Race 2 London Press Con


Shades, hard bodies, belly buttons and short skirts aren’t something I usually see in the middle of winter but it may be what we all are dreaming about. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to live vicariously through film and thanks to Saif Ali Khan’s second installment caper picture Race 2, we get the perfect opportunity.

It all began in London on Monday, where Khan gave the public it’s first substantial look at his film due out later this month. After being formally introduced and welcomed by London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, back in November, Khan finally made his appearance, at the Hippodrome Casino, which marked the start of full on promotions for the film. He fielded a small Q&A session, which included more information on John Abraham’s role in the film. Though not completely forthcoming, the star did manage to say that Abraham’s character “isn’t exactly villainous.”

Khan then went on to the capital’s largest South Asian cinema, Cineworld Feltham, where hundreds of fans gathered to give unbridled support and catch a glimpse of him. Humbled by the reception, he showed great surprise and pleasure, remarking he hoped the film would be well received.

Race 2 premieres January 25th and also stars John Abraham,Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor and Ameesha Patel





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