Rip and Chan Take on the City: episode thirteen

My favorite character makes and appearance, while the rest of the city shrieks at his arrival. Scale is detained, again, while Safari and the Practice play hot potato over the snafu that is PJ’s untimely death. Meanwhile, Rip and I wade through the mud and the muck deciding who to love, who to leave and who to let live… Like we’re in control of that.

Thirteenth City Sweep

The Doctor follows Soo-min to Hyung-min, then tips back to his car and mulls over all her knows of her.
Yang delivers Scale IDed the body as the Doctor’s Son to a shaken Min. The Doctor plans to reveal Safari as killer to Pusan and when asked, Min plays dumb about Hyung-min’s undercover.

Soo and the boys live to die another day and the Doctor clues him in on the current situation. When they get home, Jin-sook solemnly apologizes for her last stunt. But Soo finds the long pause and awkward glances worth a drink and passes some around.

Scale yawns as the Unit Decs pile in for his interrogation. Soo checks in with Kim on Scale’s progress but he’s in with Hyung-min, which leaves Soo unsettled. And the Doctor decides they need to get to Scale before Safari does.

At Safari Lair, Eun-soo believes it’s time to pin the tale on the Doctor but Safari wants to play it cool. However, Meth and Soo are of the same mind, Scale and the trust is sketch. For Meth is sure he’s probably more than a little bitter about the whole jail thing. Later Eun-soo finds a pensive Safari and assumes he’s fretting over his police past, but it’s Scale on the brain.

And rightfully so, for Scale sticks to his story, which has Hyungmin to switch up teams and play along, hypothesizing who killed the Doctor’s Son. He turns his words on him and roughs up his shoulders then grips his chin, believing his earlier statements about loyalty and death were all crock.

Hyungmin: You said you’re loyal to whomever can kill you right? Please. You people only follow the money. I don’t think I can kill you, but I can save you.

But unfortunately, Scale doesn’t know whodunit.

Pusan unleashes his raging grief in an empty bathroom, then and questions Stick on Scale and the culprit. Stick’s positive it’s the Doctor, then off they fly to Seoul.

Hyungmin still ain’t buying the Doctor’s Son, PJ switcheroo but Min proposes they use this to boot Ahn out (the merge was to capture the Doctor), then he can govern the Unit as he wants. Min mentions Kyung-mi’s phone and suggests if it was found on the scene, the body must be the Doctor’s Son.

At the Unit, Suh returns the phone and Hyungmin takes some alone time to scroll through Kyung-mi’s memories, until he’s interrupted by Drunk Reporter. Who’s surprised Hyung-min-bot cries like all other earthlings. Hyungmin ditches Min’s advice and commissions Ahn to get his act together and stay clean — ‘Cause I’m really trying to treat you with respect as a prosecutor.” Which leads the latter into a mini breakdown on Joo-young’s stoop demanding Prez Jung. Ahn unloads his instincts the Doctor’s Son still at large but Jung confirms it’s him and reminds their contact is only a one way street.

Joo-young fawns over a bruised and silent Driver Gi-chul as she pleads to stop this charade. Once in the car, the Doctor gives Gi-chul a gentle reminder only he summons.

Yang reports Jo Ha-neul of Sky Investment firm bought Donghae Construction and Hyung-min grills Drunk Reporter on her source reliability. Again, she’s after dates and chats and he’s all business but Sky investment has been busy spreading their money around and subsequently depleting their funds. And before Drunk Reporter can place their drink order, he’s connected Jo Ha-Neul to his surveillance, then in the wind.

Safari tries to squeeze back in with Jin-sook but she’s not biting this time, though Eun-soo is poised to take a chomp when he confesses he loves the chase, not the catch.

Hyungmin blows up Soo-min’s phone and Jin-sook notices but Soomin proves it’s fashion spam with a glance. Jin-sook wonders if there’s progress with Hyungmin but Soo-min claims it’s only chaste phones calls and Jinsook tells her to cut those out, she shouldn’t give anything away without guaranteed return. Then tries to gets her rusty wheels turning to squeeze some info from Min about Scale. They have lunch but Min deduces she’s part of the game which she denies.

