Rip and Chan Take on the City: episode seven

In the city, nothing remains the same and everyone knows, no one is to be trusted. Yet, all of our characters refuse to accept this fact— whether in their hearts or in their heads.

Seventh City Sweep

The tape rolls and Hyung-min takes the visual to Eun-hye for identification, while the Doctor goes into clean up mode. He confronts Soo who doesn’t deny he tried to take care of Emo for paving the way for Meth to stab him and kill Hye-soo. The Doctor defends her, pointing to Nang Mahn, then referring to Emo as family but Soo isn’t quite sure what that means, being Scale was family as well. He says to let it lie with Emo and Soo agrees but wonders first— “What’s really between you and Lee Jin-sook?”

Over dinner, Emo discusses Soo-min’s plans and why she never mentions her parents. Soo-min explains she has none to mention— she was abandoned at a zoo and been in an orphanage since she was four. But though she may have no parents, she does have plans(for them and herself)—to take revenge on them and the world— “I’m going to make lots of money and be successful like you.”

When Soo-min returns home, Hyung-moin’s waiting, demanding updates. But she’s in no reporting mood, believing he was willing to leave her to rot in jail and Emo’s why she’s out. Hyung-min sternly reminds her, not to get it twisted; Emo is a mark, nothing more. That what will make or break the case are her thoughts and actions, not theirs. However, Soo-min feels used, treated like a criminal and tells him to shut it and leave.

The Doctor asks Emo why she won’t leave the business and isn’t convinced it’s because someone’s after her. He inquires after her Tooth deal but instead of answering, insists she’ll take care of it. But the Doctor knows about Nang Mahn, that he was sent by Safari, to take him down. Emo is surprised by Safari’s involvement, but takes offense when he suggests she leave—“Are you saying I’m holding you back?” That’s not the case, but his advice still stands and Emo is done listening, for it’s her business what she chooses to do. Later, she tears up at an old photo of she, Safari and Shi-hyun wondering how they ended up this way.

Safari Moon is drinking alone, when Pusan requests his presence down South. Before he leaves, he makes a stop at Emo’s but she’s on her way out, so he packs it in and makes the drive. Emo’s actually on her way to interrogate the detention guard about her attack. He knows nothing, but confesses Ji Hyung-min watched, then kept the recording. For the Unit, tape is a bust, but Hyung-min shares his findings anyway, certain the man on the tape is connected to Scale.

The Doctor sits in the dark staring at his phone, when he thinks back to his earlier conversation with. Hyung-min has his face and knows Emo works with him. Soo offers to take care of Emo again, but when he gets no play, he offers the same deal for Gol Mong, one of their suppliers who’s now flipped to the Thai market. But the Doctor says he’ll take care of it himself. The phone buzzes a sex text and it’s Min. The Doctor relays the problem at hand and Min asks to meet.

In their spot, Min knows the tape implicates Soo and reminds the Doctor there’s such thing as friends; only targets. And plants Hyung-min will drop in on Scale. The Doctor takes the hint and threatens Scale to keep quiet but when Hyung-min asks, he gives. Hyung-min thinks he’s lying but Scale reminds— “It’s all like that in this business, that’s why I’m like this now.”

Soo-min takes Emo at her word and asks for a job, but Emo thinks school is the better option. Unfortunately, Soo-min wants to make it big now and lies about her experience, but Emo knows it’s a front and kicks her out. Tail between her legs, she gets mistaken for a new “girl” and jumps at the chance but she gets in an altercation with a customer and Emo has to save her.

Emo: No one does this because they like it. If someone was doing this because they enjoyed it, they’d really be crazy. You may think, It’s because it’s the first time or I’ll get used to it after awhile, but that won’t happen. You’ll feel that way forever.

Emo tells her to drink up, shake it off and go home but for Soo-min, there’s nothing to go home to, nothing will change, the world Emo described as been her entire life. However, Emo knows there’s no way out once you’ve stepped in and rehearses a little Lestat, giving her the chance, she never had. And asks her to think it over once more.

