Rip and Chan Take on the City: episodes ten

We’re baaaack! That’s right, Rip had a nice traveling reprieve and now, we’re hitting the streets. So sit back while I talk smack about Lee Jin-sook, (the artist formerly known as “Emo”) and Ripgal, makes nice with everyone… or most everyone and we both swoon over knives and flashback fineness.

This episode we have inappropriate female stereotypes (as always), money drop field trips and lots and lots of lies— Oh and one disappointing surprise.


Tenth City Sweep 


One kiss is all it takes and they’re up in her room naked for the night– well part of the night. ‘Cause soon, the Doctor is dressed strolling down the hallway surprised at this home visit. Then enters the elevator just as Lee Jin-sook exits.

Soo-min is awoken by Jin-sook who knows “sex signs” by heart and assumes the culprit was Ji Hyung-min when she spies the cash on the table. She chuckles that it’s typical, he’s a tough nut but Soo-min’s confused so she enlightens—

Jin-sook: It’s a tip. You should try harder. This means he hasn’t given his heart to you yet. The money means he wants to be distanced from you. ‘Our relationship is like this.’ That’s what is means.


Soo badgers Detective Kim about Hyung-min and whether he’s been made, but Kim’s out of the loop. With zero info Soo slams some dollars to Kim’s chest and orders him to stay cool. Hyung-min scans through some pictures of Kyung-mi until Soo-min shows up. He excitedly nukes some kimchi fried rice (knowing it’s her favorite), but Soo-min grumbles it wasn’t the rice but the chef (Kyung-mi). She wants to come clean about the Doctor and Jin-sook but ends up crying and yelling instead. Puzzled, Hyung-minwonders what’s up but she only drops cryptically— “This is all happening because you won’t give your heart to me”— before she storms out.


Turns out, she’s liked Hyung-min since the moment she met him and was rather disappointed to find out he was dating her sister. Therefore, she’s always treated him poorly, picking fights and borrowing excessive amounts of money, anything to be near him but also to hide her feelings. However, little does she know, he’s never seen her as anything more than Kyung-mi’s delinquent dongsaeng.

Later, they have Ji Gym time and Hyung-min trains her on a few moves. She needs a personality profile on the Doctor’s Son but Hyung-min convinced there’s no way that man’s still human. Plus, he killed Kyung-mi.


After a failed Soo consult, the Doctor surprises  Jin-sook with a new Birthday outfit and a hug. Meanwhile, Soo-min’s drinking with Joo-young who’s concerned she’s changed, become too distant but Soo-min takes another shot and says she’ll explain later. She calls the Doctor for an explanation, who skips out on Jin-sook to answer but Jin-sook gets to her first and she passes him on her way in to meet her. Jin-sook makes the date with Safari under thecondition that the Doctor must never know, then leaves mid-drink on Soo-min.

The Doctor startles her on her way, with questions about Soo-min, wondering if she’s going to turn her into another Hye-soo. But Jin-sook is offended, for it’s not like she wanted Hye-soo to die. She also makes a request to never ask to leave or do nothing, for there’s no way out now they’ve begun— “We have no choice but to live like this.”


Jin-sook deals that she’s the distributor, Safari the supplier and alls cool as long as it’s hands off the Doctor. When she tries to threaten him if he reneges, Safari makes no promises and repeats his slogan—- depends on how she behaves. However, he is curious as to what the Doctor is to her, an adorable little brother or a man she’d like in her bed? Jin-sook scoffs that neither is his concern and they agree on 3 kilos at a location, that for now remains undisclosed.

Jin-sook chooses Soo-min for the exchange and invites herself over announcing it’s her birthday, bag o’cash in tow. Soo-min offers to get her something and luckily, she does have something in mind. She explains the errand is a deal but they’re the only ones involved and hands her the key to her car. Soo-min reports to Hyung-min, who clues in Detective Yang for surveillance but decides to go it alone. Meanwhile, the Doctor sees Jin-sook leaving Soo-min’s and immediately seeks out Min to track a cellphone.


It’s deal day. Location: Zoo. Hyung-min gives Soo-min a pep talk and Yang tracks him remotely from the Unit offices until Ahn comes in throwing his weight around and notices the coordinates. Min informs the Doctor of the Unit’s plans but suggests he lay low and Yang gives Hyung-min a heads up they’ve been found out. Ahn and the Unit arrive on the scene but Hyung-min warns him to stand down to protect the informant. However, Ahn isn’t into taking orders and sends the men out to follow mission protocol. Thankfully, Hyung-min has been able to stay close to Soo-min who eyes her target— man near ice-cream stand.


