Movie Moment: Dabang 2 and a small rant

Immediately after Dabangg‘s 2010 release, audiences were promised a second film and it seems if the Brothers Khan are nothing else, they are men of their word.
So here we are entering Chulbul’s world once again, after only two short years.

Dabangg 2 is the sequel to Arbaaz Khan Productions film Dabangg (2010), with the leads reprising their roles here, but now a brand new villain.

Official Synopsis: Chulbul Pandey has to battle the evil goon turned politician Baccha Bhaiyya. As he tries to strengthen his family ties with his father and brother. And romance his newly wed wife. And remain ‘Dabangg’ (fearless) no matter what.

Cast: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Mahi Gill, Prakash Raj, Deepak Dobriyal, Sandeepa Dhar, Nikitin Dheer

There are alot of beautiful actresses out there, but Sonakshi Sinha is on the top of that list. And here she is stepping back into the role that buoyed her to stardom and now in its third week is ripe to repeat the first films’ success.

Like most Salman Khan films, Dabangg 2 is a family affair. Co-produced and directed by his brother Arbaaz and wife, actress Malaika Aurora, who both also appear in the film. Which oddly enough, out of this Khan clan, Arbaaz is by far the better thespian, but the much smaller name, in the acting sphere.

Unfortunately, my distaste of Salman Khan continues, but not because I dislike the man. For I find that disillusionment and disappointment often originate from hope. The minuscule desire that Khan put to rest this “devil may care” attitude about his films that does little more than solidify the idea that he can’t produce any concrete acting talent— which I am still loathe to accept.
However, he continues to exemplify little to no effort to create, and instead, chooses the mimicry of dialogue and hammy expression for a laugh over good solid achievement. As a consumer, I could accept his inability to act, if that were the case, but it’s his progression into rabid laziness that incenses. At times, his aloofness begs me to wonder why he’s in front of the camera at all, when his work has become just another job or gimmick to him. He was never a great actor, but he has had sincere moments of great-ness, dripping with depth and tenderness that I found admirable, throughout his career but now it appears he’s given up entirely.
In an interview with Khan on his previous film Ek Tha Tiger, Anupama Chropra, mentioned her infamous comment that Salman Khan never really “acts,” rather, he presents another facet of himself to the audience. And though I find this a tad of a stretch, it’s not too far from the truth, given his track record. Yet, he’s unequivocally popular and loved by all, which means, audiences must respond to the idea that Khan is being genuine. He’s seen as an honest, ordinary actor, that entertains the masses by just getting out there and being himself. His blunt and unpredictable, star persona is an entertaining draw, however, this is an aspect his characters rarely, if ever show, which truthfully, would be a welcomed improvement. But perhaps that is too personal, too real— wait, does that mean he’s actually been “acting” after all?

Thoughts: Dabangg (2010) was all about getting married and the sequel depicts a husband and wife duo that looks to be a riot. Though the film isn’t intended to be a full on comedy, Khan films always seem to have an aura of hilarity that permeates throughout each project, however, I’m not entirely sure how intentional this may be. Though, this film is considered action, it looks like the franchise is heading down the family friendly route, akin to the Western trend of solo to partners family trilogy. So we might need to keep our eyes peeled for morning sickness and baby bumps– cause come next film, we might be wading through mini Dabanggs.




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