Ms. Reporter spies Hyung-min outside and offers him information for food, then uses the meal as an excuse to get drunk and flirt. Hyung-min isn’t biting, so they discuss Donghae Construction. Turns out, the business is filing bankruptcy then being auctioned, therefore, all laundering and dirty dealings concerning the Chungrok account will be washed away in the changing of hands. It smells of setup with a mastermind buyer.

In disguise, the Doctor infiltrates Gol Mong’s pass to the Thais, takes the goods, then hands it over to Min. Unfortunately, he did get a scrape of two and stops into his local convenience store for some bandages. Eagle eye Soo-min’s on her way to Emo’s and recognizes him as he leaves and follows him. But when she inquires after his wound, he slaps the pack in her hand as repayment. Sadly, that’s not good enough. she’d given him ointment too, now she needs a ride. When he screeches to her destination, she asks for his phone, then calls him from outside— “Save this number. My name is Yoon Soo-min. Yoon. Soo. Min.”

Ms. Reporter ends up getting drunk and calling her father a hypocrite before Hyung-min answers Emo’s call to meet him for a little chat. She wants to ID her assailant and Hyung-min slides to video over. She recognizes Soo immediately, but feigns, asking Hyung-min to catch the culprit quickly. But Hyung-min isn’t diverted. He knows she and Soo’s connection; their both vying for power. She smiles at his assumption but his information valuable and decides to repay him with company. Just then, Soo-min walks in, startling them both.

Once they’re alone Soo-min explains he’s her first job. For now, Hyung-min agrees play along.

A few doors down, the Doctor demands Emo quit with Hyung-min while she’s ahead. But Emo isn’t subject to anyone and reveals Soo tried to bump her off. The Doctor counters that he knows it was she that hooked Soo up with Hye-soo, that it was she who told Safari Soo’s weakness. Emo is stunned and hurt he knew and feels he’s defending Soo but that’s not the point. And tells her, since she started it, she should end it first. But she alludes she can’t, for him, ’cause Hyung-min knows about Soo and if left alone, he’ll be the Doctor’s undoing.

Ripgal: This episode taught me a lesson — do not believe anyone but yourself. My trust in the characters is waning, I am confused. Writer is really throttling forward with her mind games, throwing us out there along with the characters in the show, making me waver and contemplate between sides. I still love my characters to bits, but the fact that nothing and nobody in this show can be taken at face value makes me sad. I can only trust Shi-hyun’s hot bod tattoo and sexiness for now. Nothing else.

Unnichan: Aw. You didn’t know? I always trust my instincts, therefore, nothing much has changed in my view of anyone. Safari is just a little worse than I initially thought maybe? Hyung-min a tad more narrow-minded? I doubt it though. The characters were never ones to be seen as one dimensional and in this world there’s tons of secrets that will be uncovered, so pretty much I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop for all our characters. But for the most part I think we were shown their true character from the very beginning.

Ripgal: And I think I’ve given Emo and Soo too much credit (now I know). I still think they’re on Shi-hyun’s side, and will continue to be, but I’m bummed that they’re also up to fishy business behind Shi-hyun’s back and that they do not or refuse to understand where he’s coming from. Not that I blame them, I do like the realism portrayed, in that one can never be selfless and righteous in this world of grey, and you’ve just gotta go with the flow.

Unnichan: You know I won’t disagree with your thoughts on Emo. Not at all! I have nothing for her, concerning Shi-hyun. I don’t believe a word from her mouth because she’s deceptive. She keeps damaging and destructive secrets and is always forced by Shi-hyun to tell him the truth. I don’t care what she believes her motives are, it’s not protection or love. Soo, on the other hand, I can better understand. He didn’t tell the Doctor about Emo and though I believe he should have, I understand his line of thinking. What would have changed if he had? Does she care that he almost died and Hye-soo was murdered? That she botched up a job and created the mess they’re in? Nope.