He reveals he knows all but warns her to stay away from Shi-hyun or she’ll get hurt, then declares he got a divorce. But Jin-sook isn’t moved and leaves him to sip his soup alone. Once outside, she’s more affected than she appears and blinks back tears. Meanwhile, Min reminisces how she teased about marrying him, only a table away a lifetime ago.

Soo-min recants the events of the night and Hyung-min lights into her for being used by Jin-sook to kill a man. She doesn’t believe it but he warns her snap out of it and remember whom she let through the gate. She identifies Safari and his crew, to her surprise but Hyung-min isn’t. Moon Duk-bae has forgotten who he is. For undercover work isn’t dangerous because of them but because of you. The moment you forget who you are, you’re no longer a police officer but one of them.

He implores her to never forget who she is or why she’s doing this when Safari reaches out to snuff out Scales alliance and offers to help snag the Doctor. Hyung-min is more interested what team Safari’s batting for but Safari redirects what matters is the Doctor.

Afterward Safari sends Meth out for Scale and Pusan beats him with his own wand for not protecting PJ. Safari is apologetic but says PJ didn’t trust him with the while police thing wafting about and he had to keep his distance. However Safari is only police in name to traffic information, but Pusan isnt interested in his civil servant status —- “Whether you get police information or not doesn’t matter, you just need to do your job well.” Then, he extends Safari one last chance, bring him the Doctors Son.

Pusan: It’s ok if you cut off his arm or disembowel him. You can take his eyes and every bone in his body out. Just make sure he’s still alive when you bring him to me.

Safari is deposited outside and Eun-soo comes running but he’s not as shaken up as suspected as she looks on in dismay when he calls Meth to make sure he’s tracking Scale. He is and so is everyone else, including Hyungmin who’s close behind.

But when he gets cut off by Driver he checks in with Dirty Kim who feigns a quick u-turn on the behest of his benefactor Soo. The Doctor knows Scale is teetering, so he tells Soo to keep eyes on him. Then he steps out and walks in to introduce himself to Pusan, who reluctantly takes his suggestion to confirm with Scale that Safari is behind PJ’s murder.

But when Scale doesn’t answer (he’s been detained by Meth), Pusan calls for the Doctor’s death. However, the Doctor won’t be taken lightly and Pusan thanks him for showing his true colors, for that’s all he’s been waiting for — “I didn’t listen (to your story) because I trusted you, I trust no one. I only trust my judgment.” With that he releases the hounds but Stick answers Scale’s call who admits to Safari’s crime. Just as Pusan says he trusts him, a blow to head knocks him out.

When he comes to Pusan puts his foot on his throat and presses for he hasn’t forgotten he is why his son is dead, regardless of who. So he’ll pay him back by slitting the throat of someone close to him and gives him the chance to choose but the Doctor’s stunned stiffed so Stick retrieves his phones and stumble across a contact stored with a question mark. The Doctors face freezes as Pusan dials and when Soo-min picks up, he’s convinced she must be the one he loves. He tells the Doctor to send her a text but the Doctor insists she means nothing plus with this move its as good as discarding him, to which Pusan agrees.

Pusan: It was never going to be you, from the beginning.

The Doctor: Why? Why couldn’t it be me, hyungnim?

Pusan: You didn’t get the order right. Without my permission you tried to play your tricks on your own. This is why you can’t be the one.

The Doctor tries to plead, he’ll capture Safari, even be a dog again, just rethink his current decision but all thinking is over for Pusan who tells him the best way to be loyal is to stay put and stay silent.

A text is sent Soo-min to meet and she happily sets out ready to hear his excuses for his behavior. But as soon as she steps in, she dragged before Pusan and a kneeling Doctor. When she kicked to the ground, the Doctor tells her to pull herself together and look at him. She obeys as the goons hold a knife to her throat and the Doctor springs into action knocking the goons aside, grabbing her had and tossing her through the side doors. He tries to barricade them in then takes her hand and they run to the parking garage and rip through town.

When they come to a stop he apologizes but she admits that she likes him and wants to know if he feels the same. The Doctor, however, won’t be copping to any feelings and tells her to get out now(of the game) and delete his number, just as call from him comes through.

It’s Pusan who says the Doctor’s ruined himself over a girl but he’s a man of his word—- “Protect her as well as you can.”