Safari and his crew split up while he checks in with Jin-sook who claims to be at the entrance. But when he dials in for another check, she claims there was no need for her to show up herself. She sent someone else in her stead and since she’s like a sister, hands off. Safari is rattled but informs Meth the deal is sour, get the money and kill the girl. Jin-sook soon realizes her folly and contacts Soo-min but can’t get through because she’s on getting orders from Hyung-min. He tells her to eject her battery but before she can, the Doctor rings through and she answers to tell him she’s busy. However he already knows and assumes there’s money in the bag she’s carrying.


The Unit is scaling the area as the Doctor explains the deal is a trap. He asks her to trust him and run, she complies, and this sends Meth and Hyung-min in a tizzy. She enters a corridor to meet him but faces Eun-soo and a knife instead, until the Doctor appears and knocks her aside. The two barrel through the hall and hunker down in a nearby office. He gives her some orders of what to do next but she’s more concerned about who he is and why he’s nice to her.

The Doctor: Listen, someone like you, shouldn’t be poking around in this world. You could die. When you get out of here, don’t ever look back.


The Doctor readies to leave but turns back and gives his name— “It’s Shi-hyun, Jung Shi-hyun.” Then disappears into the stairwell where he encounters a fleeing Meth, who once face to face with Doctor, slinks in the opposite direction. The Doctor creeps after him but recognizes the cops and stays put.

Meth ends up grabbing Drunk Reporter as hostage, who got a whiff for a story and decided to tag along and get live action footage of gangster mating rituals. Hyung-min calls Soo-min who still hasn’t gotten rid of her battery and warns her to do so immediately so she won’t be tracked, then finds Drunk Reporter and helps her to safety and debriefing.


Meanwhile, Safari finds  Eun-soo in the hallway and she tells him the Doctor is in. Looking over his shoulder, he tries to hide in the library but the Doctor is quick behind him. They play a king of the jungle, tussling tables and books. The Doctor leaps onto Safari and they rumble a little more until a tuckered Safari crouches and slides pants to one end of the room. The Doctor takes this opportunity to get to the truth.


The Doctor: I’ll  ask one more time— You really didn’t kill Lee Kyung-mi?

Safari: Now you’re trying to blame me for that too?

The Doctor takes his word and suggests the finish things but he realizes to late that he and Safari’s definition of end slightly differ. Gun pointed, Safari says the obligatory “I’m sorry” and remarks he didn’t mean for things to go this far—

But before Safari pulls the trigger, Hyung-min steps in halting the action. Safari is caught and raises his hands, while the Doctor ducks behind some shelving, knife ready for combat. But before Hyung-min takes a step forward, Safari reaches into his side jacket pocket and flips over a badge— “I’m a police officer.”


Unnichan: I guess we just need to jump right in and address it…. the sex. I don’t think I am surprised nor do I care that they ended up in bed together. Not anything near what I would do personally, but I think in Soo-min’s case, it was a good move cause Hyung-min wasn’t going to be the one. For the Doctor, who knows. I mean of course it’s lust but like I said, it wasn’t just sexual but more of a need. To have what she has. It was a tender moment that we never see from him. It was intimate in a way I wasn’t expecting which was eye-opening.

Ripgal: I wasn’t really turned on by the sex, it was steamy and hot alright (JKH and NGR were literally devouring each other, thanks to cable!) but it just lacked a kind of sensuality and sensitivity I was expecting and hoping for. Maybe because I wasn’t really sure about what they both wanted at that point in time? The kind of understanding and mutual affection between 2 individuals? It just seemed to random and out of the blue.

Unnichan: I’m sure it was supposed to be “sensual” based on desire but I didn’t get that. It was functional, short and sweet and that was fine for me. For, it was pretty clear what they wanted and they both had their goals. Closeness. They don’t “love” one another or anything and it wasn’t what we call passion but it was supposed to be a search for intimacy that neither experience in their separate lives. And the Doctor was surprised by his own actions, while Soo-min, though surprised had some needs of her own— to do the sex act with someone of her choosing.