Ripgal: I guess this is where we will have to disagree. But I’ve said my own about Emo wanting to protect Shi-hyun and stand by it. To each her own hehe. 😉 But what about Shi-hyun and Emo’s confrontation?! My ultimate favorite! A scene which painted a thousand words, about Emo and Shi-hyun’s relationship, how much things between them have changed and how far they’re willing to go for each other. Shi-hyun’s desperation for Emo to leave the circle is more pressing than ever, so much can be seen in his eyes. This man is totally killing it, why can’t Emo understand?

Unnichan: Short answer? Because Lee Jin-sook is an IDIOT! Unbiased evalutation? Lee Jin-sook’s an IDIOT! But I did like the scene because Shi-hyun irritation and exasperation is alive, it’s steamin, because that woman is the absolutely maddening. I have no patience for her. I agree that things have definitely changed, even in that moment, Shi-hyun seems to regret working so hard to her out of jail.

Ripgal: No, she’s not an idiot! She’s trying to survive, the way she wants to. Shi-hyun’s the idiot for having thought things are that simple. Lol.

Unnichan: Oh yea, she is trying to survive and if she was more upfront about that, instead of pretending she’s got anyone else in mind as she does that besides herself, I probably still wouldn’t like her but at least I could respect her. And it’s true, optimists can come across as ignorant ninnies sometimes. He is being a tad unrealistic. Emo is the same she’s always been, he should know she can’t be trusted and will never see him as the man he is and Soo will run off half-cocked.

Ripgal: I wonder if Emo truly had anything to do with the killing of Soo’s girlfriend. She didn’t admit a single thing but seemed to have acknowledged it as well. She seemed more concerned about Shi-hyun’s knowledge of Soo’s plan to get rid of her.

Unnichan: Exactly, because she doesn’t deem what she did to be wrong. There’s no doubt she did it. I knew the moment it was insinuated that she did it, back in episode 2? And I think the Doctor did as well, that’s why he didn’t tell Soo because he knew what would happen. Emo doesn’t give a crap and she makes me sick because of it. She doesn’t care about Shi-hyun, she cares about herself and how important she is in his life. It’s sickening.

Ripgal: Again, disagree on the extent of her selfishness. But I probably see things differently. And I can imagine how hard it’d be for Emo to swallow something like that, she felt betrayed. How can Shi-hyun choose to side Soo over her? I’d feel disgusted. But what I appreciated and loved about that moment, was that she took concern over Shi-hyun first, that Soo might lead Hyung-min to Shi-hyun, that nothing was more important than his safety. Why did they have to end up like this? T___T

Unnichan: Please, she’s just deflecting. And, oh, I’m sure she did feel betrayed… but why? Did Soo feel any different? If she had been innocent, then I’d totally understand but she wasn’t. Soo was, possibly Hye-soo— she isn’t. She did it. She broke trust first. The Doctor didn’t choose Soo, he chose her life. ‘Cause if he’d had let things slide, her tail would be dead and I’d been fine with that. This is what I mean by not thinking. Everything she does is predicated on selfish emotion. She doesn’t try to understand where Shi-hyun is coming from before she acts. She doesn’t consider the outcome. Ugh, that woman s so ignorant! Am I going to be able to handle another 13 episodes of her stupidity?!

Ripgal: But it saddens me that Shi-hyun is all stuck between this internal fray. We all know how much both Emo and Soo mean to him, in different ways, for different reasons, and it pains me that he’s bearing all the brunt and still makes an effort to balance things out between them.

