Unnichan in joyful shock: Liebster Award

Earlier this week, I got an amazing surprise in my reader feed, misscupcakees over at A Fairytale World nominated w.s.p. for the Liebster Award!

I actually found out about the Liebster a couple weeks ago, when dramababble, was nominated. I was impressed that there was such an award and encouragement to build community, not to mention happy for my fellow blogger. At the time, I thought the honor was pretty neat, therefore, I am truly honored and can’t begin to convey how excited and appreciative I feel. I would have never guessed that there was any reader, that found this blog noteworthy, but I’m grateful, for the nomination, recognition and exposure.

Liebster Award Official Rules

1. List 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you.
3. Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.
4. Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
5. Display the Liebster award badge on your blog!

I find the 11 facts portion of receipt, hilarious, for I believe most bloggers love the anonymity of the online community, and that usually translates to being, rather private individuals. And I’m no different, so finding an entire ELEVEN things to tell about myself, was awkward and shouldn’t have taken me nearly as long as it did. But here goes.

11 Random(but hopefully Interesting) Facts

1. I’m a lefty elitist.

Sounds weird, right? Well, growing up left-handed has always been this huge thing to me, not because I was “special” but more because I was rare. Therefore, when I stumble upon other lefties, I’m elated and usually find that I randomly have the most in common with them. I’ve loved being left-handed and never felt out of place, but I’m also an odd lefty, for I use my right hand for almost everything but writing. The majority of my friends are left-handed as well and if you’re not, well, that’s a shame 😉

2. I’m older than I look.

Don’t get me wrong and think I have a baby face, I don’t. I think I look my part and find this reality frightfully annoying, cause I’m very proud of my numerical age. However, I am constantly and consistently mistaken for the youngest in my family or a high schooler. Many say I should be glad and perhaps, I will be, when I’m seventy.

3. I love to cook but hate entertaining.

Cooking. Like many others on the planet, I love food, love to eat and love to try new things. The prep, the presentation, the works, I honestly, sort of love it all. The only thing is, I don’t enjoy having other people in my space. I also abhor “mingling.” I’ve actually purposefully invited friends of my friends over, so that I could guiltlessly spend the night in my room reading while they ate and socialized.

4. I wear flip flops everyday.

Ok, so I don’t wear them all day, everyday, but pretty close. I have a strong aversion to socks and shoes—together. I like socks, some are cute and soft and warm, therefore, I wear them, but I try my hardest never wear to them with actual shoes. And yes, that makes me a girl devoid of the shoe addiction gene. My favorite shoes would have to be Chucks and though I own several, they usually only get worn, in the winter.ilovegrits

5. No one ever believes I’m a G.R.I.T.S.

It’s surprising to most when I reveal I’m a Girl(s) Raised In The South (as in the southern part of the United States), because I don’t speak with a distinct Southern drawl. The truth is, I think people just can’t hear or expect something close to the monstrosities portrayed on television( *cough* True Blood) to proceed from my lips, but nope, never gonna happen. Don’t ask me, why, it just happened that way. I even know people that move to the South later in life and have deeper accents. It’s comical really, but I just sound American. Not like a Valley girl or a New Yorker, just American. I’ve lived other places but my accent remains the same.

6. My favorite color is green.

My life is filled with green things. From shoes to dishes. If it’s green I spot it first, no matter what but not every green is a nice shade or the right pigment for the item, therefore not just anything “green” will do. I haven’t gotten to where I could where a different green ensemble for each day of the year, but I’m getting there.

7. I carry a cup everywhere.

This makes me sound like a lush but I’m not. I actually hate alcohol. All types, wines, beers, liquors. None of it appeals to me. But I do have a cup on me at all times or somewhere near my person. It began in college, when I went on a food strike because the meals served were doing unsightly things. I’d swipe my meal card and fill up but cup (about 16 oz), with whatever I wanted, but mostly ginger ale and tangerine Fruitopia.  Ever since, I’ve carried a cup or mug with me, to sip on during movies, grocery runs, even church. Now that I think about it, it’s probably when my mimosa addiction began—virgin mimosas, of course.

8. K-drama taught me how to knit.

While watching MSOAN, I was fascinated with Moon Geun-young making gloves and decided I needed to learn. I suppose it was like a Burger King commercial, where you should run out and buy a Whopper but instead, I bought yarn. Within a few weeks I had knitted mittens and hats and Ipad carriers. Since then, I’ve been knitting nonstop and absolutely love it. I own books and watch tutorials with needles in hand. I also sell hats to random people when they ask but mostly, I make gifts for myself and others.