Ripgal: I dunno, maybe I’m just jealous haha, I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to. Because how can I resist sex-making JUNG KYUNG HO?!! *excuse me explicitness*

Unnichan: Oh but the money… I get that too but as a woman? ABSOLUTELY NOT DOCTOR! I’m willing to hear him out though, I think. If I were Soo-min, I might been done with him though. ‘Cause I never got the impression that he knew about her ties to Lee Jin-sook before the sex. If he did… then it’s still inappropriate because whores have lives too. They don’t do everything for money. If my initial impression is true, then what the heck are you thinking Doctor? Treating every woman like a whore? And even in that, hos let you know what’s up before sex happens.


Ripgal: That was definitely a NO NO NO, Shi-hyun’s not so perfect and tactful after all. You do not initiate something and throw something back without proper regard of the other, and especially one whom you’d pounced on FIRST. Unless he really thought Soo Min was soliciting, then that was absolutely disrespectful.

Unnichan: You might be new to the party Doctor but you aren’t dumb. One-night stands make zero sense to me, but people do it and they do it of their own volition. I do concede, the situation could also be looked at from the standpoint that he doesn’t know how to deal with a regular “non” working girl and being he didn’t stick around until morning they didn’t get a chance to have a real conversation about it. But alas, I’m not into making excuses for poor behavior so…

Ripgal: But do you really think Shi-hyun could be clueless when it comes to the other sex, looking the way he’d ask Soo for ideas?

Unnichan:  It’s unlikely that he’s never had sex, however, it’s also very likely he’s never been in a relationship with a woman besides Jin-sook. The ground work was laid in ep2, when we first met Jin-sook. She’s a mother-sister-girlfriend to him. Then as added confirmation, we have his actions this episode and Soo’s “what the?” response.

Ripgal: I think it’s ridiculous that he might be because come on, you’re deep in the world dude, there is no way you could have lived a life of decadence…without the ladies and the sex!

Unnichan: What do you think about Lee Jin-sook assuming it was Hyung-min, though? I think it works in Soo-min’s favor most definitely but can be seen as a lie, not just a misunderstanding.

Ripgal: I’m not surprised because it all happened right after “the assignment”. It works for both because it can only be advantageous to their respective causes.

Unnichan: Now where the “undercover” thing is concerned, it’s great because it’s a “let’s not and say we did” situation. Not that they weren’t going to do that anyway. But now who would believe that? It works.

Ripgal: Soo-min’s gonna get points from Jin-sook for “working her ass off” and Jin-sook, she’ll be able to gauge what Hyung-min wants (regardless of what Soo-min actually gets from Hyung-min and divulges to her).

Unnichan: What I didn’t like was the guilt and blame afterward, from he and Soo-min.The gift to Lee Jin-sook felt more like a husband’s gift to his wife after a night of cheating. And I’m not down for that. No woman deserves presents bought due to a guilty conscience, warranted or no. It’s not that I don’t understand (in his case), I do but it still gets a “No.”

Ripgal: That scene didn’t bother me as much. To me it was more of a regular and thoughtful gesture from Shi-hyun to Jin-sook. Didn’t and couldn’t really relate that to all the complicated phase he’s going through now because of what had happened between him and Soo-min. IMO he already feels guilty about his actions before, and isn’t doing anything about it (sadly). Jin-sook is Jin-sook, Soo-min is Soo-min.


Unnichan: Though him consulting with Soo was adorable and Soo’s reaction priceless. It just further proves he was overcompensating, which *sigh* is pretty upsetting. Those two (Jin-sook and Shi-hyun) are so darn dysfunctional.

Ripgal: I thought that scene was kinda random, or maybe again I’m in denial. I don’t want uri precious Doctor to be clueless because of a girl lol. I liked Soo’s reaction, as though Shi-hyun has never dated a girl before (seriously, I don’t believe this!).

Unnichan: Hahahha! He can’t know everything about everything. I actually think it’s he’s a little more stunted than he should be. Plus, the Doctor has had many more things on his mind and in his life than thinking about women. Drama’s not saying he’s inexperienced physically but emotionally? Certainly! As for Soo-min, if not for the money thing I’d definitely find her reaction pretty stupid. I get that she hates Hyung-min was implicated in something he didn’t do and he might feel a certain way about that, but I’m certain that’s not all there is to it. Her reaction was too drastic.

Ripgal: Agree, I did think there was over-reaction on her part. I dunno perhaps she didn’t have time to think about what’d really transpired between Shi-hyun and herself. It just happened, and she enjoyed it a hell lot! Did they even have a proper conversation? Did they even get to know each other? Love and crushes sometimes are unexplainable, please explain hers to me.