Unnichan: I hate that Shi-hyun knows that no matter what he does, both parties will be hurt in some way. And that hurts him (therefore it hurts me). And though I’m sure he understands Soo, like I do, he can’t condone what he tried to do. At face value, it smacks betrayal but in reality it’s retaliation. Doesn’t make it right, but everything started with Emo and like I said, I’m not at all surprised by his actions. Not sure I wouldn’t want to do the same. My issue is that Emo doesn’t understand she deserves Soo’s wrath and Shi-hyun’s doubt. That it’s because of her, we’re here in the first place. And I for sure, can’t blame Shi-hyun’s resistance to wholeheartedly take her side. She makes it seem like Soo is the problem when he’s not (the sole issue). She began the cycle. Therefore, she is Shi-hyun’s albatross. And Soo’s actions the lesser of two evils.

Ripgal: However, we are reassured that he is definitely out to get Emo not just because of Shi-hyun. I used to think he didn’t care much, for anything other than Shi-hyun, and is no more than an aide and a womanizer (I judged too early heh). His reasoning made sense and I cannot blame him too much for wanting to avenge his girlfriend’s death. He crossed the line but you know, it’s kinda sweet in a way.

Unnichan: I did think that he was a player when we first met him but by the end of episode one, I knew better. Then, with his confrontation with the Doctor in the parking garage, I knew what his next move would be. Therefore, when it’s revealed who hired Eun-hye, I knew exactly why. No doubt in my mind.

Ripgal: I don’t know if Shi-hyun’s tempting fate by playing the revelation card too early, with Emo and Soo? Him being open about the Eun-hye deal and Safari’s involvement in it does put a whole of stuff into the perspective, and does explain a lot of things, but don’t you think it places Shi-hyun in a more difficult and dangerous position? He’s threading a thin rope which is on the verge of breaking, I honestly think it is already beyond his control.

Unnichan: There’s nothing wrong with telling them what’s up because he isn’t actually showing them any of his cards. He’s telling them things they already know or should have guessed at this point. Which I admit, I’m very annoyed Emo hasn’t. I truly believe that you should give a person the opportunity to betray you. In that, I’m positive he doesn’t entirely trust that either will do what he would want or like, he’s giving them the chance to either stand by him, walk away or sell him out. It’s the right thing to do. He can’t be like them and be rash or mask the reality. He tells them the truth, when they “need” to know. That’s all he can do.

Unnichan: I actually love that he lets them know that he has their number but never uses it against them. Instead, he chooses to confront them and be as transparent as safety allows. And I wish Emo would take a hint, cause Soo seems to try and understand. Also wasn’t it sad that Safari made one last visit to Emo before he left? See, he loves that woman. Why I don’t know but then again, perhaps, they deserve one another.

Ripgal: You could totally feel how foiled and frustrated the Doctor was in this episode. The calm and unflappable Shi-hyun is slowly breaking down. And even in his more collected scenes, a sense of insecurity and hesitancy is felt.

Unnichan: Oh yes, it’s an interesting spiral. He’s breaking instead of bending, which I totally understand but it makes our concern that much deeper. Our anxiety elevated all the more. But I love no matter what he’s never irrational. That instinct and savvy stays in tact. His confidence remains as well, for now, however, I don’t see that ever diminishing. I can see him deliberating more, in a more hurried way. Like in episode one, he was pensive throughout several scenes but it was steady, now it’s a more anxious.

Ripgal: Emo might be shady, but I won’t deny I did get all awww when she gave Soo-min a second chance and take on her own destiny and life. I think she’s been through so much of the jaded stuff to know that her life isn’t a pretty one, and I bet she hates it enough to already be comfortable with it.

Unnichan: This is why I say, she should stick with what she knows; her girls. She can identify and is perhaps a little too soft-hearted but all in all, is older and wiser in that profession. She knows that life through and through and she can teach and mentor in that area. But she refuses to know her place. If she wants more, she should take time to learn and listen, instead of screwing things up for everyone else.

Ripgal: That’s why Shi-hyun begged for her to leave, she knew, I knew, it was impossible. You can leave, but the mark is always there, and it will always come back to haunt you.

