Rip and Chan Take on the City: episode two

Betrayal is a bitter pill but it’s exactly what the Doctor’s prescribed. Too bad, he’s not immune to his own medicine. And now, there’s a new dog in town, with history and a plan that changes the game and scrambles all the players.

Ripgal: Cheers to the beginning of beginnings, I think we should clink clank some champagne to celebrate our first joint collab. I didn’t think it’d be so fun!

Unnichan: I’m having a blast and making a mimosa as we speak.

City Sweep

Meth makes a dangling decision and leads the Doctor and Soo to Scale. They stop the music on Baby Scale’s personal performance, for the Doctor to give Scale the new house rules. But Scale is nobody’s puppet, well, until the Doctor makes a small promise—“I’m going to strip you down naked in before your son and I’m going to make you kneel before me. Then, I’ll drag you around and won’t stop, until you die.” Later, the Doctor rounds his allies including childhood auntie, Lee Jin-suk aka Emo (Lee Yoo-mi). Now, that Scale is bound, they have the factory but with only two month’s worth of product, he now needs info to make in-roads with Chairman Jo aka Pusan, the head supplier.

In Pusan, Chairman Jo’s hip to the Doctor’s antics and his connection to Moon Duk-bae aka Safari (Choi Mu-sung) but tells him to sever all ties, permanently. On the way to Seoul, Safari remembers the good ‘ole days in the red light district. He walks up on a card game with Jin-suk and Little Shi-hyun, who’s banking the pot, as Jin-suk coos over how smart he is, suggesting a date to the movies. Safari guesses, with all that intelligence, his father may have been a doctor— “Then… you’re the doctor’s son.”

Still holding Scale and Meth, the Doctor leaves Soo in charge, to settle some deals alone. Over cards, Soo’s girlfriend sets up a tete-a-tete a couple rooms away. A random phone is left in the Doctor’s car, when he answers, he’s shocked— it’s Safari, with orders to free Scale.

Safari: Got a mouthful? Let him go. Understand?

The Doctor: I can’t do that.

Safari: Then die.

Safari hints, given their past, he’ll just say “Hello,” then a bell dings and he’s gone. The Doctor registers the warning and Safari’s location, then yells to turn around but the turn is too sharp and they collide with an oncoming truck. Luckily, the Doctor only jarred and makes way to the hotel alone. Meanwhile, Soo walks into an ambush, where Meth happily knifes him and peering pawn Hye-soo. When the Doctor arrives, he rushes an unconscious Soo to the hospital.

Safari meets an indignant Scale, with a message from above and way to save his life. That night, Hyung-min sits at his desk, tired and defeated, when the a call comes through– it’s Scale. Who regurgitates Safari’s dialogue scheme entitled, “The Doctor Did It” and hands him the evidence. Hyung-min jerks him up, in no hoodwinking mood and demands some names? Who’s behind him, the Doctor’s Son? And Scale agrees, he’s trying to save a life— his own.

At the hospital, Soo is stable, but since all stab words are reported, the cops are looming, so the Doctor makes a quick escape. The Unit pow-wows, shifting gears to focus on the Doctor’s Son and Hyung-min reassigns Kyung-mi to information detail. She’s upset, being a police officer and all, irritated he’s making decisions on his own. But she isn’t alone in her frustration, for he feels she never thinks about his feelings.

Emo takes a medicinal drink, when Safari swings in. Things are shaking loose and shifting, including the Doctor’s Son but Emo requests to leave Shi-hyun out of it (and alive). To that he leans in and slides his hand beneath her skirt— “That’s entirely up to you.” A ring ends this interlude, announcing the Doctor and Emo kicks Safari out. The two men just miss one another and the Doctor reads Emo the Scale playbook, powered by Chairman Jo; a ruse to get rid of him. Emo is genuinely surprised that he’s the target and suggests he skip continents. But the Doctor, knows Safari is the Wizard of this farce and believes there’s a mole. He eyes Emo, who feigns affront at the suggestion. The Doctor smiles and concedes, he’s wrong, then crushes his glass beneath his hand—“The one who did that to Soo, I won’t leave them alone.”

