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I love mornings– as long as I don’t have to actually get dressed. And now Yash Raj Films has made it even more difficult for me to want to even get out of bed!
As if mugs and movies weren’t enough, now they’ve launched a collection of bed sheets from their most popular films.

20130109-100331.jpgWhen I saw the advert for this product I literally roared with laughter and kicked my feet. ‘Cause who comes up with these things? Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t being incredulous, for my next thought was, how much and who can I buy these for? I hate shopping but film always gets me excited to spend some cash.
Plus, the best thing about Bollywood bed sheets is that Yash Raj Films proves over and over again that they are crazier fans of the fantasies they’ve written, directed and produced than anyone else. And somehow, I just love them for that.

The sheets feature Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Mohobbatein and Hum Tum, therefore, you marrieds out there— BEWARE! These jokers may need to be keepsakes or stay in the guest room ’cause there are some beautiful “only in my dreams” people plastered on these things.
And if bed sheets don’t tickle your fancy, YRF has plenty of other options from character journals and art prints to scarves and messenger bags.

Check out their YouTube channel as well YRF Merchandise

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