Movie Moment: 3G-A Killer Connection

I tend to do very little product promotion here, for there’s rarely any need, but for English speakers that would like to own or have more access to Hindi films, outside the theater, finding the best sources for good material, is pretty hard to come by. There are little to no legal streaming sites and if there isn’t a local video carrier nearby, watching the latest films may only occur if Netflix randomly buys your most desired pick.

So this morning, when I got an email from my favorite (and most trusty) Bolly provider, I thought I’d pass on the helpful hint— for those disillusioned Hindi lovers out there.

Eros International has been the leading international distributor of  Indian motion pictures for close to forty years. Just check the back of almost any film and you will see Eros Entertainment in conjunction with the names and production companies we all know and love. Recently, due to the demand of films, (and I’m sure as an attempt to remain relevant) they have made their most successful and new releases, available in streaming format. Their program works much like Hulu or Netflix and English subtitles are accessible through closed captioning. Another perk is, their random simultaneous and/or free releases of new material, the most recent taking place on Friday, March 15.

Eros International and Next Gen Films‘ thriller 3G: A Killer Connection will release in theaters, as well as, their streaming site, EROSNOW.

Synopsis3G is the nightmarish story of Sam Arora and Sheena, a couple, who become victims of a series of events when Sam buys a 3G enabled second hand phone in Fiji islands while on a holiday.

Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan, Mrinalini Sharma

Thoughts: This is another Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber partner film and it shows. They had a pretty solid hit with Table No. 21, earlier this year in this same genre and may find the same success with this as well. Before, I even knew much about the production, I got TN21 vibes and honestly, that’s a good thing. The premise is rather lightweight, but broad enough, not to confine or insult.

I don’t gravitate toward thrillers but I definitely appreciate the genre more than anything labeled horror. And, though, Bollywood thrillers rarely hit that suspense meter for me, TN21 was a wonderful attempt and worked on many levels. For this film, the strongest draw is Neil Nitin Mukesh (Jail, 7 Khoon Maaf), whom can also be seen in three back to back films this year David, 3G and Shortcut Romeo, is a superb actor, that I wish got more recognition for his craft (but could also pick better projects). He’s done solid, noteworthy work in the majority of his films and as the story shifts from fantasy love story, to suspenseful and life threatening, I can foresee him holding the film together.

The detailed synopsis, hints toward a supernatural (nightmare) aspect with the film, that draws on the insecurities of everyday life. Therefore, I would suspect the concept isn’t for the easily frightened, or faint of heart. While  TN21, focused on the vices of life, like dishonesty, greed, self-indulgence and pride, 3G scopes the reality of existence many take for granted like safety, for it draws from the false sense of security humans live within. There’s also the element of true, real, false, and fake, that I’m certain will play a key role in the way this story unfolds.

3G goes live March 15th in theaters and EROSNOW (also available on IPad and Android).

[stills courtesy of nowrunning]


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