NEWS: Games of Thrones Season 3 Cast

I’ve been waiting for months for this news!!

Ok, so if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you know that today is the kick off for HBO‘s annual Comic Con and this year several members from the GoT cast will be present. One of the great things is all the goodies that come out of the event and one huge one being the announcement of the new cast members for the adaptation of the third novel, A Storm of Swords. The characters that will be added this season were released weeks ago but this is our first glance at the wonderful actors who will be playing them. And hold on to your hats kids, cause this group of men and women is stellar!

GoT S3 can’t get here quick enough.

Check ’em out after the jump…

The crazy thing about this series is that each episode makes you want more and with the ending of a season there’s a hollowness that needs space and time to heal. And I am more that certain this will be the case for the remainder of the drama for the story speeds along, no holds barred, no house sacred, no soul unscathed. Therefore, I haven’t said much about GoT: S2 but that post is coming.

The third season will introduce some characters that have been in the story for awhile and others that first appear in SoS, therefore, it’s truly a treat all around. Reading the news of the characters was exciting but being able to see the actors for the first time has sent my withdrawal into the skids!!!

New Cast Members and Characters:

Diana Rigg (The Avengers, Victoria and Albert, The Painted Veil) ;as Olenna Tyrell “Queen of Thorns

Clive Russell (Monarch of the Glen, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes)as Blackfish
Nathalie Emmanuel (Holly Oaks, MisFits) as Missandei

Mackenzie Crook (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean, Solomon Cane) as Orell

Tara Fitzgerald (Jane Eyre, Waking the Dead, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain) as Selyse Baratheon

Kerry Ingram as Shireen Baratheon

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Love Actually, Nanny McPhee, Tristan and Isolde) as Jojen Reed
Ellie Kendrick (The Diary of Anne Frank, An Education) as Meera Reed
Richard Dormer (Hidden, Middletown, Casualty) as Beric Dondarrion as Tormund Giantsbane

Philip McGinley (Blue Murder, Coronation Street, The Gemma Factor) as Anguy

Tobias Menzies (Eternal Law, Casino Royale, Atonement) as Edmure Tully

Anton Lesser ( Little Dorrit, The Hour, Swallow) as Qyburn

If the names above, don’t get you riled up, I truly hate that for you but here’s a video to help you out a bit– Here.

New Season Premiere Date: March 31, 2013; It’s only a day before April but I’m giddy all the same!

Cast Comments: I am jumping out of my skin at these new additions because there isn’t one actor on this page that I loathe to see. Casting can be tricky but I have to admit that the GoT team as been spot on with their vision and this lot is just as inspired as Sean Bean and Mark Addy as our beloved patriarchs in the first season or the ingenious of ;Gwedonline Christie as Brienne of Tarth and Tom Walschiha as Jaquen H’ghar in season 2. To be honest, these actors are dang near perfect and I can’t wait to see them set GoT season 3 ablaze!

When I say this cast is a dream, I mean there isn’t one person that won’t rock their role. The problem is, if you haven’t read the novels, their perfection is still sight unseen, but trust me, you will not be disappointed. The only drawback is, with this addition, means more actors, more locations, more storylines and less screen time for everyone. If season 2 was any indication, this will be a glaring issue as the series progresses, season 3 being the kicker.

I am more than ready for each characters appearance and with the actors chosen, everyone becomes that much more fascinating. I already have a soft spot of intrigue for Thoros and with Kaye and Dormer portraying our Brotherhood Without Banners leaders, I might find it within myself to actually respect them a little more. But Orell? Never! Right? However, when I read Crook is the man in the job, I decided I would definitely give more than a courtesy listen to his tantalizing bear stories. Seriously, watching these actors bring these characters to life is like drama heaven, I won’t want to leave my screen. The Reed kids are already wonderful characters and now with Sangster waxing introspective and Kendrick with the brawn and quirk, I'm going to want spend all my time in the woods catching frogs and minding Jojen. Also there isn't anyone who hasn't wanted to catch a glimpse of Edmure Tully and my goodness Menzies is going to make me just as befuddled with him as I ever was. With Rigg as our spunkily cunning and opinionated Tyrell matriarch and Lesser patching up my favorite character, by god what is a girl to do till March!!

Reread and daydream… I suppose.


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