Filmfare’s Flashback Friday

Filmfare Magazine posted their Flashback Friday pick of the week, earlier today, with a cascade of photos from Aditya Chopra‘s first film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and random facts about the film. It’s amazing how time flies, for we are actually creeping upon the 20th Anniversary of the film and my little grey cells are swarming with ideas of how the Fraternity plans to mark the occasion.

Unfortunately, it’s not literally around the corner, the film has been running for 17 years and still plays today at Maratha Mandir in South Mumbai. Therefore, small treats like this one will have to suffice for a couple more years.
DDLJ wasn’t the first film Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol made together, but it’s the one that burgeoned their star directly the top. These two are by far my #1 Bolly couple and I can’t wait until they are on-screen together ago someday soon. If you haven’t had to opportunity to see this classic, I highly recommend it, for it’s the first film that taught me the magnitude of the word “No,” in regards to love, but honestly, any film of their projects is worth a gander, from their first Baagizar to their last, My Name is Khan or my all time favorite, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Right now, Khan has just been released from the hospital due to an injury acquired during a recent film shooting for home production, Chennai Express, co-starring Deepika Padukone. Now that shooting has wrapped, we should see the film moving toward it’s release later this summer. After his recuperation, Khan jumps right into Farah Khan‘s next film Happy New Year, scheduled to begin on location in August. Kajol hasn’t been seen in a leading role since the birth of her second child Yug, but you can catch a glimpse of her in any Karan Johar release.

Seeing these photos, reminds me of a statement Khan made a couple years back in an interview, when asked about working with Kajol, he said—- “I wouldn’t be working successfully in films today, if not for Kajol.” Talk about a statement that will never cease from being true! For, the adoration of both actors is in large part to the partnership and comradery of one another. They’ve had the good fortune of picking solid projects but the love garnered by the public is directly based on their chemistry as co-stars. They’ve both gone on to make critically acclaimed films and solidify themselves as permanent fixtures in the Hindi film circuit without one another but there is no doubt, the public is always chomping for another celluloid reunion.

Here’s an old interview, right on the cusp of the film’s double digits run but gives you a clear look at the friendship of the DDLJ stars, which I’m convinced, is the magic behind it’s worldwide generational success.

[stills courtesy of Filmfare]

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    1. Always! I feel a SRK-Kajol movie marathon coming on. Which actually isn’t too bad cause I actually like each film they’ve ever done together. But where to find the time?!

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