More Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

MKBKM starring Imran Khan, Anushka Sharma and Pankaj Kapur, premieres in two weeks and yes, I’m twiddling my thumbs. Khan and Sharma have been jet setting for promotional activities and this week they sang some karaoke for their fans at the Reliance Digital store in Phoenix City, Bangalore.
There’s something about this film that has my eyes wide open in anticipation. Therefore, any news on this movie only fans the flames.

It’s no secret that Ajay Devgn was the first choice for Matru and I think we can add “no surprise.” It’s a Devgn kind of role. He’s a gruffly sexy villager, a hardworking, straight shooter with no proper manners and no thoughts in acquiring any. So, when news percolated that Imran Khan had been slated, there’s a twinge of hesitation mixed with pleasant surprise.
Recently, Imran spoke on Matru being his hardest role, and one can’t doubt it, given his American roots and innately odd Hindi accent. The man has not only had to transform his outer appearance, but was to also become a believable Haryanvi spouter. And, once the film premieres, if he’s successful, he can give all credit to the five Jat boys that followed him around and spoke only to him in Haryanvi. Bhaswraj hired P.K. Sharma to throw Imran into intense language training for a month where he practiced his lines and everyday activities with his new Jat friends, forbidden to utter any English.
Vishal’s roles are known to be demanding and no one was left out of being stretched by their roles. Both Anushka and Pankaj Kapur had to dive deep to grab hold of Bhardwaj’s vision. Though the prep may not have been as intense as Imran’s Kapur has transformed himself from the well-loved dream boat good guy to an unhinged bad boy. He said that an actor’s goal stems on illuminating a director’s vision and he as done his best to embody the lively, resilient Mandola with complete abandon.

Anushka, on the other hand, hit a snag once filming began, having jumped in with both feet, she immediately felt that Bijlee was more intense than she imagined. This piece of news is proof that a comedic vein won’t sidetrack the intensity of Vishal’s storytelling, which will be a decided relief for many. I, for one can’t wait to see the mold broken for all three of these actors, with the backdrop of Haryana, this is going to be a great experience for anyone who is a fan of anyone involved in this film.

Not sure about you, but being able to see what goes into the process of filming, gives me a better understanding and grounded perspective of the overall project. It helps me to view a picture as more than entertainment but also as an art, filled and performed with hard work and dedication. Also it’s always great to see actors that enjoy their jobs and enjoy one another as they work. Below is a tiny clip of the MKBKM trailer and official video to the film’s Oye Boy Charlie track.

Watch Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola January 11.

[stills courtesy of bollyspice]

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