Unnichan: If only that was the real reason she didn’t take the first boat out! I agree that the mark is there for life, but there’s a difference between “can’t” and “won’t” and Emo is the latter. She made a choice based on her present, not her past. She has no intention of leaving, not because she’s in too deep but rather, she isn’t as deep has she desires to be.

Ripgal: Hyung-min’s a lil bit more composed and focused in here. And I really like that. We all know his one-track mind to capture the Doctor can be deadly, but I like that he’s tapped down his emotions and regained a lil bit more of his “old self”.

Unnichan: He was a little manic last episode but I still contend that he hasn’t gone nearly as viral as I believe he would or that he’s capable of. Therefore, I’m grateful.

Ripgal: I like that for once he’s slightly got the upperhand, that Shi-hyun had miscalculated his trust on Scale. He’s got a great lead IMO and I really want him to use it to his/the cop’s advantage. Though I must say it’s quite funny that nobody has even seen or eye-witnessed the Doctor or Soo before given their dealings in the world. Don’t dramas or films usually have data or records for prominent drug lords or dealers? But hurray for once, things go awry and the “bad guy” Shi-hyun doesn’t get away with everything.

Unnichan: The Scale thing was a nice touch. I’m thinking that the fact Hyung-min hasn’t gotten the upperhand before had more to do with him and not the Doctor’s prowess. His inability to get inside that world– like Emo said. And we were told at the beginning of the drama, that infiltrating Scale’s business was hard because everything was in sub-units. To the point that not everyone knew everyone or everything about the other, which made it harder to pin components down. It was actually something that I loved about this setup. Anonymity, not just with the Law but within your own organization.

Ripgal: But what’s up with Scale anyway? Did he totally out Shi-hyun just because of revenge? What do you think?

Unnichan: I have to admit I was a little surprised by Scale’s admission about Soo but then again, it’s warranted. He’s ever felt any loyalty to the Doctor and with recent events why should he start now? He has no reason to be frightened of him any longer, if that was ever really the case, so why not? He has nothing to live, nothing to gain (but his own smug satisfaction). No skin off his teeth, as they say. Call it revenge or par for the course, it’s something we can’t blame him for, no matter what happens. I love what he said about the reason he’s in prison.

Ripgal: That took me by surprise too because I totally expected him to give in to Shi-hyun’s bribe. Me thinks it’s either grudge from before, or that he’d been given orders to do so by someone bigger from behind.

Unnichan: It’s probably what it’s always been, “Get the Doctor.” He doesn’t really care how and he has to play his part to the end. Plus, he’s actually sincerely upset at this point so… I’m just glad that Hyung-min takes opportunities whenever they are available or at least uses the resources he has to find the answers he needs.

Ripgal: Like Hyung-min’s so called date with the reporter? What was that all about?

Unnichan: I knew that Drunk Reporter was going to get on my nerves. What annoyed me was this wasn’t a date! You lured him out , under false pretenses, talking about business, then, wanted to make things personal! What is wrong with Korea being unable to separate work from play?! The only thing is she did come off some valuable information about Donghae Construction. If all this was instigated, who’s behind it? Not who we know put the wheels in motion but who truly benefits?

Ripgal: Well, I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself overanalyzing, but do you think she could be a potential love interest for Hyung-min (regardless of Soo-min being in the picture)? She was totally hitting on him by pretending to be drunk! Hah. She hinted at her father being someone “big” (another coincidence, writer?), whom I think might be someone involved in the business too?

Unnichan: Oh I knew the moment we saw her. What ep was that 3, 4? I’m truly not interested in this girl, beyond her job. Truly! I definitely see a new romance but, is it wrong that I’d rather for her to be more like Kyung-mi? Unrequited love is overwrought and I have a feeling, if she finds herself liking him, it will be futile for entirely too many reasons to count. I actually didn’t like how she dropped her dad in, because she knows Hyung-min isn’t interested. And by eluding to her father being important… is that supposed to change things? If it does, why would you want a man like that? Silly girls annoy me. But yea, the only thing that actually didn’t bother me was wondering who her father may be.