Ripgal: Yesssss, the Heartless is back! I’m not going to deny my slight disappointment with the last few episodes, they were solid enough and I enjoyed watching,but they lacked a certain grit the earlier episodes had going on. I think it could be jealousy haha, I’m probably one of the minority who ain’t very happy about how the OTP or romance is or has been developing, but I’m gonna digress and focus on the bigger picture. The breaking down of the world of good and bad, the peeling off of layers, the jolting awakening to reality that bites. That’s what I’m talking about show, I’m glad you’re back in full force.

Unnichan: I totally agree! I was disillusioned with the last few episodes but near the second half of this episode, I felt like things were getting back to where I’d like for them to be. At least reminding me of why I enjoyed the show so much in the beginning. I’m not at all jealousy of the OTP but I’m not sold on certain aspects definitely. Some things I understand and can suspend, others, not so much. I definitely like the layers peeling, seeing more and fleshing out more. We discussed this for last episode, it’s just the shift wasn’t pleasant. Perhaps it was necessary but whilst it happened, I was irritated.

Ripgal: I’m absolutely thrilled about Shi-hyun’s discovery of Hyung-min and Soo-min’s relationship. At least he knows something’s up and is slowly trying to piece every lil earlier encounter of theirs together. Though I’m not very happy about his decision not to check her out a lil bit more, at least he’s in the light of something and his brains are turning to figure things out. It’s about time their dynamics moved on to another level i.e. somebody has to find out somehow, and I’m pretty glad it’s the Doctor first.

Unnichan: Yea. It’s weird because he knows but nothing much changes, so that’s the interesting bit. I’m not sure if it’s because he doesn’t really have time or what but in a way I guess I’m also glad. I really wouldn’t like spending too much time working the Soo-min angle because she’s small potatoes.

Ripgal: What I love about this drama, amongst other things, is writer’s ability to keep us guessing about Shi-hyun. We know bits and pieces about the man himself, his past and the way he works, but I can safely say he’s still a hard character to read. Especially the way he rationalises and plans things out with that brain of his. I shouldn’t be surprised that he’d planned for Scale to pawn Meth Kim with Soo and his aides, but the way everything turned out, it still caught me by surprise. And next, he’s already on his way to see Busan?

Unnichan: The only thing that surprised me, was walking into Pusan’s. I won’t say that the Doctor is predictable, but I think there are always at least two-three options and he picks one. And we always know what he won’t do. He usually chooses the bolder choice as well, unless he has someone or thing to protect in the immediate moment, that would be damaged by the daring option. This time, the audacious choice, is what protected his asset and I loved that.

Ripgal: The meeting with Busan was truly unexpected for me, because he’s been going around circles trying to reach the man and hola, he’s there! XD It’s a wonder he could stay alive for thiiiiiis long, you know, I was also a bit stunned by the guts he had at that point in time.

Unnichan: It was Pusan that made this episode wonderful. He said my favorite line : “You got the order wrong.” He said so many great things about trust and judgment which I wholeheartedly agree with. I like Pusan alot. He’s another character I respect. I may not like the way he raised his son, but I love the way the man thinks. He pulls no punches and is a “what you see is what you get” kind of guy. I also agree that the Doctor was bold, but it felt appropriate because we’ve spent so much time circling and waiting.

Ripgal: I like that writer’s keeping Shi-hyun human as much as possible, in that he’s not truly perfection or flawless, even in his meeting with Busan. Perhaps he didn’t have a good plan at all who knows. If he thought Busan was to believe him entirely he’d be a fool, I wouldn’t, because otherwise the man wouldn’t have been on top for so long, reigning control over lives of others so easily.

Unnichan: And it goes back to the order thing… that I’ll never get enough of cause it’s soo true!

It’s a flaw that Pusan points out, that I loved. As far as the Doctor with Pusan, he definitely didn’t calculate how far he was willing to take things but we can just be satisfied that our boy’s mind never stops. Plans aren’t as important as action. And I think that’s one thing that he’s constantly proving. He always has other options that he can put into action, regardless of the “plan.” His thoughts sprout thoughts and so on. I said he has about 2-3 options and those options grow two more. They may all lead to the same place but it’s the route that matters. I appreciate that he’s a character that takes that into consideration. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to work.