It’s interrogation time, but Scale insists he does laundry of no kind, and any golf meetings between he and Chairman Park Choong-mo, were the Doctor’s idea. But right when he encourages Hyung-min to check with Park, it’s revealed that he’s committed suicide, leaving a note on his smart pad. Everyone smell a Prosecutor cover-up, a master puppeteer for it not, Scale would’ve been stomped years ago. Therefore, Hyung-min seeks out the Commissioner (his father), for answers. But Dad doesn’t share information with cops, only sons. And feels it’s a personal attack and demands Hyung-min return to his side (Prosecutor’s office). But Hyung-min can’t, not with Dad in charge and wonders if Dad plans to destroy him, like his brother. Dad dismisses all brother talk, for Kang-min made his own bed. This angers Hyung-min more but assures Dad before he leaves — “I’ll just do what I think is right, like you taught me.”

Hyung-min watches his father leave, recalling his last visit with his brother. Kang-min’s drug overdose caused brain dysfunction, and though severe, is treatable but also requires familial patience. Hyung-min kneels before a distant Kang-Min, apologetic he’s never been able to repay him for making him a man but promises to destroy the world that made him this way.

With, “The Doctor Did It,” being such a regional success, Safari sets to release the sequel, casting, friends Tooth and Eun-soo (Kim Hyo-sun) in lead roles with Meth Kim as supporting actor. Together, they are barter, beggar and bait. “The Doctor Surfaces,” begins with Tooth’s introduction to Emo, selling North Korean product. Then kicks into full gear, when Kyung-mi is given data to sift and enter but comes across a connection to Scale, through a local woman, Kim Eun-soo, Scale’s supposed girlfriend. Instead of notifying her team leader, she jumps on the intel herself and brings Eun-soo in to the Unit.

Itching for an Oscar, Mistress Kim Eun-soo claims the Doctor’s Son is a monster and plays naive, distraught damsel, when Meth calls, forcing Kyung-mi to make the appointment. Hyung-min fires off at Kyung-mi but she holds his hand, claiming recklessness is warranted, if it heeds results. Hyung-min slides Scale a picture to confirm his lover’s identity, and he does, too bad it’s not Eun-soo but fellow officer, Lieutenant Suh. Afterward, Scale reports to Safari, who grins sardonically at Hyung-min’s adroit.

Incensed, Hyung-min blows in to confront Eun-soo, who has become one with her role, refusing to break character. Unimpressed, Hyung-min grabs and thrusts her against the wall, arm to throat— “Who sent you here?!”

Ripgal: Our “resident” Doctor is no easy match it seems. He’s smart, calculative and he knows exactly what he wants – to be in control. From his conversations with Scale, you can feel no remorse, regret, or a tad bit of wavering or hesitation.

Unnichan: The confidence of the Doctor is unflappable, I won’t say it’s steel but he exudes a self-assurance that’s not only magnetic, it’s frightening.

Ripgal: His confrontation with, or rather, the threatening of Scale just proves how much this man’s up for battle, behind the back or straight on up front. He is truly fearless. The way he asserts his conditions on Scale, with a nonchalant laid-back attitude, you can almost feel victory in his hands, you can almost sense his confidence overflowing, somewhat over-riding what he thinks he’s truly capable of… is he going too far, is he asking for too much?

Unnichan: He’s sitting before Scale like he’s untouchable, like he’s not just telling his boss, “Oh by the way, I’ve decided you’re obsolete.” Then the threat. The, “I’m going to rip you to shreds and make you a pitiless slug in front of your kid,” threat? Priceless. And heartless. The way he plays with the Daddy angle is stunting but masterful. He stomps on and toys with his weakness but doesn’t crush it, yet is stern in his speech and stance.

Ripgal: Yeah, his imperturbable poise, sexay! It’s as if he’s been planning the coup for as long as he can remember, it’s as if he’s been waiting for this to happen. But to treat someone who’s all this while been his bread and butter, his sort-of-mentor for years (no matter how evil bad or cruel he is) the way he did, ouch, betrayal does hurt. So hard.

Ripgal: But as much as I like that he’s playing the game cleverly to his advantage, I’m not too fond about him using the kid as bait and a threatening device.

Unnichan: The threat can be seen in several ways and I choose to view it from a results front. Consequently, the fact Scale caves can be seen several ways as well. Did he concede for his child or himself? Was it pity or pride? I’m not sure. Not that it matters. But if he’d threatened and proceeded to hurt the kid (physically), then I’d take issue.