Unnichan: I can’t chingguu. It’s an area where we agree, we are both clueless. He isn’t even remotely attractive to me. Well, not until that flashback anyway. And I don’t find anything unexplainable, but feelings are usually harder to articulate because that requires an honesty we aren’t willing to confront. An awareness that makes us less honorable, shallow or biased. And this is definitely the case for Soo-min. I’m positive she’d never want to deal with the reality of this one-sided affair. The way she blames Hyung-min for her being treated like a slut and the Jin-sook misunderstanding? And this time the flashbacks were no help.

Ripgal: It’s always been a choice that she’d made in the beginning, her pitting blame on Hyung-min didn’t sit well with me either. She has to understand that whatever she does as an undercover has consequences, and it’s not that such cannot be foreseen at all. She knows and she has to deal. It’s a responsibility she has to learn how to take. Girl’s still a rookie, no way can she survive in the world long if doesn’t toughen up or force herself to.


Unnichan:  Needless to say, when we learn about the origin and depth of her feelings for Hyung-min, I was pretty livid. I get that Soo-min is young. I was young once. And crushes happen on all types of people all the time but this man has always been taken. Always. There was only one fleeting second where she thought he may be available but that died by Hyung-min’s own admission. The fact that she harbored a crush for her sister’s boyfriend and in her own way pursued and waited for him, then add Kyung-mi’s death and thinking she can just squeeze in there? Yea, that’s just sickening.

Ripgal: Hah, I was right about Hyung-min and Soo-min all this while. I dunno but I found her one-sided crush pretty sad though not really right in the eyes of the norm (yeap the guy is her sister’s man). It’s just that the notion of not being able to have your feelings reciprocated, no matter who that person is, I did feel a teeny weeny bad for her. Why of all people, your sister’s man?!!


Unnichan: I won’t even pretend there is a such thing as “Girl Code” but seriously Soo-min, every cool point you almost had was drained in less than 3 mins. I’m not taking away from the fact that she was a kid but if it’d stayed on that front, I’d be awing instead of steamed. I’m just too rational to harbor crushes or care when others do. Why hurt yourself in that way? It’s too masochistic to me.

Ripgal: You know what bothers me, that Soo-min might have used Shi-hyun as an escape or rebound tool (bed scene?). I don’t know for sure if that was the case but it sure did seem like it. If she still had feelings for Hyung-min and actually kind-of used Shi-hyun to unleash her frustration or vent, that’s an even bigger NO from me (more than the money issue).

Unnichan: Naw, not for me. Though neither are right. However, I don’t believe that’s true either way. From what we’ve seen of her, she separates the two rather well. I don’t think at that moment she had any thoughts of Hyun-gmin. The money issue is degrading. If she “used” the Doctor for a night it’s something that can happen once and move on. She didn’t lie, manipulate or persuade him. He kissed her, she reciprocated. Now, if she were to continue to see him as a way to ween herself, I’d take issue, especially if her intention was to chew him up and spit him out. But she’s no femme fatale, so that’s highly unlikely. And still that is an issue with the way she views herself, while the Doctor’s actions can be viewed as an outward expression of how he views all women. Neither are appropriate but for me, the scope makes the difference.

Unnichan: Heh. But in the shallow corner of Unni’s heart, I have to mention that Jae-yoon-ssi looked great! I loved his look and since I don’t actually find him attractive, I was surprised. What I did love about the flashback was Joo-young. We don’t get to see her too often but she’s a girl I can chill with. She’s open and upfront. I like.

Ripgal: YESSS! Flashback Lee Jae Yoon/Hyung-min was freaking hotttt! I literally squeed swooned jumped and salivated! No wonder Soo-min couldn’t resist the man, heck I’d fallen for him too. LOL I’ve always liked his physique and looks, so plus points when they made him look boyish manly. Kyung-mi’s such a lucky girl. First Shi-hyun, then Hyung-min.


Unnichan: The fighting scene reminded me of when Kyung-mi handcuffed Hyung-mi when they picked up Halibut and when she was little too aggressive, he pointed out, she has some animosity toward him. It was cute then, here, not so cute, or effective but his face was.

