First Look: Luther Season 3

Luther has to be my most anticipated return of the summer and thankfully, the preview just dropped last week in England! It’s been two years and the fervor for this drama hasn’t dissipated one little ounce. Of course, this should be the last television installment, and the hope is to tie up loose ends and perhaps create some new tension.

And with that in mind, I wish I actually cared what this season’s case entails, but I don’t. It’s John. It’s Idris Elba and David O’Hara. Plus Alice (Ruth Wilson) will be back! That’s all I ever need.

But since that’s not enough for everyone, check out the plot description after the jump.

The 4-episode series begins on BBC One in July but will be a miniseries event on BBC America with nightly consecutive episodes in September. Therefore, though the wait isn’t far out for either, for those waiting for the BBCA airing, staying away from any news on the premiere before September is in your best interest. [Especially, for spoiler nuts like myself.]

Official Plot: John Luther, the near-genius detective struggling to cope with his own demons, is back under intense pressure – with two conflicting crimes to investigate and a ruthless ex-cop determined to bring him down. Luther’s life is his job, that is until love crosses his path and offers him a chance of happiness. Sienna Guillory (Resident Evil, Love Actually) joins the cast as Mary, a woman who works in a vintage clothing shop and meets Luther in a chance encounter. But is Mary ready to accept Luther’s past? And can Luther leave it behind?

Don’t you love have this synopsis makes it sound like the drama is actually about John’s love life? If only, right? Don’t think I care about this Mary, nor am I convinced, she’s only a local shop girl. John’s history with women isn’t that great, but perhaps, that’s my Ripley protector cap on too soon? I guess the question is, will John rise above the heroes of the past and find a way to save the world and sustain a healthy love relationship? Will Alice be there to screw it all up or help him make the plunge?

Guess we’ll all find out before the leaves fall.

Want more Luther info? check here.

John returns September 3rd on BBC America.


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