Ripgal: It just doesn’t sit well with me, kinda takes away the human factor in Shi-hyun for me (obviously I just wanna see some good in him hehe). Daddy or mommy angle, always works. And they say gangsters and mafia are cold-blooded and relentless, but when it comes to family, there’s a whole difference in priority.

Unnichan: It’s one of those things, that you do to get what you want. The Doctor knew it would work, regardless of Scale’s inherent motive, so he used it. I don’t think that’s a human issue at all, it’s what we do. Humane? Different story. And with Scale, there could be more underlying issues there but ultimately, he’s a corrupt adult, and though Baby Scale is an innocent, any Achilles is viable.

Ripgal: Guess it’s my softie heart for children/kids in play, I’d have felt better if the Doctor didn’t crash in with the kid present. Who knows what Baby Scale would do when he grows up? He is Baby Scale after all. Haha.

Unnichan: Now, that’s asking for a bit much. Baby Scale may not understand but he knows. Kids aren’t stupid. And you’re right, Baby Scale could be very well be, “the Scale’s Son” one day.

Ripgal: I’m also starting to have wild random thoughts, a fleeting but strong hunch that this might be more than just a coup d’état and ploy of Shi-hyun to take control. Why spare Scale when he knows that in their world, betrayal would inevitably lead to vengeance and payback in future? Is it a risk worth taking by leaving Scale to lead as a puppet? Could Shi-hyun be more than just that guy who wants to be at the top of this world? I’m sure you know what I’m getting at chinggu. Heh.

Unnichan: Look you have a point. Is there more to all of this? That’s what makes this drama solid. It rattles the cage and makes you peer over your shoulder. Like what you said about betrayal. It’s an on-going theme in this episode. From Dr. to Meth to Emo and so on. It’s a cycle right? In this world there aren’t “those” type of rules. The mores and truths we live by, don’t necessarily apply.

Ripgal: True, that’s why we love them. The breaking of rules, which aren’t exactly the black and white ones we know of.

Unnichan: Yes and no. It’s like I said before, decided to meet them where they are. But also recognizing that there are lines, that are strictly taboo.

Ripgal: One of my favoritest scenes of Ep 2 – don’t you think it’s such a majestic and thrilling scene, the scene with Meth Kim hanging from the building? The camera pans from the top of sky, into the empty road below, showing two men going out against the world hand in hand, heartless with no signs of turning back at all.

Unnichan: I know right! That pan! I’m loving Director-nim. From the pendulum feel in the beginning of ep1 to the parachute shots and spy cam, now this, it’s not groundbreaking but apropos for this drama. It adds the dramatic without being DRAMATIC. It’s the ambiance, the fire and ice in the moment.

Ripgal: Spot on! Amidst, the vast darkness, though with dim lights flickering below, you feel nothing but emptiness. The lack of regard for human life, you could see how realistic their world is. Shi-hyun’s approach to finding out Scale’s location, is as icy cold and shrewd as ever. The air of confidence and aplomb, the fearless demeanor, chilling and gripping at the same time. I know I shouldn’t be cheering on Shi-hyun, but what can I do? What can we do? We’re so fatally attracted to this man. Can he do any “wrong” in our eyes?

Unnichan: Though I know that’s rhetorical, I’m going to be honest…No. However, I’m not sure we’re supposed to and even if we are, I don’t care… I blame, Kyung-ho.

Ripgal: Jung Kyung-ho, can you stop being this SEXY?!! Aah! I need a fan!

Unnichan: *makes a hand fan* You can’t meltdown now, we have 18 episodes to go! Let’s wait at least until there’s some cable kissing. And anyway, the Doctor says the best lines in this drama. Like, “There are no presents for kids who cry… For Santa knows everything and tears are lies, ’cause good kids have nothing to cry about.” I mean really, how can you not love that?

Ripgal: I think writer has a Jung Kyung-ho crush too lol because he gets all the cool lines! Haha.

Unnichan: We were also introduced to some new characters this episode as well, Moon Safari, Emo and Pusan. Can I just say, I love these aliases? Safari Moon, Scale, Halibut. Yakuza names are given to mean something, ne? We’ve got to get us some aliases.

Ripgal: Aren’t ours Rip and Chan? LOL RIPCHAN, aren’t we the coolest?!

Unnichan: But what does it mean? We use brute force to teach meditation (on dramas)? But more importantly, how did Moon get a name like “Safari?” Tell me, it’s his hair!