9. I love cultures.

Different cultures have always fascinated me. The way people live, what they are exposed to, shapes the way they think and dream. I like to know the origins of things and trace steps, solve mysteries. I can spend hours talking about the world, places I want to visit, languages, behavior. Exposure to different cultures helps me sustain my humanity in a way that I’m not sure I could get anywhere else.

10. I mean what I say.

Words are very important, therefore I make it a point to only say what I mean. Whether I’m angry or sad, confused or disillusioned, what  I speak, is what I mean for you to understand, as a sincere reflection of my thoughts. Though that doesn’t mean that I don’t joke around or wax sarcastic but you can bet, I never regret the things I say. Though I may be dissatisfied with what others choose to understand.

Misscupcakes Five Questions:

  1. What was your inspiration/motivation for starting up your blog?
  2. What does drama-blogging mean to you?
  3. What is the most ludicrous drama scene that you have seen?
  4. Who is your all-time favorite OTP and why?
  5. If you could write up your own drama, what would the summarized plot be?

1. When I began watching dramas, it was all for fun but then I realized that my thoughts and opinions were slightly different than others that I read. Most times, I found myself bewildered by the opinions on blogs or forums that I frequented. So, I decided I needed a place, I could share my thoughts and hopefully, inspire others to speak out without condemnation, for being different. I also was a commenter that had tons to say but didn’t want to leave pages of text.

2. Drama blogging has become a highlight to my life, in a way I never dreamed. For, I’ve met some wonderful people and my influences continue to grow. Dramas have taught me so much about myself and how I think, what I value and whom I want to share that with. Blogging isn’t my life, but it’s an outlet for pensive thinkers to grow and learn, which is truly a blessing.

3. Honestly, there are too many to count but if I were to give the most recent, it would probably be any random moment in Nail Shop Paris. I watched the first two episodes, between cringes and giggles.

4. All-time favorite OTP?! I truly don’t think I have one (believe me, I’m the girl that yells “That’s my song!” to every other track on her Ipod). Almost every OTP works in their own way, in my opinion and whether I like them or not is based on so many factors I couldn’t even begin to name them. However, when I gave this question any amount of thought and came to the aforementioned conclusion, the first pairs I thought of were couples that never made it to OTP status: Eita and Mitsushima Hikari (Hiroki-Futaba Soredemo, Ikite Yuku),  Kim Ji-hoon and Im Jung-eun (Kim Hyung-do-Heo Yoon-yi Joseon X-Files) and Ha Yeo-woon and Park Yong-ha (Chae Eun-soo-Kim Shin A Man’s Story). But I’m sure there are real “OTPs” that I could think if with more time.

I suppose I chose these couples because they had something that I wanted to see more of. I think there are couples that have something that you want, not all the romance or cable kissing but the stuff that counts. Oft times, that comes down to friendship, trust, sincerity, candor, synergy. Something that makes you think,  “These two people could make it last.” Like there’s something tangible about their interaction that goes beyond that high of attraction.

5. Hmm. I can give a brief sketch, cause I’ve never given it any thought. But if I could do anything, it would probably be a period mafia story (nothing before double digit centuries). I would focus on the origin of organized crime and it’s mindset, with little emphasis on the supposed “good” outside of their system. Not sure if I would do any type of love story because dramas with this premise stay afloat longer when the romance aspect is secondary, already established or non-existent. Therefore, it would be a small gang of kids (14-25), some poor, others wealthy, who pull together to create a legit company that spirals into a notorious string of sub underworld businesses. Maybe it would span 20-30 years. I’m also thinking black comedy but if not, I’d head for a thriller spin.

Unnichan’s nominations:
This part was hard for me because I don’t frequent many blogs, for the simple fact that, when I write, I don’t like to be influenced by others thoughts, before I pin my own. However, those bloggers that I consider friends or have recently been exposed to and would love to share—
And a little shout out,  just because I love these ladies and wouldn’t enjoy blogging half as much as I do without them:
Unnichan’s Top 5+1 Questions
1. What type of character(s) do you prefer? Why? Whom?
2. When do you write most? (This can be referring to inspiration, time of day, environment, etc.)
3. If your blog had a theme song, what would it be?
4. If you could recast any drama or TV show, which one? Whom? And why?
5. Which story has most impacted your life?
6. In recent memory, what moment, scene or dialogue snapped you back into reality or turned you off from a story/drama? Why?
Now that I’m done, it’s daunting to see the amount of I’s in this post (scary)! But it’s been great fun sharing and getting know other bloggers through this award “tag” process. Lastly, I just want to say a huge thank you to all my followers and especially misscupcakees for thinking enough of what I share, to share it with others! This is truly a special award ! You guys make blogging worthwhile.