Ripgal: I’m not sure what to make out of reporter girl right now. But she does seem to be inquisitive and helpful enough? Maybe a lil attraction and interest on her part, but we will see if that will go somewhere. Right now Hyung-min’s too busy and hung up with the doctor to be remotely interested in romance IMO.

Unnichan: She’s a busybody but I do believe she’s smart. Only time will tell if she’s actually good at her job. That’s what I need. But, of course, Hyung-min being disinterested in her life is more attractive to her.

Ripgal: I’m happy we get more of Soo-min in this episode. I was worried I’d almost disregard her and her importance in the bigger picture altogether with so many sub-plots going on. Not that I’m complaining we’re getting a lot more Shi-hyun or Emo, but I feel her significance hasn’t been as emphasized as it should have been.

Unnichan: Perhaps. I like to give a writer the chance to show me their vision. It’s easy for me to want something but that makes the drama mine and not theirs. I figure, writer knows what he/she wants to convey and I’m certain from here on out we will get plenty of Soo-min. She’s played her part so far, paving the way for Hyung-min to use her, as well as helping me understand why she’d be susceptible to being used.

Ripgal: I’m not quite feeling Nam Gyu Ri yet, I dunno why. But I like that writer is already putting her character out there, given her interactions with all the different key players in the game. I especially liked her conversation with Emo about her life, esp when she used Shi-hyun’s words about life to reiterate how the world isn’t fair to her. I don’t know whether it was because of Kyung-mi, or because it reflected her current situation, that the world has made the way she is today.

Unnichan: It’s definitely a prime example that we have a way of making things our own, like how what Shi-hyun said took on a new meaning for Kyung-mi, it’s the same here. Soo-min twists the meaning from taking revenge and laughing to improve the world (by laughing with you), she says she taking revenge to prove something to a world that laughed at her. And though, I’m not saying these are her true feelings (it’s possibly a ruse for Emo), I recognized a spark of truth to it. I feel as though this quote will continue to crop up. And I wonder who will hear it next time and connect the dots.

Ripgal: Her struggle on how to balance her duty as a “cop” and her gratitude to Emo is budding faster than expected, which also shows how inexperienced and untrained she is in the field.

Unnichan: Oh yes. It’s something that isn’t a great thing at all but makes for intriguing television. ‘Cause at this point, she has no “true” allies. Emo is her one connection to living in a way that will make it extremely hard for her to make the distinction between work and relationship.

Ripgal: I also wonder about Soo-min’s outburst in the house. I wonder if she really did have a crush on Hyung-min? She seemed uncharacteristically affected by him for having not tried to get her out of prison, and that he didn’t seem concerned at all. One would think she’d be so driven to avenge Kyung-mi’s death to not consider comfort or consolation at all. Or perhaps I’d over-estimated her ability? Her emotional guard? There is only so much an untrained and fresh rookie can do.

Unnichan: I actually wasn’t surprised by her outburst at all. She may have a crush on him, but I don’t think it’s entirely that. She’s what I call, young and dumb. Her reaction in my eyes was based on the idea that he should care about her because of who she is and what she’s done. She isn’t experienced enough to understand her predicament or his, therefore, she’d want him to understand her, more than she him. She views this as them helping one another, in that, like they’re equals. That he needs her just as much as she needs him but that’s not actually the case. That hurt and miffed her because of the bond they shared with Kyung-mi. I don’t think she’s banking on him caring about her per se (though she may want that), but willing to do anything for her, for Kyung-mi? Yea, I think she’s ignorant enough to believe that. But Hyung-min’s never cared about her, it’s only now I think he’s beginning to.

Ripgal: Emo’s introduction of Soo-min to Hyung-min…. I nearly peed my pants! Now that I didn’t see coming and was totally thrown off guard. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Their meeting was so convenient and yet so believable in the context of the story. Now Soo-min has more to carry on her shoulders, not only does she have to play undercover the cops, she has to balance between both sides in order not to double cross either. What a genius way to bring Hyung-min and Soo-min closer to each other.

