Movie Moment: Chakravuyh

Social and politically charged films aren’t my forte, in that I usually find them preachy and agenda driven, more than fleshing out an issue through concrete individuals, with conviction, conscience and consequence. Thankfully, Chakravyuh doesn’t give off this vibe but rather, it seems that Prakash Jha had a topic he wanted to explore and a story he wanted to tell, then endeavored to use dynamic characters to help us travel through the pages of his mind.

Offical Synopsis: Chakravyuh is the story of six extraordinary characters, each with an all-consuming dream.. A promise.. A promise they will uphold above everything else.

: Abhay Deol, Arjun Rampal, Om Puri, Kabir Bedi, Manoj Bajpayee, Esha Gupta, Anjali Patil, Kabir Bedi

Cast Comments: My thoughts on Arjun Rampal are rather contradictory, for I gravitate more to his serious or villainous roles, for I feel he shines brightest in them but one of my favorite films of his has to be the romantic comedy I See You (though I’m sure that says more about me, than his caliber as an actor.) Over the years, he’s most definitely improved his craft and the credit is to his hard work and his ability to choose projects that are better suited for what he can bring to it. Therefore, his passion for this subject and his conviction in the director heightens his performance and no one can complain about that.
Until recently, Abhay Deol was one of my favorite actors all around, for I found his project choices refreshing and daring, while his acting was solid and his personality down to earth. But with his controversy with the Kapoors, that easy going image has diminished and so has my respect for him as a person. With that said, this doesn’t change his ability to cement every one of his characters in my memory. The ease at which he creates still astonishes me, for its apparent, it’s no small task to transform oneself into the many of the characters he’s portrayed. He continues to draw a career for himself that sets him apart from the standard B-wood hero, for he purposes to select as many antis as possible. This role being no different.


: October 22, 2012


: Chakravyuh


: This film excites me. From the subject matter to the actors involved, I look forward to watching this story unfold. I think it’s safe to say, we’ve seen the “spy enters enemy camp and turns coat” but it’s all about execution. The serious nature of the topic makes the circumstances that much steeper for what is the righteous road? Law abidance or lawful disobedience?
The best informative stories are those that create substantial conundrums. Not so there is no wrong answer but more so that clarity comes from being presented with the raw truth of reality. I personally can’t wait to wrestle and argue with these characters and get into the minds of both parties, where choosing a side isn’t the key but realizing that there is a side each mind will gravitate toward.

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