Ripgal: Writer has a penchant for ridiculous but apt names. lol

Ripgal: But speaking of Doctor connections… I thought Shi-hyun only has Soo, but apparently there are others in the plot and game with them. It’s interesting how his aunt/Emo is in this game together, and that their back story dates back to when he was a kid! Now my earlier hunch might go down to dust after the flashback scene, but I still have a lingering gut feeling that there is more.

Unnichan: I liked that flashback. They seemed happy, playful. Emo was protective, Safari friendly, even lovable. Very different from now. But I’m not sure I’m willing to believe he isn’t “alone” in the world. Or at least that he feels that way. Given the interaction with “Samchun” Moon, things are definitely complicated with that trio.

Ripgal: I rather like his relationship with Emo because not only do they have the same goals, they also share a bond that goes back so far back into history, a family bond. At least someone other than Soo believes in him, and is willing to follow his lead. Of course, we know things will not be all smooth for them (from the flashbacks and with an introduction of Shi-hyun’s Uncle), but hey, we gotta enjoy the good familial moments while we can.

Unnichan: I don’t trust Emo at all! Though her love for Shi-hyun seems real but her flirting? Yuck! And I think the Doctor knows she’s not “trustworthy” but he won’t touch her, not unless he has to.

Ripgal: Ahh, this is I beg to differ. Maybe because I’m such a sucker for complex relationships, the kind that cannot be defined as black and white. I definitely sense something “off” about Emo’s weirdly intimate gestures around Shi-hyun, but I’m not too bothered (because of their past – they are family?). Shi-hyun is very good at maintaining appropriate guard and distance, and at the same time keeping his relationship with her intact (he needs her obviously). I don’t think he believes or trusts her completely, but he tries to keep her close.

Unnichan: Granted. He is good at the distance thing. He finds the flirting harmless. But you can’t trust people that don’t think. And Emo doesn’t, at least not enough for me. She’s loyal sure, but I also believe she believes she’s smarter than she actually is. Plus, Moon definitely eludes that she is his informant, he asks her, if she has “regrets” and Doctor thinks it’s a possibility as well. I don’t blame him, cause I have little doubt it’s true. That was guilt on her face, with both Safari and Doctor.

Ripgal: I dunno if I’m willing to dispense with Emo’s trustworthiness now because she does seem to genuinely care for Shi-hyun. Although she does have a past with Moon, she doesn’t look like a person who would “betray” Shi-hyun or put him in a difficult position. What happened to Soo was truly sad, but I’m not going to judge until it’s out for sure that she had a part to play in it.

Unnichan: I don’t think she’d do anything to deliberately hurt Shi-hyun, that includes purposely hurting Soo. But again, I get the impression she may not always understand the magnitude of her actions. She still thinks she’s the “noona” in this faction, so whatever she does, she’ll think it’s for Shi-hyun’s good but in turn she could be stabbing him in the back.

Ripgal: Possibly, but at least for now, I see her on Shi-hyun’s side than any other.

Unnichan: And, there’s definitely something between Doctor and Moon—- Emo, maybe? *sigh* I really hope not. It better be bigger, more substantial. It better be! But I still like him. Even with everything he did this episode, I feel he’s a man with a big heart, he’s just slimy and unsavory. Therefore, I want to believe whatever his beef is with Doctor, it’s pretty large, in his mind.

Ripgal: Oh most definitely, very evident and strong from the flashbacks. I rather like the whole narrative of Moon and Emo having existed in Doctor’s life for as long as they can remember. The whole relationship dynamic changes and becomes more complex with their intertwined bond and connection coming into play. You could see flickers of hesitation in Moon’s gestures when instructed by his boss to rid off Doctor. It’s in that brief fleeting moment that you sense Moon does harbor something for or against the used to be little smart boy back in the days. Whatever they both have against each other, you’re right, it’s gotta be pretty significant.

Unnichan: But, you’ve got to hand it to Moon for concocting the specifics of this plan in a car ride from Pusan to Seoul. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s started from the bottom. I think he’s always wanted a reason to wipe Doctor out, this was just his legitimate chance. He’s definitely hoping for some sort of satisfaction that I’m positive he’ll never get.

Ripgal: I’m not really sure that’s the case with Moon, or perhaps I just don’t want to believe that his grudge against Doctor is that deep. This is my beloved ajusshi Choi Mu Sung from I Live In Cheong Dam Dong, he can’t be that bad, allow me to dream on. I do like his ferociousness and swiftness in dealing with the coup situation though, like you said. It’s a bit underhanded but less obvious and cleverly figured out. It’s like killing someone with another’s hand.