Ripgal: Don’t think scene was meant to be cute, but I liked it. At least Soo-min didn’t over-react this time around (about what had happened, blame on Hyung-min and stuff) and actually focused on pinning the man down (training). I even actually appreciated that she went all out and didn’t leave way for Hyung-min to fight back. Too aggressive? Yeah maybe, but if I were Hyung-min, I’d more than appreciate the viciousness. But could that be a flashback?

Unnichan:  Jin-sook and her excuses. Ugh. For someone who doesn’t trust a person, she certainly believes every word he says, enough to quote the man as if it’s fact. And did you notice she makes a point to say she never wanted “Hye-soo” dead? Always interesting what a person doesn’t say, ne?

Ripgal: Yeah I love the woman and her excuses! It was never like or love because she’s perfect or likeable as a person. It’s just the construct of her character that intrigues me. I concur that she may be wishy washy, and isn’t void of ulterior motives, but when a character is as interesting and colorful as she is (shades of good or bad), I am a happy watcher. I’m easy to please.

Unnichan: Characters with no integrity get very little love from me, then add she’s a constant thorn to what/who really matters and I’m done. [I really should take more pains to wonder why she’s written the way she is though.] But the Doctor’s inquiry was valid, I had the same questions myself. Now, I’m just not sure I should be happy or irritated about the answer. For it’s Lee Jin-sook fashion to get it wrong and not realize that if she used the girl as bait, there’s little chance she’d live.

Ripgal: Shi-hyun’s always been inquisitive (though never intrusive) and that’s why we love him. Valid question, as you said. Unlike you, I really liked her response to Shi-hyun, because it’s probably the only convincing and best answer to herself and to him. I don’t care if it’s true (but it sounded genuine), her statement made sense in the context of the drama. You can only go deeper, and deeper.

Unnichan: I’m sure it was. That’s the problem. She didn’t necessarily think Hye-soo would die but knew Soo would. She just didn’t take into consideration that he wouldn’t be the only casualty. But WHY? This is my irritation. I don’t mind that she’s regretful (if that’s true) that one of her girls is dead but the fact she didn’t deny Hye-soo was a pawn in “disappearing” Soo, that’s the issue (what went unsaid).

Unnichan: But then again, how are we supposed to believe even that, when she later does what she does to Soo-min? Am I supposed to believe that she’s honestly that stupid? That if she didn’t know what was going down with Safari earlier and sent Hye-soo and she died, that this time would miraculously be different? That she didn’t use Soo-min on purpose? I mean at the very least take some cues from the man you’re dealing with. Last deal, he sent not one but two different expendables (New Guy and Tooth). Sure, she’s “shocked” once it finally dawns on her what’s going on but really? REALLY? I know she doesn’t think and I’ve been saying that from the beginning but there are countless girls she could have asked to do it. She didn’t. She asked a girl she just met, with no friends or family (as far as she knows). Coincidental? Absolutely not. Writer convoluted? Obviously (especially if writer loves Jin-sook as much as everyone but me does).

Ripgal: I was never expecting her to protect Soo-min all out, but I’ve gotta say I was teeny weeny disappointed that she put Soo-min in such a situation. I didn’t think it was done on purpose, in that she’d intended to use Soo-min the way she did with Hye Soo, but more of a sudden fright reactive response – she didn’t want to go herself, and Soo-min coincidentally was there. I’m sorta inclined to believe that it’s always been the writer’s intention to use Soo-min that way because otherwise how could she be involved in the bigger deal? If Soo-min was ever to play her part in this drama, she’s gotta be part of it and part of them.

Unnichan: It wasn’t sudden, she thought quite awhile about it, hence the flashback and couch posing. But that was the extent of her process— who could take her place, not what may occur if she didn’t show.  And yes, we know why it was done in an inconsistent narrative sense (trick by writer to enter Soo-min) but the “why” for Jin-sook, that’s what I’m getting at. There’s no way we can be convinced she’s not as stupid as I think she is, if she was that thoughtless. It makes no logical sense.


Unnichan: And though I have plenty to say about this bogus deal with Safari, I’ll just say this, why does Lee Jin-sook even waste her breath with threats? They’re all empty and laughable. But Safari brings up a point we addressed last episode and I’ll admit, for the first time Jin-sook actually gave me reason to believe she may not want to bump bellies with Shi-hyun. Maybe she hasn’t truly thought that far. If that’s the case— BANZAI BANZAI!!! I doubt it, but it would be nice. I realize that love can manifest in the weirdest of ways between men and women but I strongly believe there are some lines that should never be crossed, emotionally or physically (given the circumstances).