Unnichan: It was sweet. I think it’s the one thing that Emo actually does well. She knows where and how to use her girls. She knows the mind of the average man and circumvents it to her advantage. Too bad, the two men she’s trying to control aren’t average. However, in Hyung-min’s case, her actions might work to in her favor because of their prior relationship not despite.

Ripgal: I’m not shipping them in any way. It’s the notion of both having to adjust to their already awkward feelings towards each other to sell a story that piques me. It’s complicated, but wickedly interesting. What will they do, how will they convince Emo that they’re nothing more than client-customer?

Unnichan: Oh I don’t think they will pull that off and I’m not too sure they will have to. As long as they are able to seem intimate and she gets information, Emo will be satisfied. Plus, Hyung-min is quick, he’ll find a way to be convincing. But I’m banking on Shi-hyun to be Soo-min’s downfall. That’s what will cost her.

Ripgal: And what will Soo-min tell Emo and Hyung-min about each other? That’s gonna be a hell lot of intense.

Unnichan: Hahahhahhhahaha! I have no hope for her, so you’re probably right. But my issue is what is Emo’s real endgame? Will she dispose of Soo-min the way she did Hye-soo? Especially once things spice up between she and the Doctor? Let’s not forget that Emo is emotional and by no means as calculative as she’d have the world to believe, so I could definitely see her try or accidentally hurt Soo-min and call it “protection” or “love” again.

Ripgal: That brings us to the parallel you’ve mentioned that exists between Soo-min and Shi-hyun. I love that writer is bringing them closer and closer to each other, episode by episode, even without them having a scene together! Shi-hyun and Min’s scene, Soo-min and Hyung-min’s – their budding feelings for Soo and Emo respectively. They share the same problem, the inability to compartmentalize certain emotions they feel for their “friends”. There are times when feelings just overpower us, our brain our rationale, I don’t blame them for having doubts or hesitation. There is only one way out, it’s either you go deeper, and retreat when you can. And that I don’t think Shi-hyun or Soo-min is capable of doing. They need a mettle of a heart to not feel a thing.

Unnichan: The more I get to know them, the more similar they are. As soon as Soo-min was “recruited,” I knew my thoughts on them were confirmed, that their connection would overlap in more ways than one, but the greatest being their “stories.” I like it, because I love stories of two hurting people finding solace in one another and if you strip away the circumstances, that’s all their “love” story will be.

Ripgal: Or it could be just a lead on to our OTP’s fateful meeting at the grocery store? It was a cute meeting, but I didn’t buy it as much as I’d wanted to. I was actually expecting them to meet during a deal or at least to be introduced by Emo? That’d raise the stakes higher. It also felt strange to me that Soo-min would approach a guy whom she’d only met once (and who’d pointed a knife at her) so easily and without guard. She was also a bit too cheerful?

Unnichan: I actually appreciated seeing the old (real) Soo-min. Clearly, Soo-min saw a cute hurt guy, didn’t find fault in what he did and decided to snag him. I wouldn’t have ran him down, but if given the chance, I might have asked how he was feeling, if he’d healed— depending on the situation, whether he’d pulled a knife on me or not. Now, bumming a ride, giving my number… Naw, not this kid but again, she didn’t take his coldness to be a rebuff or threatening. I’m not sure I would either. I knew the convenience store was their “meet cute” and I like it better– that they know one another from something outside that world. That their attraction orginates outside “the job.” For, i that world is all they have, they can always chock their feelings up to “the job,” “the mission,” but having something tangible beyond that, makes their connection that much more real; sustainable.