Unnichan: I think he’s that guy that u feel bad for because his “love” is never taken seriously. Therefore, instead of sulking publicly, he’s creepy and untoward, which turns women off more. But makes him frustrated and in turn dangerous.

Ripgal: You raise a good point, I have a feeling that Moon is under-appreciated and not given the credit he deserves or wants, from the superiors he works for or the women he loves. He somehow reminds me of Shi-hyun, who excels in everything but is never given the opportunity to really take the reign or control. You can see frustration in him, the same we can see in Shi-hyun, but not the same kind of gut or dauntlessness? If you get me.

Unnichan: I can see that. Perhaps their biggest issue? Goals, motive, root? But right now, all I can think about is, I need someone to kill Meth Kim. I mean a bitter, sad, slow, lonely death, for stabbing Hyun-soo. Mostly because I truly hate the man. It’s the joy he gets out of betraying Doctor and Soo, which isn’t really a betrayal but still.

Ripgal: Right, you touch Soo, you’re gonna get it from me. It’s funny how hot men and bias cloud my rationale. You think Soo isn’t as bad or ruthless as Meth Kim? I don’t think so, like we discussed earlier, it’s a dog-eats-dog world, that’s how things work.

Unnichan: From the beginning we know that he doesn’t really like him so it’s not surprising but somehow it crosses a line for me. Not just because these are our our boys and our people… The ones we’re supposed to care for but that there’s something innately wrong with what he did. Right at the inception, you know? Like the whole, honor among thieves thing. ‘Cause there isn’t but isn’t there? And though I want to compare it to the Scale/Baby Scale thing, it feels more dire and real cause there was no negotiation, just bloodlust. He was just too pleased with himself.

Ripgal: Personally, I just don’t want Shi-hyun to face the brutal world out there alone, he needs Soo. It moves me even more when Shi-hyun takes a step backward for Soo’s sake, go into hiding and let things slide for a while. You could see how much Soo means to him, that friendship and company.

Ripgal: Isn’t it funny that the man that we love is everyone’s enemy? Moon, Scale and the cops, everyone is after Doctor. I like that the writer has constructed a world of grey around the characters in the drama, that at one point, a partner can be your deadliest foe (Scale and Dr) and in another your enemy can be a “friend” (Hyung-min and Scale), nothing is certain is this game.

Unnichan: I was thinking the same exact thing. In the way that perhaps, they have a valid reason? I mean I love me some Doctor’s Son, but no one is innocent in these streets, so there’s a possibility they aren’t all wrong. Not necessarily smoke and fire or duck walking but just in the world of odds. Scale wants the goods or the funds and the Doctor didn’t supply so he’s out. That’s reasonable. But since, everyone is at him, it feels like an unwarranted attack.

Ripgal: But Shi-hyun is da bomb! Have I not already repeatedly said this? I like the way he deals with situations, no matter as the upperhand or the one in a curtailed position. I absolutely love the scene with him turning back to get Soo, the scene of him getting the best out of Emo.. he’s all charged up and angered, and yet he seems so unruffled.. in a way. Everyone wants to nail him down, and he’s not doing anything, to get away? I’m cracking my brain thinking about how he’s gonna shuffle his way out of this dead-lock.

Ripgal: Ok, last scene of Ep 2— don’t you think Hyung-min sort of went across the line? As a cop, against a suspect/abettor in crime, a person and even more a woman? Don’t get me wrong, I really like his quick-witted ways and tactics in dealing with Scale – scene of him magically tricking Scale into falling into his trap – brilliance, you see his craftiness and manipulative ways. But I think he should have been more tactful and careful with his actions, realistic as it may seem from a writer’s point of view, seeing a woman being pushed to a wall on TV with brute force, by our protagonist, some cookie points lost there Hyung-min.

Unnichan: Not for me. Especially since we’ve already established that Hyung-min isn’t perfect. Also Eun-soo’s gender plays zero factor in my mind. Why should she be treated differently because she’s a woman? Would I care if it were a man? What about Halibut in ep1? Both Scale and Eun-soo are actually lying and disrupting the course of justice, spinning stories to send an innocent person to prison. The only difference in treatment was the level of his fury. If he’d used her gender against her, I think I’d find more fault in that.