10 Replies to “Unnichan in joyful shock: Liebster Award”

  1. Hello Unnichan!

    That’s an awesome post (and an awesome award)! I, too, was shocked by the amount of “I” and personal stuff I had to write for that award. At the end of the 11 randoms things about me, I was getting really shy to go on, I had the feeling to be exposed and to be vulnerable. Hahaha =)

    But I’m glad I did it, and I’m glad the bloggers I follow – like you – dit it because via these posts, I got to know them differently. I really wanted to nominate you at first but I saw on misscupcakes’ site that you’ve already been, and I didn’t want to burden you with another set of 5 questions!

    Now, about the post :
    I think it’s really cool to look younger. I suppose it’s a bit annoying sometimes, but I assure you, the other way around is not all that fun either (yes, I look older than my age, and sometimes, I feel insulted when people insist on it), :P.
    And…how I wish I could knit while watching dramas also! But I don’t have the patience. I asked my grand-mother to teach me once and I made half of a scarf (she made the other half, isn’t she sweet? heh) but since I never practiced, I never improve and, worse, I keep forgetting the basics…
    Also, even if I discovered your blog only recently (through your recaps of SIY! :D), I feel the sincerity you’re talking about in your point 10, and that is precisely why I value your writing so much.

    Looking forward your next posts! =)

    1. Aw thank you! I’m glad I was able to finish it successfully.

      You were one on the top of my list but I was so slow about finishing this post, I didn’t get to nominate you before you posted your award! I was pretty bummed but I’m elated you were nominated. And I wasn’t sure it was fair to nominate more than once.

      The experience is fun and awkward but worth it. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting new bloggers and becoming aware of others that read my blog. Cause you never really know who read what, unless they comment, that’s why I encourage it. I can’t wait to get posts in my feed from the bloggers you posted. There’s so many bloggers out there with so much to say.

      And I wouldn’t mind answering your questions at all! Should I go over and post my answers?

      1. True about the importance of commenting. I’m really not good at commenting, especially in English but I’m slowly overcoming that, thanks to people like you who made the first step in spite of the language barrier. =)
        It’s nice when you know people are reading what you are writing, but it’s nicer when passive readers become active one and try to communicate with you. That’s one thing I discover trough blogging.

        Hah, so, we were in the same situation about the nomination thing! ^_^ Since in the timing was wrong, how about correcting it and answering each other questions? I would love to read your answers!

        But I will need some time to answer your questions because…for some of them, I’ll have to think a little bit, haha! =)

  2. Nawwws, thank you!
    Your post was so fun to read! Ahahaas, I too love the colour green and I always like to have water with me at all times, either that be in a cup or bottle. Ahahahas!

    1. This has definitely been a practice in recognizing how much we all have in common, ne? And green is beautiful isn’t it? Maybe it’s because I enjoy looking out on nature but I just love it!

  3. Congrats on the Liebster, unnichan!! 🙂 And I loved reading your post too! I also love my water & drink copius amounts of it. I don’t carry a cup, though. I carry a bottle around with me. And like you, I also look younger than my age, which hasn’t given me any real problems, except very occasionally. Mostly I like it and it works for me coz I have heaps of very young friends – this helps me to blend in with them a little more 😉

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad to know I’ve entertained a bit. Lol.
      The age thing isn’t a complaint, just more of an irritation. I’m nowhere near as young as some think I am. But for you, I can see how your youthfulness comes in handy.

  4. Hey unnichan!

    Now I know you knit and cook and drink (a lot!). heh. You invite people over and read a book in your room?! hahah. But I don’t like people in my space, too.
    When I blog about a drama, I too usually don’t go reading other opinions before I form my own. So, in a way, the more I blog, the less I read. It’s weird, right?

    It’s been great getting to know the person behind the blog. I think this Liebster mania’s been a good thing. I’d love it if you answer my set of of questions, too. No pressure, though.

    And now I’m wondering what’s my blog’s theme song. 🙂

    1. Maybee!
      Ha! That’s me.
      Yea it makes it hard because I want to read but I don’t want any of my opinions to be a regurgitation of anyone of read. I want to have integrity in my writing as well as respect for other writers.
      I hate it though, cause I don’t get around to reading posts for long periods of time. I also stay clear of spoilers, so if I’m behind in a drama, that’s another post I can’t read entirely or at all! I end up having to skim and comment them reread later.

      And yes, the award has been great! Loving being able to chat with everyone. I’m getting spoiled.

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