Ripgal: I was quite disappointed that Shi-hyun’s only saved number turned out to be Soo-min, though it didn’t come by surprise. But I loved that the direction panned on all his closest and dearest people before moving on to Soo-min because it indirectly showed that those were the ones who meant more than anything to him. But funny huh, how does he call other people? lol

Unnichan: We all knew it was Soo-min but it’s because she stored her number in his phone herself. Then he labeled it as a question mark. Which was a dead give away. I actually knew he’d have no other “saved” numbers, I just didn’t believe there’d be no numbers in the phone at all. Can’t you just press redial? The Doctor is smart enough to leave no immediate trace, therefore, he remembers numbers, which we all did before cellphones so that’s fine. What I loved was the panic because I think he thought about the redial option too. Just too bad Pusan didn’t? Lol.

Ripgal: I’m starting to think Soo-min may become more of a burden and baggage to Shi-hyun, rather than the light to his darkness. It’s not just my jealousy kicking in, but rather more of my understanding of how Shi-hyun cannot have the time and emotional capacity to deal with her at this point in time.

Unnichan: I have to agree here. And it seems to somehow weigh more now that he’s concerned about who she really is. He doesn’t really have time to bask in the newness of romantic emotion of sit up late and text, daydream or plan dates, have fantasies of the future. It’s a luxury he can’t afford and she has no clue, and desires these things that he can’t give. And it’s not just about this moment but ever really, you know? It just isn’t practical. And the Doctor, though optimistic about the future, is always practical in this area (though I wonder why?).

Ripgal: I don’t blame the girl for her crush and affection (we know we’ll do the same if we were her lol) but I just don’t think the timing is right for them, and for her to press and urge for him to reciprocate. Not surprised if people end up getting annoyed by her pestering.

Unnichan: I don’t blame her for the crush. But I do have issue with the extra. I feel it’s too much, too soon. She’s bombarding a man she met and spoke with what 3 times? It’s fine to like him, but more than that I’m not sure it’s rational to do. Like we said, he continuously gives her the impression that she’s read him wrong. And though I don’t think she should sit around and wait, I definitely don’t believe she should be begging the man either. Like, how she didn’t think too much about going to meet him, which I would have. I’m not just jumping in my car over a text. Mian, Doctor, you’re hot and sexy and dangerous and pitiful… All the things a girl dreams of, but that still gets a pass.

Ripgal: I know you’ll get at Jin-sook for her using of Soo-min to get rid of Slimy Jo, but I still hold by a belief that she actually did for Soo-min too, however small a concerned thought it may have been. I think it’s proper and reasonable for Soo-min to feel uneasy and uncomfortable about the whole thing, don’t think she’d really given much thought about how far and deep she could go. But it’s a harsh reality she has to face some day, sooner or later.

Unnichan: She used her and this time has her implicated in a murder. Jin-sook exasperates me but it’s the way she goes about things this time that grinds. Not necessarily that she’s apart of PJ’s demise. If she’d done it herself (which it seems she has no balls to do) it would have made much more sense. But ultimately, it’s her connections with Safari. How she insists on trusting him not to be a backstabbing bastard. It’s just ridiculous. I won’t negate that she justifies her actions with “caring” but it’s just not good enough for me because I don’t believe it’s enough of the pie but pretends the opposite. However, Soo-min needs to use her ticker as well. Making the choice to help in this endeavor she should think about what the possible motives and outcome could be. That’s what she’s there for, so I give her equal billing in this case as far as the action. Jin-sook and her relationship with Safari excluded.

Ripgal: Never thought she tried to justify her actions by caring, because to me the concern and gratitude towards her was always there. The characters in here are all selfish (well probably save for Shi-hyun), in one way or another.

Unnichan: I can’t give passes cause “everyone’s doing it” and I also believe that there’s a selfishness behind the Doctor motives as well. His actions are selfless but I’m not sure at all about his motives.

Ripgal: Jin-sook can never rid off the people and the world she’s living in from her life, I think this is something that writer has been trying to highlight to us all this while. I still like the lady, but I’m not totally blind to her lack of thought and sensitivity in situations. Which gets me to think she may have an attachment problem, in that she can never detach herself from people that she’s close or attached to no matter how she wants or strives to. Such is in the case of Safari and Min? It’s been like a cycle so far, with Jin-sook going back and forth between these 2 men i.e. making herself clear about them staying away and yet always going back to them for help.