Unnichan: But ultimately, police brutality is the same for everyone; it’s the fact, not the form or foe. Therefore, I wasn’t at all moved by the fact she has breasts. This girl is running with the big dogs, and the saying goes, “If you’re gonna run with the big dogs, learn to lift your leg.” Like Kyung-mi, who wants equal billing, it’s her choice to be in the mix and now she has to deal with the consequences. Does she “deserve” the treatment? Yes. But should she get it? No. That’s where I draw the line.

Ripgal: Good point, I get his intention and his reason, but I still didn’t feel good about how it was executed? Maybe I’ve been watching too much Special Affairs Team TEN lately (this drama banks on brains rather than brawn), I feel that there are more ways to induce someone to spill the beans. Perhaps you can say that the visual sight of a man pushing and pinning a woman to a wall (no matter who he is) just does not sit well with me.

Unnichan: Heh. Well, that’s the point of that drama, cerebral combat. But concerning Hyung-min, for me, it’s more about his position. Keeping his cool would have been more suave and debonair, righteous but that’s not who he is, so I don’t care. I suppose I also expected it, therefore, at the end of the day, my only question is, will she stand or fold?

Ripgal: Since we’re finally on Hyung-min and Kyung-mi, any thoughts on their relationship this ep?

Unnichan: Honestly, this episode solidified that there are too many things about Kyung-mi that I don’t like. She’s jumps to and at conclusions too quickly (a huge pet peeve). I like that she’s independent and has a mind of her own but I get the sense that she blocks out everyone else and only focuses on her idea of what is right or wrong or permissible. I’m not saying she should stop or change or do what he wants but taking someone else into consideration is important. And of course, that goes for both of them. Maybe that’s it, they’re too alike?

Ripgal: I do agree that they’re quite alike, opinionated and independent.

Unnichan: But dealing with them as a couple, danger vs. duty will always be an issue for them but I was actually pretty understanding of Hyung-min’s argument this episode. Has she ever thought about his feelings? Not the “I want to protect you cause I’m a man” stuff but truly thought about how anyone feels watching someone they love put themselves I danger consistently. I don’t think she has.

Ripgal: And I totally understand Hyung-min’s perspective and position of a boyfriend wanting to protect his girlfriend. But like I said earlier in Ep 1, Hyung-min making decisions without consulting her or telling her beforehand, no matter how considerate and sweet, it doesn’t work on a person who knows what she wants and what she’s capable of. I’m not saying it’s a fault of any, but here you can see that no relationship is perfect and lovely, that there are things that come in between, you know, invariables? I agree that Kyung-mi isn’t as tactful in considering the reasons behind his actions, that I wish she could give it a lil bit more thought.

Ripgal: It’s also not hard to feel for this guy. It seems like his relationship with daddy does play a huge part in his defiance from a route set out for him – the climb up the prosecutor ladder. I must be a sadist or sucker for complexity, relationships like these always intrigue me and make me want more. Just like Shi-hyun and his Emo, Kyung-min and his dad also have issues to deal with, similar issues in fact, issues which cannot be settled in a day or two, probably forever.

Unnichan: I actually hate complicated relationships. Therefore, I’m not sure whether I care, for either set to “fix” anything. Especially with Emo and Shi-hyun because I don’t believe anything’s fundamentally broken. However, I loved the scene with Dad because we get a clearer idea of Kyung-min’s perception of his father. He’s disappointed in him. To the point that, like you said, there may be no turning back. This man has abandoned his child to a life of drugs and feels no responsibility to care or help— in Kyung-min’s opinion. He hides behind a shroud of justice manufactured by his place and position, that’s riddled with corruption. When Kyung-min mentions Dad believes Prosecutor’s Office is everything, what I heard was, “You believe cops, are the enemy.”

Unnichan: I might say this every week from now on but I love this show. For my takeaway from this episode, is that this show has no intention of dumbing its (main) characters down. Hyung-min and the Doctor stayed true to our initial findings of them— quick and fearless. And so eerily similar.