Ripgal: And she called my Jung Kyung Ho ajusshi! You don’t call the sexay Doctor Ajusshi okay? *in jealous fits because she gets to have him urrrhhh*

Unnichan: Ha! She calls everyone Ahjussi. Don’t get it but whatever, it’s better than saying, “Hey you,” I guess. She definitely can’t call him “Oppa” and referring to him as “sexy” just isn’t appropriate… yet. But speaking of sexy, there are always so many moments of sexy with the this man. He’s definitely a General Practitioner, cause he can do a little of everything, ne?

Ripgal: YES!!! I know you’re referring to one of my favorite moments of 7—the Doctor FIGHT! I wonder if that drug dealing scene was purposely put in by writer to give us some sexyhotfights. After all you can’t have a gangster drama without the “violence” huh? Not that I’m complaining, I thoroughly enjoyed the eye-feast, Jung Kyung Ho showing his muscles and all hehe.

Unnichan: *sigh* There is something startling sexy about watching this man fight. I mean I shouldn’t be so excited he’s killing/crippling/hurting people but erm, I don’t care cause he’s so sexy doing it! It’s insane! But violence doesn’t normally bother me, it’s what type that shifts my intake. If it’s senseless, I’m affronted.

Ripgal: But I question the importance of that scene, do you think it has anything to do with Safari? It seemed like Shi-hyun had intercepted the deal for some purpose.

Unnichan: For me, the scene explained/magnified two things: 1) How he makes the exchange with Min. How he’s been getting by all these years and 2) That he does everything alone. It’s shady in it’s own way (for business). Or I’d think it was, if I worked for him. But for the narrative, it’s his Achilles. He’s always alone. And though that’s stinking sexy, it’s also stinking dangerous. Lone wolves are captivating but without the pack, they die and they always die alone.

Ripgal: Drama spans an hour but I feel we have so much to talk about. No scene or moment is wasted, don’t you think?

Unnichan: True, there’s not one second that’s intentionally wasted in this drama. Everything fits together snug, for the endgame.



Rip and Chan: You’re welcome 😉


7 Replies to “Rip and Chan Take on the City: episode seven”

  1. Thank you for the last two shots!
    Haha! Somehow saying that felt obligatory.

    The romance? Meh. I’m officially checked out. Nam Gyuri isn’t doing a bad job per se – but she’s still not good enough either – sorry.
    I’m a passionkiller I know!
    It’s like the role of JKH’s career, his character is such that he’s burning in hell of all hells -there’s like this universe of suffering and isolation within him… And they give him Nam Gyuri? WTF. I’d rather he die celibate.
    I would actually be interested in Su getting a proper love story more. *giggles at the name*

    And the Wakui Emi-lite girl in Hyung-min’s life is cool.

    1. Ps. I really do sound like a passion killer up there – lol.
      I don’t think ahjusshi sounds offensive. It’s another term for ‘mister’ really. Oftentimes reserved for very old misters but still. Better than oppar~
      Though I do like to utilise the latter endearment towards a select few. Lolol.

      Still, want Shi-hyun to remain celibate and have a thwarted wuv story with his imo. A la the Mary character in IA or something.

      1. Yuck! I can’t condone any Lee Jin-sook loving. It’s just disgusting. If she didn’t make my skin crawl and make me want to burn off all her hair… Maybe. If she (and he) were written differently, I’d be all for it. I loved the Noona setup in Royal Family. But he was a tad older and never considered her a mother figure.
        And I also don’t mind the romance… for now. I want to give it time. No need to hate so quickly. Kills the buzz. I’m pretty indifferent to NGR. Just focusing on the story. Made that decision before I started the show. If not, I prob wouldn’t have tuned in.
        As for Soo, I don’t have time for his love story. Hye-Soo is dead. It’s enough to know he really cared for her. Anyone else just seems too much. Though I’m not sure she deserves all his vengeful devotion. Alas, it’s the principle (and the life). I get it.

      2. Haha, you are with me! No, Shi-hyun can have virtual me instead of Soo-min! XDD

        And while I’m not comfy with writer going with thwarted entanglement between Shi-hyun and Emo, I like their relationship so much more right now XDD

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