Unnichan: You could be right. But I hope that she finally got it this episode. Her resistance to see reality is insufferable. I think I’m immune at this point. (Though I’m positive I’ll want to burn her again.) It’s fine to remember the good times but to repeatedly get caught up with men that never prove to be worth the devotion is beyond my scope.

Ripgal: What do you think about Safari and Min’s feelings for her and how they’re approaching them? I somehow side a lil bit more with Safari’s approach because it seems like he truly wants to please her and make her happy? Though putting Shi-hyun in a difficult position ain’t a good idea anyhow.

Ripgal: Compare his approach to Min who seems to be playing his mind games with her whenever it comes to the men in her life. I wanted to smack him hard when he tried to plant fishy ideas in her head. Shi-hyun’s been there for her all his life, why attempt to take him away from her? Is Min jealous or something?

Unnichan: Initially I understood both men equally. Now I dislike them equally in this area. They both use her, lie to her, manipulate her and want to possess her. And in their own way, want to rid her world of Shi-hyun. One is malicious, the other manipulative, both with bold face lies and missions or suggestive agendas. I have no sympathy for either man. However, I have more sympathy for Jin-sook in regards to Min over Safari.

Ripgal: Min oh Min, how much more do you intend to disgust me? His game of manipulation and deceit is definitely getting into the heads of everyone, he has all of them right in his palm, perfectly in his grasp. It really pains to see how Shi-hyun only has Min to trust in the old world and yet the man isn’t as trustworthy as he thinks.

Unnichan: That is perhaps my biggest issue. The fact that the Doctor has no one but Min. He’s the only person who knows what he’s about, the only person he can trust wholeheartedly, but is much less trustworthy than those he sees everyday. Those people whose lives are in his hands.

Ripgal: I don’t want to say that Min’s entirely plotting and planning things to his own good, I think he does have the righteous in him, but the way he works to his own advantage, by dispelling others to the side, I’m disappointed. Very disappointed. I don’t know if Shi-hyun’s doubts about Soo-min were cleared at that point, but I don’t think reporting to or asking Min about things from now on will be beneficial to him. Shi-hyun’s been quite the observer so far, I hope he catches on to Min’s uneasiness and uptightness soon enough.

Unnichan: For now, I don’t blame the Doctor for moving on because Min hasn’t directly betrayed him without provocation yet. One thing we know is no matter how decent a character, they all have their own agenda and their own alliances. Much like life, motives are never one-sided or individually guided. There’s a plethora a reasons why we do what we do, when we do it. But the number one is usually all about self. It’s just us figuring out what Min gains, truly.

Ripgal: You’ll not like me for saying this, but the more I watch the more I love Safari and the character he entails. I love it when characters bring more to the plate than just give us things at face value Good or bad, as long as I’m invested. The way he plays the game, I’ve always known, to survive he’ll do anything.

Unnichan: Hmm. I’m not sure it’s a matter of liking or disliking but more so concerned, as always. Grey is an interesting place and though I believe most of us live there, as people, I think it’s important to know ourselves. I’m not sure Safari does. It’s no surprise I’m not invested in him as a character because I don’t think it’s ok to do “anything” for anything. Because anything is too open ended. There must be a limit to your corruption, to your weakness, to your deceit or malice. My limit, isn’t the same as yours, as your isn’t to the next person. What concerns me is if there is a limit for him. I’m not sure there is. That makes him dangerous. Someone I can’t trust, someone I can’t respect.

Ripgal: I wasn’t entirely taken aback by his meeting with Hyung-min, I knew somewhere along the line he’d come up with something. But I was a tad peeved that it’s all about the Doctor they’re aiming at.

Unnichan: No one is surprised at Safari’s antics. Meeting Hyung-min is tiny because he has never pretended that he cared about anything else but killing the Doctor. I’m sure you would consider this part of that “anything” that you speak of, but for me, I believe it’s more than that. He has an issue with this kid. I’m sure it’s something minor and stupid and so not worth it but there’s something else there.

Ripgal: Not unexpected in any way, but you know, why not pull Busan and the whole gang down once and for all? And Hyung-min, I thought he was unexceptionalLy calm when facing Safari… perhaps a bit too calm.

