 heirs4-24

Ekun: True, but she doesn’t like her mom signing at all, so…

Unnichan: Momma Tan, the point of Eun-sang doing the dishes is for her mother to get some rest, not do more errands… *sigh*

Ekun: You think she cares? She has to wield her micro- power to the only people she can. She has like ZERO rank in the house.

heirs4-26 heirs4-27

Unnichan: Good point. I really would be upset about moving. But there’s nothing you can do. That’s right Eun-sang. Cry. This is what you should’ve done before you left. A good cry can put things into perspective. I told you that’s all you needed. *sigh* Kids.

Ekun: She should have stayed and played with Chan Young a little bit more.

Unnichan: Well sure, that’s a given girl. I was talking about before she left. Instead of running away.

Ekun: Oh, mmk. I see now that I am looking at this scene with her and mom. I told you it is the one thing I can’t with Eun-sang about, and that is how she treats her mom.

Unnichan: Yea I knew he wasn’t going to see that note. I’m sure they’ll be some twist of fate too though.

Ekun: The note is on a random board at campus, who looks at that thing often unless you are looking for something? I need a sandwich too Tan, I got snacks to go with it.

heirs4-21 heirs4-22

Unnichan: You and these snacks. Momma Tan. I can’t even be mad at her she’s so silly. Well, Daddy ain’t wrong. He’s had two women at a time, having both his sons seems normal.

Ekun: The man who has his cake and eats it too… That should be a title of a book. Daddy speaks random momos of truth, I hate it. Just because I think dad is truly a horrid person for ruining countless lives because of his selfishness.


heirs4-30 heirs4-31

Unnichan: I agree. It’s unconscionable somehow when rancid people speak truth. Hmm. So Tan didn’t need a call. He got that boldness all on his own (like we knew he would). Glad he was getting the green light anyway though. What is this crown exactly?

Ekun: Those small sips— small sips make a difference.This introspective momo was beautiful Tan. He is such a beautiful person.

heirs4-32 heirs4-33

Unnichan: I like that he’s so pensive. Yuck, I don’t like this coat Tan. Wardrobe change. Daddy Yoon!

Ekun: Hated it! Hahahaha!

Unnichan: Hyung, why don’t you get it! The reason everyone treats him well is because you treat him badly! Poor Tan.


Ekun: I think he knows, just doesn’t care. He has to act out with him so Tan will eventually hate him.

Unnichan: Hyung is such a bitter mess. I’m speechless.

Ekun: He is, but why does he seem like a father to Tan? A cold father who wants their kid to do better, ne?heirs4-37(2) heirs4-37

Unnichan: I definitely think he’s more of a father figure than his actual Dad, that’s for sure. And I think Hyung has things figured out in his own head but does a poor job of cluing the rest of us in, which is why Tan is hurt all the time. Wow, it’s got to be hard having silly, clingy, needy mothers. I’d go insane.

Ekun: I don’t know what that is like, but a cray cray mom makes life hard. Especially a mom who has always wanted to have someone else’s life.


Unnichan: So they’re going to meet in the house, ne?

Ekun: Of course! That was the plan for Mom having to move in girl! Min- ho is always living with the woman he likes in his dramas… think about it.

Unnichan: Heh. Maybe that’s the only way he’ll sign on for the role. (Oh Min-ho if you wanna shack up, do it on your own time.) Yea, I know Eun-sang, sometimes when you go on trips it does all feel like a dream.

heirs4gif5(2) heirs4gif5(1)heirs4gif5(4) heirs4gif5(5)

Ekun: She should have stayed longer! Ugh! Where is Heechul?!

Unnichan: I was just thinking that!!! He recognized her shoes? Oh Tan. And the ringtone? I love you!

Ekun: Ha! He is pretty amazing, and pretty observant at that.


Unnichan: Myung-soo ah! Oh no, Young-do got adults hating him? Pfft. Memories. Eun-sang, that was me all throughout my first year in college. Half asleep, wandering around in my pajamas.