Ripgal: I like their interactions, totally don’t mind the threats. Anything with Safari is always a go for me because though he may not be the best goody person around, but I like that he’s able to see through people. He may not be right all the time, but he somehow manages and slides through with his observations. I don’t know what writer is intending to do with Jin-sook and Shi-hyun, I don’t think I’d like the story to go there, but OTOH, if it does, I’m hoping writer can go BAMWHAM and don’t turn back. Yes it might turn everyone off, but at least it would be bold enough a try in K-drama land? I’m such a weirdo.

Unnichan: It’s the characters I have a problem with, not the situation. If these characters were written differently and weren’t established in certain ways from the beginning, I wouldn’t care cause I’m pretty lenient about relationships in many ways. Most pairings, young, old or faux familial, don’t bother me, it’s reciprocation and plausibility that I access. It’s very similar to Soo-min’s feelings for Hyung-min. Their irrational and icky.

Unnichan: And I knew that zoo story wasn’t for naught! But I’m not sure if I should find Jin-sook clever or sneaky for choosing this place, given the person she used. Maybe it’s a bit of both? And her little spiel? Given I trust nothing from this woman, everything she says, sounds like a con at this point. It’s not like I didn’t know this would happen (her using Soo-min) but it feels too soon. If it’d been later, the fact would be the same but I’d believe she actually cared about Soo-min and truly desired to share this with a dongsaeng. It being so quick makes it seem as though everything till now was false. Which is a massive writing problem in my book. Sincerity has been diminished.


Ripgal: I think Jin-sook has always known something might happen, that’s why she didn’t choose to go. But she didn’t foresee that the cops might catch on (of course, thanks to Soo-min)? I think she genuinely cares for Soo-min, but caring for someone and being thoughtful, has its limits. Writer has to use Soo-min this way, fast or not, drama’s gotta move on. She’s selfish alright, but she’s not totally void of feeling. The scene of her being all nervous about the botched deal, what I saw was a worried Unni, not just a drug dealer who’d failed to cut a deal.

Unnichan: My problem will always be that Jin-sook never knows what she’s doing. And this was no different. Sure she was worried but if she knew (felt) something was going to go wrong, why send an inexperienced newbie into the clutches of a killer? Then threaten him? With what exactly? She has nothing and can do nothing. Does Safari take her seriously? Not anymore than I do. And knows that all he has to do is lie later and she’d let it go. That’s what kind of “worried Unni” she is.

Ripgal: What did you think about Soo-min’s doubts regarding her Unni’s trust in her doing her first assignment? Her consulting Hyung-min? It was good advice I thought, and pretty quick a response on his part.

Unnichan: Yea. Hyung-min knows how things should play out and Jin-sook is predictable. She doesn’t really think things through or look any deeper than surface value, so as long as Soo-min comes across sincere, she’ll always believe her. The only way to prove something to Jin-sook is for her to see it herself (and even then it’s a toss up), therefore, Soomin will have to be caught in a lie or worse for her to distrust her. I’m sure Hyung-min picked that up rather quickly. She’s not that hard to read.


Unnichan: Thank the drama gods for the Doctor and that suspicious mind!! He had another Batman moment, which I loved. Especially when he gave her his name. I’m sure we’re supposed to find that endearing in some way but I can’t help but think there were other motives behind it as well. However, what I loved about the moment was the Soo-min was able to catch on that his advice was the best to take in that moment. That for some reason, Gangster Ahjussi was to be trusted. It gave me hope that she has some proper instincts in her.

Ripgal: I liked that scene the most, because it showed the true Shi-hyun in and out, as a person. It was the most honest and genuine conversation they had, and whatever he said to her, so true that it hit the nail through the plank. It was direct but filled with thoughtful concern, stern but affecting. This is the Shi-hyun we know, when he cares, he can appear to be unfeeling and cold, but you know, from the words and in his eyes, he cares. I think Soo-min always had some trust in Shi-hyun, evident from her earlier encounters with him. And when he comes to your rescue just like that, you don’t refuse. I’d gladly do anything just to get away.


Unnichan: I’m going to admit it… I love Eun-soo! She’s almost everything I would hope to be if I had a part in this underworld. She’s the kind of badass that Jin-sook should be, being she’s old as dirt but whatever. Now it’s true Eun-soo’s a little bloodthirsty. She enjoys that a little too much for me but she holds her own and I can’t help but love that. She doesn’t just take orders, though she knows her function and pulls her weight. She questions when things look shady but she can be counted on to get the job done, if she’s capable and doesn’t back down easily. She’s my kind of girl.