Unnichan: But Hyung-min, yes, it’s a little annoying when he’s so blind concerning the Doctor, eventhough his beef is more justified, and not so unclear. I guess it’s just because I actually like Hyung-min and his doggedness, I just don’t like him hunting someone that isn’t the root? I have faith he’ll focus his skills in the right direction soon. It’s fine to want the Doctor’s Son too, but how many times does someone have to tell or show you, he’s not the issue? And why wouldn’t he be calm around Safari? Should he be afraid? I don’t think so. Safari has nothing to gain by clipping him. Hyung-min knows he’s an asset more than anything, especially if Safari’s dirty. I’m also positive Hyung-min is hip to Safari using him. He just hopes they are able to use one another.

Unnichan: And how’d you like Safari’s version of the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech? I have to admit I was sad drama is pulling an unrequited moment between he and Eunsoo because I promise men and women can just be friends! Ugh! So upsetting. Still love Eunsoo cause it makes total sense she digs this (kind of) man but golly I wish drama hadn’t gone there. Am I the only one that treasures platonic relationships more than romantic ones? Romances always ruins great dramas. Drama gods hear my cry!

Ripgal: Wasn’t too bothered by it because I’d already felt it the moment Eun Soo started throwing glances as Safari in earlier episodes. But yeah, drama can’t be drama without the romance.

Ripgal: Scale oh Scale, I still reserve my trust in this man but damn the actor’s really good. I did think the whole revelation about Slimy Jo being the Doctor’s absolutely stupid, but at least writer’s still keeping Hyung-min’s brains in tact i.e. that he’s smart enough to not believe a word he said (but seriously, who would?! lol).

Unnichan: Scale has become more interesting over time. I like him more and more, mostly because he calls people dongsaeng and his club is absent. Every since he went to jail, I’ve warmed to him and now that he’s batting for our team it’s even better. Trust isn’t really a factor, because the most important thing is Scale staying true to himself, which I feel he has. The only difference is he’s a had a reality check. What I appreciate is he’s man enough to own it.

Ripgal: It’s funny though, how Hyung-min managed to conjure up a perfect fit story about the occurrences to date, because that’s exactly what happened! I just wish he had the guts to force it upon the rest. And with Min meddling with his head (I seriously dunno why Min’s doing this to the ppl around him!! urrhhh), I just can’t seem to see a good way out for him.

Unnichan: Both men are pretty good at their deductions. I’m thankful he’s starting to clear out the smoke and focus on the fire. Min is very dubious. At times, I think I get him, others, I’m not too sure. All I know is my first impression of him. And I always stand by my first impressions. And a good way out for whom? Min? I guess it depends on what you mean by “good.”

Ripgal: Now I get it, Reporter girl’s purpose! For some reason I’m really drawn to Hyung-min’s relationship with her, a tad more than our main OTP. Somehow theirs seem to be flowing a bit more naturally and convincingly though it’s purely one-sided. It also helps that she’s actually assisting him in some way the way she can, because help is definitely what he needs.

Unnichan: I don’t like clingy, pushy, delusional girls. So “natural” wouldn’t be my word choice. Annoying? Certainly. Plus, we’ve always said, she needs to do her job and she seems good at it. That has remained true. No matter my personal annoyances with her, she gives tidbits of info each time they meet. I just wish she’d back off and focus on a friendly colleague relationship. I just don’t get showing a guy your boobs (figure of speech).

Ripgal: It does feel like she’s trying to make amends from her insensitive outburst before, but I’m glad they’re on OK terms now. I don’t think they will go anywhere definitive because the guy’s still very hung up on Kyung-mi and he doesn’t have time for lobeu-lobeu, but I think somewhere along, he will come to realize that time will heal and he’ll eventually have to move on for good.

Unnichan: Well Hyung-min is more forgiving than I, mostly because she was insensitive on purpose and that kind of thing boggles the mind, when in the next breath you want the guy to like you. And yes, he’s still in love with Kyung-mi, as he should be. Romance shouldn’t be on his agenda, being he actually loved that woman and his vengeance isn’t just about obligation. I do think he will move on and I see him making room for Reporter but she needs to calm down first.