Ekun: Look, doesn’t that just seem like it is up Young-do’s alley? He too much for some people.


Unnichan: That’s right, I’m an adult too! These kids suck.  Haha! Young-do is priceless! Seriously, that was inspired.

Ekun: Why these lil mofo’s start crying?! Sometimes kids make me sick, there was no reason to cry.

heirs4-41 (3)

Unnichan: They were taunting him. If you tease and taunt, you have to sell it. Um… I don’t like this look Young-do… Why isn’t your pride hurt? I see sparks already. He’s dangerous and I’m scared.

Ekun: It is Woo Binnie, promise. Young-do what?! What you doing?


Unnichan: Heechulie! I can answer that, her boyfriend is a hostage! Willing hostage, but hostage all the same.

Ekun: HEECHULLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! And the anger remains, seriously. Flames! Hold on, I need to focus again. I’m telling you- the term willing hostage just sounds … *Sigh*


Unnichan: So Bo-na is just selfish. The kind of girl that wants everything her man has. Blrrr. Disgusting. Ooooh I love Yoon family cook time! A man that can cook is the world’s most precious gem.

Ekun: She is a mess, silly, and I can’t do this with her right now.

heirs4-44 (2) heirs4-44 (4)

Unnichan: Chan-young is precious. He’s kind of perfect. Where is his flaw?

Ekun: Thinking Bo-na’s crazy is cute…

Unnichan: Crap! There is that…This girl loves to dream on her own. If she wasn’t so crazy, it might be cute. Myung-soo, you are too excited about Chan-young and Tan fighting. But Chan-young wouldn’t do that over Bo-na unfortunately. Though I wonder if they will come to blows over Eun-sang? What will it take to get that kind of rise out of Chan-youngie?

heirs4-46 (4) heirs4-49

Ekun: Bo-na! You ain’t gotta lie up in here today! Ugh! Hhhmmm, what would make Tan and Chan-young throw blows? Good question

Unnichan: It is true Tan, if you were going to stalk, you’re supposed to remain quiet. And sleuthy. But you need to interact with her, I get it.

Ekun: Heh, I say forget the stalking and go all out Tan ah!


Unnichan: Momma Tan, you have on other people’s socks now? But I guess this is Eun-sang’s chance to get a clue. Kekekee.

Ekun: She outta pocket, wearing others socks is a bit of a mess and you just seem cray cray for doing it! Those were not bought for you.

Unnichan: Momma! Freeloading? Really?!!!

Ekun: This Momma Han is making my eye twitch… Hard!

 heirs4-49 (2)heirs4gif6 heirs4gif6(2)

Unnichan: Tan, baby, I get that you spend your days chilling and eating sandwiches, but Eun-sang is actually out and about living her life. People have things to do. Oh look! The wheels in little Tan’s head. *churn, churn, squeak.*

Ekun: Look, he wants to do that stuff with her, that’s all. Now that he’s back in Korea, it can be on and poppin’…

Unnichan: Hahaha. I guess. Um, this outfit looks hot Tan. It’s bugging me. Hong-ki! It’s so their song. Lol. I should actually try to listen to it next episode.

Ekun: Doesn’t he look like the soccer players in college with this outfit? “Talking Book”! That was the name of the “Facebook” thing they were using. Hong Ki! The only person who can dye his hair any color and I like it… 

Unnichan: Does that mean the soccer players in college were hot too? Oh, that was B.TO.B? Is that who sings my song? The group starts with a “B” I think. You know that “N.O” song, I love. ♫Everybody say NOOOO!♫

heirs4-42 (2) heirs4-42(3)   

Ekun: I think that group was VIXX in the burgundy suits (we all know I hate that color, BLAH)… Allkpop had an article how they were doing a cameo or something.

Unnichan: They were both in the credits. Maybe we saw B.TO.B in a dressing room somewhere. What does B.TO.B. mean anyway? All I can think is “Boy to Boy” and that can’t be right.


Ekun: B.TO.B was on stage when that EVIL MAN (Kim Heechul) was talking about whatever he was saying.