Ripgal: Oh you’re so spot on about the shrewdness and wit of both our leading men. Like I said earlier, a similar playing field they’re on. I’m so looking forward to the day they meet for a face-down. Don’t you love a sexay battle? heee~~


10 Replies to “Rip and Chan Take on the City: episode two”

  1. Woo~ Ladies you did it again!

    I think judging by all the flaunting in ep1 we knew Scale and his kid’s relationship was going to be threatened in some way. In a world this vile you don’t lay your weakness bare. Though in the gangster realm there is supposed to be a golden rule about family. Maybe that’s just our Godfather-learned assumptions saying so, maybe in this more murkier, unruly world – nothing is holy? I like that uncertainty.
    Maybe I’m evil. I’m actually old fashioned in the belief that kids need authority and proper nurturing. There’s nothing worse than spoilt (corrupted) kids and that kid annoys me!! He’ll grow to be so effed up as a man. So I was giddy with glee when Doctor threatened that nauseating father-son relationship. Not the kid just the relationship.

    Humanity? Wrong drama yo. I’m just not seeing it here. This drama is lovely but since you mentioned it, this is where I feel the keenly feel the dearth of actors with heart and soul like Tony Leung, Tereyaki Kagawa (from the original IA and its Japanese remake respectively). They were able to bring shades of ‘humanity’ to a world where it was otherwise lacking. HC does’nt have it — which I don’t mind as it’s made itself clear it’s a noir but then it’s not got anyone in its cast to bring it either.
    Isn’t that what is paramount to dark gangster crime stuff? Exploring that contrast between humanity and lack of? You can’t play with themes of dark and light if there isn’t any light? The end of episode 3 brought some promise. But I feel too much rests on JKH as an actor. He may just be a closet Tony Leung. Or not.
    Now if PSM or Choi Min-soo had been in Son Chang-min’s place…

    Anyway, I like the deliberated, controlled recklessness of Shi-hyun. It’s fascinating on multiple levels.

    Hyung-min’s interrogation of Eun-soo? That was rough. Horrible to watch but at the same time it felt… necessary.
    It also served a purpose in revealing a little more of Hyung-min’s personality, no?

    Like Chan I initially didn’t like Kyung-mi’s bullishness, but I’ve come to like her as a character – she’s got balls of steel. I am enjoying watching Go Na-eun almost as much as JKH in HC.

    1. Yay Su on board! Thanks for the comment, it means lots ;))

      And on the human issue, prob read too much or perhaps wanted to see it in the characters. But on Tony Leung, nah, the actors nor JKH are close.

      There’s a Japanese IA?!! Never knew!

      1. That humanity stuff I said? Forgive me, I hadn’t watched episode 4 yet. Shit. I’m still sobbing. I was wrong this show has a heart and a pretty sound conscience after all. Mea culpa.
        I’m trying to catch up to ep 6 but my laptop software keeps crashing. I’ve just started ep 6 and it’s crashed again. Grar!!
        This show is so GOOOOOD!!!!

        Doood which planet you been on? Last summer there was a huge buzz about this big IA remake project was a short drama version and how twomajor networks WOWOW and TBS joined forces (and contents of their collective wallets) to produce it and it was PHENOMENAL.
        *gasp* pardon the expression but pissed all over the farce that was the Hollywood version and captured all the greatness and the spirit, the essence of the original. What’s better is it compressed it all into two episodes.
        I guess it’s what finally inspired Korea to have another go at making their own version.

      2. HAHAHA, Planet Korean drama chinggu! I’m not very equipped with J-stuff knowledge, but thanks for heads up, think will be watching this very soon. What’s the Jap or Chinese title?

        Poor Su, looks like you need some light, drama may be too dark for your PC. hehe..

      3. haha! True! I’ve just dl’ed another antivirus maybe tidying up the drive will sort it out.

        Did I not put down the title? Dohhh! It’s called Double Face and is a two-parter short drama. First part is under Gisouu kaisetsuhen, second part is Gaiji Kaisetsuhen. Just so you watch in the right order that’s all.

  2. @supah So glad that you’ve seen more and the humanity you want is kicking in. I think that my idea of what’s “human” is different but perhaps for another post? And the sobbing? Oh yeauh!

    @ripgal LOL! The J-title Double Face – Gisou Keisatsu-hen, Double Face – Sennyuu Sousa-hen.

    1. Oh sorry yeah Senyuu sousahen.
      Oh yeah, their TL counterpart really looks and plays the part. But I loved their Andy Lau version more.
      What be your version of humanity? Maybe my definition of it is more a basic face value style idea of it, where I’m blindsighted by my own investment into it emotionally or something but… Yeah. It’s interesting, I wanna know.

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