Ripgal: Prosecutor Ahn is an interesting man to laugh at. For some reason his scenes appear comedic/silly to me, maybe it’s because of his blind obedience to anyone who can control him? Hyung-min’s dad and Shi-hyun? It’s laughable that he’d never attempted to investigate Shi-hyun or Joo Young a bit more because ain’t that how prosecutors work? But as always, you can’t have all smart people in a drama eh? I certainly don’t and won’t want Shi-hyun’s Jung Sajang’s cover to be blown, not right now.

Unnichan: Basic intelligence will do. Or the IQ of a monkey’s toe? Either one. But he has to be comic painful relief. Because when a person is as dim as he is, eventually, you have no recourse but to feel sorry for them. He’ll be used and discarded and possibly die cause he’s allowed himself to be pushed and pulled around without actually thinking on his own. In the beginning, when we first meet him, you actually think he’s corrupt but now we realize he’s just stupid. So he gets caught up in whatever lies people feed him. It’s sad really. How did this fool pass the Bar?

Ripgal: A very good moment shared between Shi-hyun, Soo and Jin-sook in this episode. I’m glad they’re putting their differences and squabbles aside for Shi-hyun. I think they’ve all come to a realisation that Busan is not an easy target and they can’t do anything if they’re all over the place. The man will never let Slimy Jo’s death slide, no person would and can.

Unnichan: I admit I’ve enjoyed that aspect as well. If they must work together, then they MUST work together.

Ripgal: What they need now is a backup plan to face the hard to defeat Busan and his allies. And what better when they can come together in harmony and not put each other down like before. Even Soo’s getting a hang of things and is making things easier for them. I’m a happy girl.

Unnichan: Ever the romantic, lol. I’m not sure harmony has much to do with it, but being on the same page signing off on the same agenda is key. And I don’t think that Soo was ever the problem. He can be hostile, as long as he gets the job done. Which he always has. He was never doing deals behind anyone’s back.

Ripgal: I’d still like my reconciliation piece between Safari and Shi-hyun (I do love to dream! ;)), but I’m glad writer hasn’t attempted to glorify beautify Safari or make him over-sympathetic or anything after his outburst with Min. I think that was truly the last straw for him, and now he can only walk the path he wants to and not be dictated by Min anymore.

Unnichan: There’s no reconciliation or redemption for Safari in my mind, however it’s got nothing to do with the past and everything to do with what has transpired (presently) over the course of this drama. There are things that make me chuckle about the man, but nothing negates who he’s become. I agree with Min that life is about choices and in the end, Safari made his. He can’t blame someone else for who he is or what he’s become. It’s true we are lied to and at times swindled or bamboozled but we have to own our own dirt. Bottom line.

Ripgal: Busan is of course still a force to be reckoned with, perhaps that’s why the man’s still as elusive as ever, in that one can never nail him down so easily? But given his power and reign on others, I was expecting a lil bit more on his part. Why still use Safari when he knows the man has failed more than enough?

Unnichan: I think that comes down to not wanting to (or believing he should) do the actual leg work. He believed Safari because he had no reason not to. He also said, “I’ll give you one more chance.” After what we see he pulled with the Doctor, I’m positive he had something in store for Safari as well. He considers him a dog that will fetch whatever he needs so continuing to use him makes sense. But I don’t think he was just blindly waiting for him to deliver this time. If that had been the case, he’d have gone home or never come up in the first place. He didn’t need to come to Seoul to check if his son was dead, nor to avenge him, unless he’d planned to do it himself. And I believe that was the case. Pusan operates the way I think all gangsters should in this area, giving someone enough rope to hang himself. I’m sure he kind of expected Safari to fail again so he could kill him clean and clear. Then send Stick to bring the Doctor to him.

Ripgal: Shi-hyun oh Shi-hyun, I wonder when will he ever think for himself, and himself only? What he’s been doing all this while, he’s been doing for the sake of others. When will or can he live for himself?

Unnichan: I think you make a good point. That nothing we’ve seen so far is strictly for himself. Even his “revenge” was someone else’s idea. It’s not that he wouldn’t have wanted to achieve it, but wouldn’t it have been better Min had allowed him to come up with the avenue himself? And ever since the decision was made, he’s been doing everything in his power to protect and shelter everyone around him, to the extent of his own life. Why?

Ripgal: He was born to be a saviour?

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