Unnichan: Oh. You know I don’t know these Kpoppers. They crop up like hamsters all over the place. Well not much happened but thankfully we’re in Korea and we saw more of almost everyone I want to see.

heirs4-41 heirs4-41 (2)

Ekun: Yea, it feels like the story is trying to pick up, but I still yawned frequently in this episode. I am in the street over Young-do just taking a seat next to Eun-sang like they were homies and stuff. You can already see how this is going to be a F! F-ety! F! F! between these two, again….

Unnichan: Ha! It was that and the fact he was pissed the kids woke her with their taunting. Pfft. Um yea, I may not ship them together but Young-do’s a flame thrower, so it’s going to be stinking fun to see the flames ignite between them.

Ekun: It’s that Woo Binnie. I think this is the first real project I’ve seen him in, but my memory is bad so… nope, he was in AGD (A Gentlemen’s Dignity).

Unnichan: Yea, he was but I didn’t think you were counting that. You said “real.”heirs4-50(2)

Ekun: I don’t have to count it, but it was when everyone starting going crazy over how good looking he was and I was like, “Really?” Though I think he is a great actor and I will more than likely adore him to pieces after this drama is over, I still cannot jump on the “Woo Bin is Hawt” bandwagon.

Unnichan: I know that’s right but he has a presence, no doubt. It’s kind of like he’s stolen the sexy aspect from Min-ho in this show. Not that Min-ho is sexy mind you but usually in a drama, he’s like the only one that can get the moniker. But here, we have Hyung and Young-do, so Tan gets the leftovers. And those are usually just gushes at his preciousness.

Ekun: Oh you know I have loved Jin-hyuk since Pasta, (before he changed his stage name)! Min- ho’s characters are hot; he is precious. Lord knows, I was always laid up in the street over Gu Jun-pyo.

heirs50(2) heirs50

Unnichan: It’s true. He’s such a little goofball in real-life. Now, I just wonder what is Tan’s next move? Will he reveal himself or hide? I vote for hide. He needs more time to think of a game plan.

Ekun: Typically I would agree on the hold back front, but I kinda want to see him throw caution to the wind and invade her space– scare the crap out of her and be all stalker like. “I am stalking you in my own house, and?” That is what I want him to be like.

Unnichan: Well, when you put it like that…


Ekun: Heh, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold this week. Hopefully, we will get more of something and not be like, “And? Show- move it along!” I do want to mention something in regards to your comments on Hyung earlier. I think he can treat Momma Han in a more civil manner because she is just a blip on his radar; she is too dismal to exert any type of emotion from him. As opposed to Tan, he actually loves that kid. He has to be “cruel to be kind” so Tan will hate him, and Hyung can feel justified in his “hatred” towards him. The people we love the most or are closer to (for whatever reason), have the power to hurt us more deeply. Do I think Hyung is right? Absolutely not, but I guess he feels this is part of the “crown” he was bestowed when Daddy did what he did (the children suffer because of the sins of the father and all…).


Unnichan: You know that the song is definitely in my head now… And I think you are right, but I believe that Hyung needs to be less curtly amorphous about his actions. We’ve decided that it’s possible that these two boys were at one time close or at the very least the Hyung hostility was tempered. And if that is/was the case, I don’t think it would be too irrational for Hyung to tell Tan what’s up. Clearly, Tan views him as a leader and a father figure but Hyung seems to discount or discredit this notion. When he was speaking to Rachel, he honestly believed that Tan would feel some type of resentment or disdain for him, when it’s clear as the shining day, that there’s nothing but love and adoration in Tan’s every movement regarding Hyung. Therefore, Hyung remains blind to this because he’s determined to be and virtually lives out the exact same contradiction he called his father on, in this episode. Am I upset with Hyung? Absolutely. Do I get what he’s up to? Yes. Can I excuse,  justify or ignore it? No. And I guess that’s where our problems lay but it’s these issues that are also the most interesting aspect of this drama (at the moment) regarding our main character. For besides this issue between Won and Tan, the main character relationships mean very little to me.

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