Ripgal: Hahaha, I don’t care about Eun Soo, and frankly can’t be bothered with so many other characters in play. I like her guts and boldness, and her don’t-mess-with-me attitude, but that’s about it. Her character’s supposed to be an aide and an aide only, IMO don’t see much of a relevance to the bigger picture. But I do wonder if she’s interested in Safari?

Unnichan: I don’t care about Eun-soo, she’s expendable narratively but I do wonder why she’s the badass and Jin-sook sucks. It’s very interesting to me that a player that isn’t at all significant in the real “game” has more sense than someone who is. It’s a narrative point( or flaw) that is intriguing. ‘Cause it’s not just that Eun-soo is a hired gun but that she actually assists and understands where and what she is. Jin-sook does not. It’d be so much better if  Eun-soo was just the silent killer girl and Jin-soo had the savvy, sass and brains. But drama proves every episode this is impossible to even wish for. And no, I don’t think she’s interested in Safari. She doesn’t give off those vibes anymore than Jin-sook does. But since we’re on the expendables… what’s burning me is, can someone please tell me why Meth Kim is still ALIVE?!

Ripgal: Not my episode, probably my least favorite. It’s still a very solid episode considering how much stuff and content it’s got, but it somehow had less of an impact or impression on me. Maybe because some parts just felt off? Like how can a prosecutor just take over a police operation just like that? Is that how it works in Korea? Aren’t the powers and authorities different? It probably worked in the context of drama, but realistically, I just didn’t buy it.


Unnichan: Actually, I’ve seen this before and just assumed it’s one of the many differences between my nation’s law enforcement and Korea’s. Doesn’t mean it’s true though. Plus, Commish Ji told Ahn to “find a way in,” and in the last episode he eluded he’d found a loop hole but needed assistance. Were we given the details? I don’t think so (thanks show) but I could be wrong.

Unnichan:  What I enjoyed about this episode is the majority of this episode was spent on other characters but in the end, all roads lead to the Doctor and Safari. I think it’s interesting that this story is more about the entanglements of life and their effect on everything we do. Whether it’s purposeful or not, the relationships we make and break, bend and mend, design out current situation. And tell me that library scene wasn’t wonderfully shot. It’s this hunting visual we get, both men on the prowl and duck. Not as intense as others but still lovely. Then the fight? I love to see grown men fight like regular dudes. Like men caught off guard in the gruff, without all the swift swings and jabs. This gave a little of that.

Ripgal: It was the best shot scene of the episode, stat word. But I was kind of distracted by Jung Kyung Ho’s more and more obvious guy liner lol

Unnichan: But I did laugh out loud when Safari reveals he’s Pusan Police Officer. And though I don’t believe it, it would put so many questions to rest in my mind. If it’s true there’s no undercover where he’s concerned, it’s definitely not a current situation (ie he’s dirty or discharged). Safari is not a man on the level and the Law is not his friend or his boss. Again, this would put so many things in perspective for me, from his personal hang ups to Pusan all the way down to Min.

Ripgal: I was frankly, utterly disappointed that writer went there. It really took away something from the drama at that point in time because I felt writer was trying to experiment with too many things at the same time, things might lead to conclusions that might not satisfy me in the end. It just didn’t make a whole lot sense to me that Safari could be an undercover for so long, with all the entanglements with the other characters, and without actually having achieved something in the years (capture the bad guy that is!). But that’s lil less gripey for me than the fact that I’d felt manipulated, for everything that I’d felt for his character all this while, I’m not sure if they still stand right now. Unless writer’s aiming at following the “New World” approach, the disappointment still stands.

Unnichan: And is it just me but every time the Doctor pulls his knife it’s sexy. Now I’m not interested in what knives do, per se, unless we’re chopping vegetables but each time he slides, snatches or slips that thing out, it’s beautiful!

Ripgal: Sexayness overload, but the blurring takes away half the beauty and the enjoyment I’m supposed to feel.

Unnichan: The blur is ludicrous in my book but if I’m swooning with the very fact I know it’s there, what would happen if I actually saw it in all it’s glory?! I mean did Jung Kyung-ho go to sexy knife wielding training class or is that just natural?

Ripgal: It’s natural Chinggu. The man is naturally SEXAAAAY!

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